Fall Fashion – The Reality Part I (originally kogal_panel)

Hey ladies~! I just wanted to update on what’s been happening on those FALL predicted trends and give you some more.


Shoes have totally boomed. All the hit styles are selling out so quickly (as in less than a week for some).
BOOTS~! That is the final word, I see nothing but boots boots boots lately. The most popular styles are suede with fringe or knee-high slouchy. Most all boots this fall have a loose look to them. Also, fur trim and knit-style uggs are popular for casual. Of course engineer boots are back, but they’re not as everyone-has-them popular as last FALL/Winter.

Three words to describe the most popular pairs: fringe, loose, tall

My newest from Flag-J in 109. Can be worn at the knee or above as shown. Grommets are very popular on boots lately.

fringe short wedge boots from Flag-J in 109. These sold out in black within a week.

I am not seeing many pumps around, it seems even the cute styles are going with a stilleto style classic GAL boot.


Meaning LOOSE and CASUAL. This is the key to most all dressing. Everyone has made their shirts looser with balloon effects. There’s this kind of line between loose shirt and dress. Each store is interpreting this differently.

A loose dress from Gilfy with a sweet Peter Pan collar and tie-up

Shown from Gilfy’s catalog.

Gilfy’s Yuru and Ame-kaji (loose and American casual) dress. So fluttery~!

As seen in Gilfy’s catalog.

A ballooned knit dress from Gilfy. This loose style is everywhere. Swordfish especially had many, but they were a little too loose everywhere and more sack-like ^_^;;;


THIS IS THE TREND OF THE SEASON. (omg hay caps) It needs caps because they’re in every store in great bold prints. Zebra, plaid, newspaper, girls, anything goes…~!

The biggest trend for outfits is loose shirt mixed with leggings, high boots, and a thin scarf. Some stores are even selling this as a set (minus the boots). Shirt, leggings, scarf set is sold at Cecil and Swordfish.

These are two I got from American Apparrel, they seem to have the best leggings from the price. I am seeing Zebra leggings everywhere~


So yes we know that plaid is super big this season, but lumberjack plaid is the main boom. It’s everywhere. Leggings, skirts, dresses. So much you can’t stop but see some in 109.

this print is everywhere, on skirts, shorts, dresses in green, purple, pink and grey. Every store seems to have this print. This cute skirt is from Love Boat.


Everything winter is out. It’s still hot and gross outside, but hats are flying off the shelves.

HATS really any style is popular right now, especially berets and the golf style hats. It’s a good way not to have to do the top of your hair hehehe ^_^v

a blue beret from Urban Outfitters with my newest grey one from Gilfy, complete with pins.

golf hat in plaid is very popular, this one I got from Delias in the states

Gilfy felt fedora, sexay sexay

PINS, instead of the button craze last year pins are in everywhere. Most all berets have pins on them.

PRINT scarves. I am seeing skull scarves everywhere in 109. These are super popular, also leopard plaid and the rest…

a blue leopard one from Gilfy

KEY and HEART accessories are popular, with diamante keys dangling from pants and key and heart earrings.


Many seem to be doing the same thing from last year. Cecil has girly ones with dalmation print and Gilfy has its buckled and high collar jackets, these are all the same from last year.

These are by far the most popular ones lately:

this is my Gilfy jacket from last Winter, but this exact style in knit has appeared again at Gilfy in stripes and also at Glad News with a leopard and skull print.


A special mention goes to Liz Lisa, sadly. Usually they do cute and up-to-date fashions but they totally dropped the ball this season. It’s all recycled hippy wear. Nothing striking and I don’t see it in any of the magazines lately. Liz Lisa is redoing its Shinjuku Alta shop, maybe it’ll come back lovely and wonderful ^_^;;;;

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