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Neogal has created a lot of press lately and the word seems to have grown from just a double page spread in Vivi magazine to a full fledged style tribe. English language anything-Asian site Kotaku even decided to report about the Neogal trend (based on a Japanese tv program MezamashiTV).

I’m going to link and talk about all the press that Neogal has gotten and break down what the style is considered by many different sources and then talk about what’s up with gyaru.



NeoGal lover interviewed on MezamashiTV

Fig and Viper Producer Neogal Talk #1

Fig & Viper producer Alisa Ueno has even taken to English to describe Neogal, but her thoughts seem to very much be changing.


Alisa explaining NeoGal on MezamashiTV

Her first response via tumblr a month ago was this:

haha ive never said “I’m a neogal” and stuff tho. lol this word is from one of the article in ViVi magazine.
who cares about the differences or something w gal culture?
i was a gyaru when i was teenager
and i dont think neogal is gyaru. so you guys are right. its just using the same word “gal”, but just mezamashi TV broadcasted gal has shifted neogal. but its (shh..;p)

anyways, what i just can say is… whatever ! lol
but theres no culture in tokyo/jp right now so i just wanna set japan alight through fashion and culture. cuz we have olympic in 7 yrs?idk lol
other japanese as well.
so TV and magazine want some topic or news of tokyo young/youth culture thats why everyone focuses on neogal.

And since then she’s decided to tag most of her outfits as #neogal and spread the word. So… she’s now calling herself neogal.

Fig and Viper Producer Alisa Ueno’s NeoGal Talk and Interview #2


She’s recently given an interview with Fashion Collection Tokyo that’s two parts that they’ve translated into English. You can read part one and part two here.

Her recent feelings on the Neogal in the interview are here

Neo-Gal was born instead of Gal? What do you think?
I don’t think so, actually the number of Gal is decreasing, but just it, Neo-Gal was born from Neo-Gal, Gal was born from Gal, so totally different.

Your friend, Ayano Sasaki, who is the director of EVRIS, is also called Neo-Gal. Have you ever talked about Neo-Gal with her?
No, because we don’t think we are Neo-Gal. I think she isn’t aware that she is a Neo-Gal. We know that we are called Neo-Gal, but we have totally different style, so we don’t know Neo-Gal is what. In common, I, Ayano, Natsumi Saito and GYDA(a fashion brand) is called Neo-Gal, if I you ask me, we may be inspired by fashion overseas.

…but she tags it? I just don’t know. I think she’s been contradictory.

Since a style tribe is not just one person or usually even one brand Style Arena steps in…


Style Arena names NeoGal a New Tribe


Other than Alisa, the best street fashion site in Japan, Style Arena, has decided to report on NeoGal as a new tribe.

Style Arena always does a clear, concise job on reporting on new street fashion in Japan and I think their description of Neogal is quite good mainly because they have nothing to gain or lose by discussing it.

Talking to actual Neo Gyarus, it seems they were Ko-Gyarus (little Gyarus) in high school and they naturally progressed to this present style by wearing clothes and make-up they liked after graduating. Major sources of Neo Gyaru fashion information include fashion producer blogs and overseas collections. Neo Gyarus immediately want to buy items that they take a liking to so Internet shopping is popular. There are no particular themes in this fashion. It is possible to incorporate whatever clothing you prefer whether it is second-hand or luxury brand name clothing. Highlights are a popular hair style with many Neo Gyarus coloring only the tips of their hair with hair chalk.

So a key for Neogals is many of them had the foundation of gyaru. Alisa Ueno and Ayano Sasaki (Evris Producer) as well as Yuria Kushido (Gyda Producer) all were gyaru.


Alisa Ueno from 2010


Alisa Ueno from 2011

Both pretty damn gal. (taken from her ameblo)

So she like the girls and brands she mentioned she considered NeoGal all have had a foundation of gyaru.


Popteen and Gal History now Neogal

Popteen has recently put out a history of gyaru and they’ve decided to make 2013-2014 the year of both NeoGal and “White Baby Color Girly Style” aka Larme-kei.


So Popteen calls out NeoGal as a gyaru progression and maybe one of the trends in Gyaru.

Random fact: former lady models are often called OG models. OB/OldBoy is common in Japanese slang for OB former of a sports team or magazine, but OG is OldGal. Alisa’s 24 and she’s an OG.  :lolpastel:


 Final thoughts.

I side more with Style Arena’s point of view than anyone. It’s a new tribe full of former gyaru who want to mix style up yet with modern twists. I do not think Neogal is Gyaru’s new form as Popteen suggests, but I think it’s a bit superficial to ignore its connection with gal. Especially since it most if not all lovers of Neogal were into gyaru.

I don’t think NeoGal is killing gyaru. It’s a popular style but a loose one, if you count Evris, Gyda and Fig and Viper as the stores it’s barely 10 stores across Japan. If Fig and Viper are the chief operators of Neogal it only has 6 stores and they’re in Tokyo, Osaka and Kanazawa. That’s not a takeover. Gyda itself had to die off once in Shibuya 109 and then come back. Evris only has 2 stores in Tokyo.

Neogal is frankly too new. Alisa’s concept of Fig & Viper has changed wildly throughout it’s short four year history. It started out as oneegyaru overseas brand (example), moved to a colorful “blogger” look (see the Fig and Viper shop staff from 2012) and now it’s a bright crazy one.


I stick by what I always feel has been killing gyaru.

:bow: Over mori, nails/hair/everything went too over the top and impossible to maintain. Tanning died. Even if you like it, the over mori people who kept up with it all started looking the same. Outrageous yet a bit boring.

:bow: The boom of 2007-2009 in gyaru created gyaru but many of them naturally calmed from that era and are moving towards something else. That can be Neogal, but it’s also mega popular Onee gyaru, Mode, or Street casual like Sly. Again all of the other choices than Neogal have many more stores and followers.

:bow: The growth of oraora, it’s a way to rebel without as much flashiness. No to mention Ora Ora and psy-trance (saike) go hand in hand which allows people to congregate at raves and music events without the problems of Shibuya.

:bow: The K-Pop boom is crazy in Japan as well as AKB48. The new highschoolers who could pick an aging Ayu or older Koda Kumi instead are going with the youth and fun of K-Pop and AKB48. Both which don’t promote gyaru.

:bow: Brands were too quick to change their individual style to promote the new hot trend. Soon mode clothing was at every store not just Emoda and Murua and brands started looking the same, Lip Service and Egoist now look like Murua. It ruins brand loyalty and individuality. The sweet dolly boom has created a lot of watered down Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge types like Adree, Secret Honey, recently bankrupted Ricori and more.

:bow: Shibuya has been dying since 2008. Dying because of the asshole fake policemen harassing gyaru since 2008. The popular Center-gai McDonalds closed early. Dancing was banned and clubs shrank. There became much less safe-space gathering places for lots of gyaru. Again and again older gyaru lament how Shibuya has died and keep saying “let’s go back” but without any real game plan or safe space.

…and a lot of other reasons. The growth of foreign fast fashion brands in Japan, the on-line discount brands like Yumetenbo and Galstar, the lack of new original models etc… It’s so multi-faceted.


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If my last two Punyus updates haven’t won you over I bet this shop staff snap will. Punyus is an all size brand in Shibuya 109 and they actually do mean all size. There were a lot of different body shapes working the three times I visited. Also checking out the #punyus tag on instagram a lot of sizes and styles seem to be rocking out in the brand.

Not only was this Punyus shop staff a wonderful shop staff in every way, friendly, helpful, knowledgable. But she was also styled to the gods and had fabulous gyaru make-up. And girl loves one color, you’ll never guess what it is…



So adorable right? The hair, the make-up, the casual but stylish clothing, and her fabulous smile.


Such a cute smile. She’s holding another iconic Punyus print.

Fun fact: A corndog is known as an “American Dog” in Japan. Corndogs aren’t popular in America so….yea. I think I saw more corndogs in Japanese convenience stores than I’ve ever seen in America.


Check out her lavender life. I don’t think I’ve ever been that committed to a color. Heck I don’t think I’ve shown such strong feelings toward a significant other. She’s totally dating Lavender.


Her make-up is so current but gyaru. Thick eyebrows, light eyelashes, bold but brown circle lens, but strong classic nose shading and perfect blush.


I was freaking out over her blush. Seriously it was just the most perfect combination with everything else. I was like you have to tell me. It’s too perfect.


She went behind the counter and pulled it out from her bag to show me. It turns out it’s MAC “Full of Joy”. To sell in Japan brands like MAC have to put these stickers on their products. Mostly to give the name in Japanese but also to tell the company. MAC cosmetics are super expensive in Japan (as are other big brands such as YSL, Chanel and such) so buy before or duty free before stepping on Japanese soil. A lot of Japanese vacation to Hawaii and Guam to load up on brand goods (bags & make-up) because they’re cheaper, Hawaii especially.

She also told me a great secret about Punyus Button UP tops the tops are specifically made with extra buttons for busty girls. Or just girls. No one likes when a nicely tailored button up pops out right at boob level. punyus-buttonup

Uniform extra buttons! As a busty girl myself it was such a “eureka” moment! Why don’t other brands do this? Many women big and small are busty and yet I don’t usually see this. And reminded me that there was truly someone who understood the needs of women behind the brand. Go PUNYUS!

Their bestsellers on their webstore  seem to be the original prints so that’s a good sign the PUNYUS aesthetic is here to stay. Judging by the #Punyus instagram tag it seems like a lot of different styles like the brand.

 Punyus iPhone app

Punyus has recently put out a free iPhone app, available at JP and US iPhone stores (search “PUNYUS”). Please update if your regional store has it too. It’s an update app that links to punyus instragram, Naomi Watanabe’s blog, punyus twitter, and the punyus twitter tag. You can also view the new collections, check their online store and sign up for their point program.

But the big deal with the PUNYUS app is the super cute stickers.


The app’s opening screen


One of the four pages of stickers available. You can resize and add as many as you want.


Franklin got PUNYUS-ed :omg:

In a comment on their official instagram they stated they were planning an overseas webstore. Don’t get too excited however. Many companies always seem to be planning one yet ignore the overseas audience.

Need more Punyus? Check out the brand introduction along with inside the Shibuya 109 shop and shop staff snaps here

Need more Japanese Shop Staff Snaps? Over 100 all across Japan Shop Staff Snaps to view here

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Two shop staff snaps today from two adult brands: Laguna Moon and Mercury Duo. Both owned by Runway Channel. Laguna Moon often goes for the classic cool girly look, while Mercury Duo is often full out girly.

Laguna Moon has a set style that revolves around flowy mini dresses, denim, knits, and button ups. Think girlier Madewell. Their creative director Nao Nakaba (直 中場) is a big long-time style idol of mine.
Mercury Duo is known its girly style and it’s extremely popular and in most malls across Japan. It’s also known for offering a selection of dresses for wedding guests year around. Both aim for the woman around 24-34 and have been very successful.

Mercury Duo – Shinjuku Lumine EST in Tokyo





Such a soft casual summer style. She kept hiding her nails but her orange nails matched wonderfully with her flowy top. I like her relaxed yet girly look and her soft flowing hair that looks effortless.

Laguna Moon – Machida 109

I was there to hunt down more of my favorite body soap





I actually took a picture of another Laguna Moon shop staff in the same romper! Check out how differently she styled it.


Watches are so popular with shop staff again! Laguna Moon did their series of watches a few seasons back so now a lot of Laguna Moon shop staff wear their brand.

I love how the mint suits her complexion so well. I was also a little taken aback by her more heavy gyaru make-up. I really like how her lashes suit her. Laguna Moon shop staff often aren’t as heavy with their make-up, but she went her own way.
Need more Mercury Duo? Well I haven’t actually talked about them much only side mentions, so I’ll try to fix that when their Fall style comes out. :lovecat:
Need more Laguna Moon? Check out best pictures of their store here or browse all Laguna Moon posts.

Need more Japanese Shop Staff Snaps? Over 100 all across Japan Shop Staff Snaps to view here

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Sweets Forest in Jigyuoka (スイーツフォレスト) (website) is in a well-to-do part of Tokyo near Daikanyama. It’s a collection of sweets makers under one sugar-coma roof. Sweets Forest is not like Sweets Paradise with a tabehoudai (all you can eat) system. Instead it’s a pay as you eat system of moderately priced desserts. Expect to spend around 1,000-1,600 yen ($10-$16) to get your fill.

The quality of sweets is definitely much higher so you might have the side effects of feeling fancy. I definitely recommend going during their seasonal themes. Each patisserie and dessert maker puts out their own special dessert for that theme. But it seems they’re always doing a theme. January’s was warm desserts. Sounds amazing!


Sweets Forest Sakura Themed Special Desserts


The macaron cookie from Masayume Sakayume was filled with cream, red bean and sakura blossoms. Very delicious!


Sakura themed jelly x custard mix from Hong Kong Sweets. Was simply amazing!


Mix-in Mixcream’s sakura season waffle was a plain Belgian waffle topped with red and sakura mixed in ice cream.


I always start off my Sweets Forest foray with a savory crepe from Merci Crepe. Their ceasar salad crepe with a soft boiled egg is so delicious!

Sweets Forest Christmas Special Desserts


The macaron and berry Christmas themed boot from Berry Berry was so-so. The tiny berries were amazing, but the boot was filled with cream. Just cream. YUCK


A bear shaped pudding from Masayume Sakayume I think was Christmas-gentei (seasonal)


Pancakes are such a boom in Japan so macaron maker Irina did a chocolate, pistachio and raspberry themed Christmas one.


Not seasonal but the Kulon from Hong Kong Sweets is so cooling and not-too-sweet. The little pieces of fruit always taste fresh. It’s bestie Alice and mine’s favorite non-seasonal dessert.

Photos from the inside of Sweets Forest


All the cut-out fall forest decor is there year around. The first image is of Hong Kong Sweets.

Yes during our sakura season visit there was a sumo wrestler there with his handler (man in the plaid). Sumo wrestlers are a bit rare to see, but during tournaments you’ll see them more.


If I’ve sold you on Sweets Forest to visit here’s a map and my Sweets Forest recommendations.


Hong Kong Sweets everything I’ve gotten from them is amazing! Berry Berry can be hit and miss and sometimes Nature-Marche is a bit too cake and filling, but it’s usually tasty.


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