Osaka part two: Namba Nighttime

Namba Nighttime
I stayed mostly in Namba, since the man and I both love the epicenter of food and lots of great things to see and do on the waterfront place. Lots of gals were out enjoying the place, along with all types of people.
Dotonbori – the eating and neon center of Osaka
Gyaruo shops
Crazy giant food signs
Casual gals enjoying Osaka at night
Another gyaruo store
The new trend: host suits for sale
Two Agejo gals out for the night

Osaka thoughts

I saw a lot of different kinds of gals at Osaka and many seemed put together and styling. However, maybe it is my Tokyo bias, but it seems more common to see average looking girls who spend little time on their hair/make/nails heading into OPA. I do admit I am quite biased by 109 and even though I do spend the time and money to try to keep myself at the top of my game, I’m always amazed by how stunning some of the regular shoppers at 109 are. Maybe relaxed is more the description for some Osaka gals, not simply letting go. Fukuoka however is another talk…

The quintessential Osaka shot. Taking a photo of yourself in front of the Gilico Runnning Man


The exit of Namba near our hotel had nightly gatherings for b-boys and bgirls. Crews practicing their aerials and spins, while others were doing one-on-one throwdowns. Some had some ABDC potential… or should I say NBDC? ^_^v Pretty cool to check out if you’re in the area on a weekend.
Our hotel was the Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka, which was relatively inexpensive but super classy. Recommended!

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