Glad News, WAHAHA!!

Glad News website: here
Locations and Tokyo: 109 7th flr for ladies, 109-2 for mens. Machida 109 as well

This is one of my favorite brands, so it’s hard not to talk about them without gushing. Their 109 location has tons of sweet people working there and they’re often all found at the basement of Atom on Friday nights listening to psychadelic trance.

There’s a great article in english about Glad News’ designer Miwa Mochizuki and her influences here.

A designer for hip brand Glad News, her makeup, hair, nails, and figure are flawless, although she is not about being pretty and girly. Instead she is dressed in a leather biker jacket, one of the set pieces of the Glad News repertoire. “The look is based on biker style. Mixing a biker jacket with shorts, or a dress — it’s for strong women,” she purrs in her husky voice, as she explains the concept behind the brand.

…”We are basically a gyaru brand, but there’s more to us than that. We have all sorts of customers — ones who are into rock, into psychedelic music . . . even dads come in to the men’s shop.”

Miwa hits a note right when she discusses her customers. You can find her often at 109 and tell her so ^_^. Many of her designs are also featured in Kera, making it a great outfit choice for those of you who are wanting to transfer out of the j-rock style.

Glad News: Edgy, Sexy and Fun!

Spring 2008, Glad News put out a whole line of shirts, jackets and shorts that had printed all over them “I’m not a whore, I’m just popular.” Knowing English I LMAO, but it’s just the kind of fun and edgy saying Miwa goes for.


Another reason to love Glad News, they’re generous sizing in shorts. Many 109 designers say a medium is hip measurement 89 centimeters or 35 inches. Glad News, however, says their shorts in medium are 93 centimeters or almost 37 inches! Great for girls with booty!

Fun Prints

This summer all of Glad News prints were a runaway success, and their style is instantly recognizable so you didnt have to wear at logo shirt to rock the brand. Glad News is not afraid AT ALL of putting out crazy prints. In 2008 spring their popular print was the notorious “I’m not a whore, I’m just popular” fall 08 was “that’s really shitty!” Others run more rock edged with fuck printed all over dresses or grenades and bright colors.

I’m rock and lazy! Love the airy cut of this


No life no music and I would go crazy, WAHAHAHA!!

Their Kaws-style print, purple highway of angels…wtf?

Ultimate Girly Rock

There are a few other stores in 109 that cater to the rock-kei girls, but IMO no one designs better in girly style than GN.

Nonoka and other Egg chica from her blog. Both in GN
(and more braids!)

They do BOYS!

109-2 has a great GN men’s store with nice helpful staff. We were able to put a whole outfit together at GN Mens for 120 (jeans, vest, belt, shirt). While some of their female prints don’t transfer well to the men’s side, they do have great men’s only prints and hot jeans styles. If your man is more rock/skater-themed he might just find a good home at GN mens.

Super friendly staff

Sometimes this is not as important, but 109 staff can range from snots (Gilfy 109 is sometimes prone to this) to standoffish to downright too helpful (Swordfish often has this problem). GN strikes a great balance, and my old staff chan who has since quit used to stand and talk about anything while she was working.

Tips for taking the GN style and buying overseas

These are just a few things I found from Urban Outfitters that play into GN’s style.

Leather, metallics, pops of color, humor and rock


  1. desude
    July 29, 2009 / 3:28 am

    I really love this style, even though I'm more of a hime fan, this is also sooo cute.

  2. Keely Valentine
    August 2, 2009 / 2:52 am

    hey babe i love your blog thanks for writing it! check mine out sometime if you want!

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