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Datura (ダチュラ) is a latin name for a species of angel’s trumpet or in our case Datura is a species of fabulous Oneegyaru brand. Produced/Directed by Riena Komatsu (小松玲奈) (twitter | ameblo). They have 8 shops in Japan including one in Shibuya 109.

Currently the Datura look is situated around “ゆるエロ” Yuru Ero or loose sexy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 11.34.41 AM

Reina Komatsu herself is showing it in a set of sexy selfies.

Traditionally in Japan the neck and shoulders are th0ught of as very sexy (the unpainted neck of a geisha). Datura is running with this offering clothes that just want to fall off the shoulders. Or offer beautiful back details.

Datura’s Riena Komatsu showing off the Winter Looks

datura-riena-snap datura-riena-snap2 datura-riena-snap3 datura-riena-snap4 datura-riena-snap5 datura-riena-snap6 datura-riena-snap7 datura-riena-snap8 datura-riena-snap9 datura-riena-snap10

More shots to view on their webstore here.

It’s shockingly a comfortable look. Big chubby knits that you can snuggle into. Silky tops that feel cool against your skin. All skirts and shorts with elastic. Except for the heels there’s not a lot of discomfort in Datura. There’s also a lot of emphasis on back details which I love. I know in the selfie couture of life back details mean nothing, but in our daily runway life back details always look awesome!

Datura’s Easy Mix System

The brand has a very mix-and-match styling option. It’s easy to throw a chubby knit over a tight onepiece. Or mix that silky blouse with a layered skirt.


I picked a few items from Datura to show just how easy 6 items will make you a ton of outfits.

Some examples: Knit + dress. Knit + blouse + skirt. Dress + Skirt + Coat. You could make a week’s work of outfits from 6 items.

Bonus four of those items could work into Spring: dress, skirt, blouse, shorts.

Check out the shop staff below to see some of these items in action.

I actually bought that sweater and the blouse. I really want those pearl detail shorts now. :smiley:

Datura x Larme & AneAgeha

Little did I think the two magazines would fit a brand together, but Datura is advertising in both. Particularly AneAgeha and Sakurina. However they are trying to get into the Larme look.


I was shocked at the Nagoya Passe location to see Larme’s Risa.

But inside the current issue of Larme 13 there is only a one page spread that is more of an ad for the Datura coat she is wearing. Of course if Datura spends more money inside Larme magazine, we’ll see more coordinates. That’s how magazines work.


But of course the renewed Ane Ageha is where DaTura and sister brand Delyle Noir’s key audience is.

A multiple page spread all about the brand.


Because I love Datura.

Their “Darling” Knits are God.

Gotta agree. They’re so comfortable. I wore mine one day in Japan and thought about going to a Datura store that and seeing what other one I wanted because it was so comfortable and the loose style kept cold air flowing when needed to cool off.


Their prints are spot on!


There’s no wrong way to wear their coats.


Their watches are easy to style.


And Datura showed up in their hair section.

Datura Nagoya Passe Shop Staff Snap

I finally went into Datura in Nagoya Passe (previous posts). I had passed by it in the new Osaka Umeda OPA and saw this super cute sweater on the mannequin which piqued my interest.

My salesperson was super nice and also funny. She almost said no to having her photograph taken because she said she didn’t spend much time on herself that day. Personally I think it’s great to see because you can see how casual and young Datura can look contrasted with Riena Komatsu’s polished adult style.

datura-shopstaff-snap-style datura-shopstaff-style-back datura-shopstaffsnap-back-closeup

I actually bought the sweater she’s wearing. You can see it above in the capsule collection as well as the pearl shorts she’s in. The loose bow in the back is super cute casual or can be puffed up.

On the first picture if you look for it you can see a cute gold charm on the sweater. It says the brand and it’s removable for washing. I thought it was such a cute touch. I’m really ready for Texas to get cold again so I can wear it more!

As I’ve said before a lot of gyaru types are suffering, but Oneegyaru seems to be holding strong. The brand’s price point is about 1,000 yen cheaper per item than Rienda but the quality is still quite good. They’ve already sold out of many items but I really checking out the brand if you’re into Onee. Several shop staff blog about their new arrivals. You can check out all the Blanc Closet brand bloggers here.

I’m really excited to see what they’ll do this Spring. Expect more posts on this brand if it was anything like Winter!

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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Sometimes I’ll be walking alongside my man in Japan and he’ll have to turn back to see where I went. Usually because I’ve found something interesting to snap. Either “this could be useful for the blog” or “that’s amusing” goes through my head and I have to stop and take a quick photo. And often they’re good or useful and I share them on the blog or spam twitter or the fancier ones get instagrammed. But then I have a collection of ones that never make it anywhere.

Enjoy some random Japan photos from 2 to 4 weeks ago as the title says.


Ladies only wrapped train in Osaka for Tokyo Disney. Osaka seems to have the most wrapped trains of any city in Japan.


The awkward crotch shots and horrible names of Donki underwear.


Covered shopping area near Shinsaibashi. Yukata and Kimono store on the left is advertising Jelly’s Kimono issue.


Lovely wa fabrics in Okadaya Shinjuku. Need to be crafty or buy make-up or hairdye? Okadaya in Shinjuku is a great central place.


Rienda just released their fabric softener and fabric mist both for 900 yen each ($8.50). This ad was in Osaka Shinsaibashi OPA cosmetic store. A little regret I didn’t purchase.


I absolutely love countryside views from a train. This was on a Shinkansen heading to Osaka.


Popular Fukuoka ramen chain Ichiran had this crazy set-up of toilet rolls in their Ikebukuro location restroom.


The lack of daylight savings time in Japan makes twilight early, like here in Hiroshima.


Or at the base of Sky Tree in Tokyo.


The forever tacky long standing Love Hotel “Hotel Zebra” in Ikebukuro.


“Let the kittens drink their milk” Gatchapon from a Hiroshima gamesen.


The crazy and cool heel at R & E inside Hiroshima Parco.


Chicano style lowrider in Osaka. There’s an interesting lowrider culture in Japan where the fans also dress in the subculture style (see a video from an Odaiba meet). If you want to see good tricked out cars in Japan, Amemura in Osaka on a weekend is one of the best places to spot them.

Big shoutout to the new readers on Blogluvin’! I’m 15 readers away from 1.4k and I think it’d be cool to do before the New Year so please follow if you like! I really recommend their iPhone app. It’s how I read blogs daily  :loveword: I’ll try to work hard before New Years and make this blog worthy of your read  :smiley:

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Secret Honey collaborated with Disney for a Frozen dress collection. All the items are inspired by Disney’s Frozen, bute they’re in the traditional Secret Honey otona kawaii style. The brand collaborates with Disney every season but I’m a bit surprised they were able to do a Frozen collection. They were inspired by all the characters: Anna, Elsa, Olaf and there’s even some Kristoff and Sven!

Frozen is wildly popular in Japan. Or how it’s known as アンナと雪の女王 Anna to Yuki no Jou. Just how popular? It stayed number one in Japan’s box office for 16 straight weeks. It outsold blu-ray records the first day of release. Frozen is the second highest grossing film in Japanese history. Why are they making a Frozen 2? JAPAN.

Some of the pieces are straight up Frozen cosplay but some are a little downlow Frozen and all are really cute!




The simple snowflake and rose crest cardigan is a big hit for Secret Honey

secrethoney-frozendress-annaScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.46.12 PMsecrethoney-frozendress-anna-full

All the cute details from the movie! So nice! I bet this would be amazing to wear to Disney Japan.

disney frozen dress

The matching Anna blouse with gorgeous gold brooch.


And a cute Anna cape to complete the outfit.


Of course there’s a more simple mote-kei outfit with OLAF!!

secret honey frozen movie

This skirt has sold out and I’m so sad because it was top on my list. Scroll down for close-ups of the great design.

secrethoney-frozendress-anna-elsa frozen movie anna

A more summery Anna Elsa dress. The two colors have different prints on them.

secrethoney-frozendress-elsacoatdisney frozen clothing

The Elsa coat! Do you see the print on the inside? I can’t even. It’s too nice and yet not too ELSA for daily use.

secrethoney-frozendress-elsa-capedisney frozen clothing

This cape is such a fairytale cape. It’s so lovely.

secrethoney-frozendress-elsadisney frozen clothing

And the dress with the amazing prints. That Elsa dress just is so nice.

All the prices are higher than usual Secret Honey (8,000-25,000 yen or $70-$200 ranging of skirt prices to coat prices). I think this is to cover licensing fees because Disney’s are quite large. And hey that 120yen to USD is rumored to be over by January so might as well enjoy it now!

Disney x Secret Honey collabs are a common theme. They’re also doing a Marie collab as well as a Princesses collab. All of it is gorgeous and I will regret not buying a thing. I really do want the skirt.

The Secret Honey x Disney Frozen collab is being sold by fashionwalker and the Secret Honey Rakuten site 

If you’re new to this blog about Japanese fashion you need a buyer service to order from Japanese sites. Please check out how to buy clothes from Japan, and using Tenso.

I often blog about Secret Honey feel free to read more about the brand formerly known as Secret Magic before it blended with Honey Bunch.

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Liz Lisa Shinjuku Alta is the largest Liz Lisa store in Japan and although it’s in a dying mall Liz Lisa always seems to have busy shoppers inside its wide store. Alta lies near the East Exit of Shinjuku station (you can even reach it underground if weather conditions are not hair favorable). One of the main reasons Liz Lisa has such a dedicated crowd is their extremely friendly shop staff. In all my time visiting their stores across the country I don’t think I’ve ran into even one unfriendly shop staff. Liz Lisa Gal head Risato Hara works at this store so you may run into some famous ladies here.



Classic Liz Lisa style. Softly curled hair, a loose girly knit paired with a flouncy tank top, and the short flair skirt-pants, and preppy yet girly shoes. This style is produced every season no matter the weather or trends. Her extensions are really nice.


Hair envy! Her soft girls and pink bow really accent her all pink and white outfit well.


Check out her soft make-up. I’m sure most of it is in the Liz Lisa cosmetic line.


You know how you can tell someone is lovely by her smile? This girl shows it.

I’m so behind on shop staff snaps that I have six more Liz Lisa girls to showcase, all which are lovely. Please stay tuned if you love to see Liz Lisa style close-up.

Looking for more Liz Lisa posts? I’ve got you covered! So many Liz Lisa shop staff to come and mentions about their new style soon. But for now check out previous posts here

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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Sorry I’ve been slow these last two weeks. I’ve caught a virus that seems to sap my strength and I zone out writing half a post. I promise more writey and less snappy soon. I am spamming my twitter (miss_mitsu) and instagram (mewmitsu) lately so please follow if you’d like mini-updates.   :dotbow: