Fall Fashion Predictions (originally kogal_panel)

Hey ladies from Tokyo

Since even the most recent magazine scans and such can be a month late here’s my current info on what’s trickling into the stores for Fall.

Since 109 just ended its Summer Sale on 7/31 finally new stuff is coming in. I’ll break it down by stores and then talk about general trends.

Stores (with recent buys)

Jeans are getting more studded and the train conductor stripes are back in stores with more colors (green, blue)
Jackets are in and some are redux of last year with saggy non-buttoning jackets mixed in with puffy windbreaks covered with the grey and black Gilfy print.
The new truckers caps are pinstriped and there’s fedora showing up in stores.

This came new this week. September Egg has it featured in Blue which the shop staff girl said they didn’t have (only now in grey, dark grey and green). Suspenders keep coming up in gilfy’s stuff, but this is a new color for fall. Their slouchy jackets came in this, mustard, grey, blue, and black.

Glad News:
Barely anything for fall has come in, but they’re doing slash hems on knee-length skirts and dresses. There’s a tight to the body silhouette on all clothes for fall thus far.

A slashy skirt that came in this week with a comic print insert that says motorcycle heavens club and god save the queen. The owner of Glad News says she’s obsessed with Hells Angels and Punk.

Cecil McBee:
Has jumped so high on the punk/rock trend its kind of scary considering what they usually do. Lots of black/white/red/purple combinations. They have both leggings and jeans in plaid and dots.
On the more OL side there’s cute matching flowy sleeve and frilly short pants matching sets along with flowy sleeve sheer dresses.

Their more frilly side with dot print and sheer. This came with matching frilly shorts.

Their punk side is all about plaid, wordy t-shirts, and sparkle hints

seems to still be keeping with the 80s vibe
lots of comic prints and bold, black patterns on neon colors

Echoing the plaid leggings along with newsprint shirts and rhinestone shirts.


General Trends
– sets (short pant and flowy top combinations, vests and tshirts, tshirts and scarves)
– scarves (every store has its own or will)
– preppy (plaid, funky fake nerd glasses, fake school emblems, letterman’s jackets, skinny pants)
– rock (lots of black, studded and monotone, trucker caps, more of a punk style plaid, expect things to say ROCK or PUNK on them)
– purple (it’s big everywhere in fashion this fall, 109 is no exception) along with green and grey
– leggings (in plaid, black shiny, dotted, newsprint, zebra) any print seems to be the vogue
– sparkle (on tshirts, watches, pins, the bling is on)
– girls on shirts (either headshots or full body)

Here are some recent buys to illustrate:

Gilfy chunky plaid scarf

Gilfy preppy pin

Cecil McBee Sparkly Rock Style with a Girl on it

Gilfy Sparkly Accessory

Gilfy Sparkle and Preppy together on their Trucker Hat

Glad News Pop Print with Slash skirt

Nuts is saying these trends:
rock and folklore will be the big trends
inside these will be: vest (tailored for rock, fringe for folklore), print leggings, animal print (meaning leopard), chunky shoes (boots with sheepskin edges, tall knee to over the knee styles), plaid, gladiators with open socks (doubtful), jumpers, backpacks, sheepskin items (boots, shawl, vest), school style

Egg says these six trends are coming:
Adult (lace edgings and neutral), preppie (more of the schoolgirl trend), preppie rock (gilfy and nerd glasses), surf (uhhh i question this), 80s (neon, sneakers, mix and match colors), girlie rock (glad news dress and engineer boots)

Trends that seem to have died

Sugar – everything that said sugar and sweets is dead dead dead
Pastels – especially pastels on denim
Smiley faces – all went on sale
Bohemian Hippy – the skirts have all sold out therefore it’s worthwhile to drop the trend (heh)
…then again expect some of these back next summer

Fall trends coming back from last year

Leopard – Probably not to the insane extent, but it’s showing up on scarves and tops
Engineer boots – A modified form with a heel is showing up on Gilfy’s new shoes
Scarves – They kind of left for summer, but they’re already back in most stores
Print – but mostly in accessories
Knit caps – Gilfy already has theirs in and shop staff are wearing them (it’s 88F and humid btw)
Stars – never left with Gilfy, but other stores seem to be adding them in


This is the least amount of info I have about. Only Gilfy and Cecil seem to be stocking their new shoes. Gilfy’s shoes are a lace-up b-kei style boot with a thick heel (such as their summer gladiator heels) and a short heeled booty with sweater trim and preppy emblems and straps on it both seem to be in grey, black and green. Egg is pushing thick strapped pumps and to the knee boots. Cecil has so far only put out a pump in grey and black, sticking with their adoration of Chanel in their accessories.



Seperated eyelashes, nude or red lips, lots of eye shimmer but not glitter, also hints of green, red, and blue pop-style eyeliner.


Egg this issue talks about the rise in ORA ORA kei (悪羅系) which is originally a guy’s fashion trend. Usually I see it on guys who love Psychedelic Trance. ORAORA guys have short, spiky hair blonde-ish / black with shiny word shirts (REBEL) or psychedelic shirts / super tan skin (it’s a good combo).

ORAORA Gals EGG defines in similar way but girls

Wear: Mostly black, with monotone colors, skinny ripped jeans, Guys big buckle belts with lots of gold or spikes, trucker caps, hints of leopard and gold

Hair: Sleek, pulled back ponytail, fluffy curls with the bangs in a poof pulled back, deep side part and waves, curly ponytail

Make-up: Extremely heavy black smoky eye with lots of mascara combined with a nude matte lip, a brownish blush to echo the tan

Egg talks up the guy side of it, but their ORAORA date style (with sexy Ace) falls apart and just looks gal. However they do list good examples from DIA and Mitsumaru Heaven and Earth (both on 1F of 109) and they also show good examples from the monotone and sparkle GLAD NEWS and using male accessories from Vanquish and giving one girl a make-over with VANS and game’s REBEL shirt.

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