3 more weeks, and a quick jump to Osaka

Tons of gals sitting around Centaagai doing their make-up like old times.
This was at 10:30 when trains wind down so they quickly dispersed after this picture and only so many were gathered for 10 minutes. This is so not common on Centaagai, instead most use the “center street” to actually walk to another place. But it was nostalgic and rare so enjoy the nostalgia with me. <3

Lip Service Roomwear!
Oh lawdy. I do not want to leave my house anymore. I think people could become hikkikomori because Lip Service roomwear was bought. The roomwear and Betty Boop release opened Friday and they had such pieces!
It’s the center one, a two piece set!
I really was lusting over the onsie on the left, but onsies aren’t that practical to sleep in, they’re just cute.
I want to buy more! >_<;;
I also got the Betty Boop set, but I’ll post that later since it’s actual clothing not just lazy bed manatee clothing.
Men’s Egg PlaYz

I was out and about in Shibuya and I hear a truck passing blasting music. This is a really common way for musicians to advertise themselves in Japan. Ne-Yo and Enimenem also had trucks blasting their music when their records hit Japan. But I turn to see this!

Mens EGG got a music group
The music group is called PlaYz, and sounds a bit Johnnys-kei, aka typical male group pop. The five members are: Ayumu (who got a major make-over… or make-under?), Yukihide, Katsumi, Kazuaki and Yuki, all Men’s Egg models.
In this pic it does look a bit like 4 twinks and their leather daddy.
As for the quality of their music, judge for yourself:

Their video has gotten 240,000+ views which livedoor says is good. This is from their “mini-album” Love on the Street. Time will tell on their staying power. Although this is absolutely not what I want for my Men’s Egg Night ^_^;;;

Weekend fun

Friday day after classes I headed to 109 to pickup my Lip Service roomwear + Betty Boop dress. I also got an adorable set from One*Spo <3

Using the clean mirror and the clean room.
Jacket: h&m
Shirt: Moussy
Shorts: Zara
Leggings: tutuHA
My Lippy girls were shocked I was so casual, but sigh… school sometimes makes you ultra casual ^_^;;
I was trying to un-lazy myself so I went for fluffy hair and a cashmere beret from One*Spo for the night.
Doll eyes with thick low seperation on the lower eyelashes.
Tip: use a clear eyelash adhesive for the bottom, go for black on the top lashes
I look dazed here <_<;;
I was channeling Rin with a One*Spo set and pigtails. It was gold night with Onespo good love and gold eyeshadow from MAC.
Good weekend. Possibly too much drinking, but it was insanity/good to end Saturday night but eating ramen in Kabukicho and chatting with bosozoku from Kyoto and surrouded by OraOra boys, hosts and hostesses at 7 in the morning on Sunday.

Onward, ho!

I am soon to be ending my stay in Japan. I head back to Houston on December 17th for a while. At least until Summer if not until Fall. I’m sad of course, because I love the shopping, the style, my daily grind and my good friends here. However, I love my man and miss my animals. Also, Texas is a pretty damn awesome place.

Yo Persians, imma let you finish, but my Luna has the best flat face ever!
Japanese hats for cats, so wrong so rightt
Disapproving basset hound sees what you did thar

When people in the US and Japan ask me if I like living here, I find I can’t give a simple yes/no answer anymore. It’s a whole lot more complicated than that. Without going into a 8 paragraph discussion on it, I will simply say those who think Japan is OMGYAYPONIEZHARAJUKUAWEZOMMMEZ have not lived here for a long time.

Japan just isn’t the endgame for me. My man works in the States and I would like to be a college professor and going to graduate school happens in America. I do plan to go back to teach English in Japan for a while before actually starting graduate school, but the rules will definitely change since as a working stiff my ability to do several gal fashion trends that I like will be limited (weekend gal love). So right now, ignoring the hardships of living here, is a really special time for me to enjoy and dress for myself the way I want to present myself.

Of course I will continue to report on gal fashion and I have way too many saved posts on genres that I need to step-up and post ^_^; At most it will just be six months until I move back here, so only directly shopping for Spring will escape my grasp ^_^;;

I will be away in Osaka for 2 days this week, I just can’t seem to stay away. <3

…that is all


  1. dokiri
    November 29, 2009 / 11:17 am

    lol I've seen that PV before and homg xDD I laughed. Okey I'm absolutely in love with Ayumu but the dude singing…no,just no. The only really good singer there is the guy with the hat. The others don't have any unique sounding voices.

    enjoying the nostalgia:3 is it really rare these days to see gals sitting on the streets and doing the make-up?

  2. Ligaya
    November 29, 2009 / 1:02 pm

    You're completely right – different countries present different opportunities. It's amazing, most people I know would not only kill to be in your shoes, but would want nothing more than to stay in Japan all their lives. However, you know what you REALLY want, and that's grad school, working as a professor, and being with your man. I admire your fortitude and wish you well. (I personally am not too keen on grad school though, but yay for Houston = 1, Japan = 0. XD) Finally, have fun in Osaka! :3

  3. Kat Reaganomics
    November 29, 2009 / 6:33 pm

    I agree with Ligaya 109%. Knowing what you want is this most important thing of all. For the longest time I thought I would like to teach English in Japan for a couple of years at a time, but then I realized that I would have difficulty doing so. I can visit there and would love to go again some day, but I don't think I could stay more than a month or two.

    Anyway, about the PV…hilarious! I've never been a fan of boybands, so I wouldn't say that they're my thing, but I love their look. I love gyaru-o for sometimes looking like fabulous, walking STDs.

  4. Irebun
    November 29, 2009 / 7:02 pm

    "In this pic it does look a bit like 4 twinks and their leather daddy."
    I burst out laughing at that comment~

    Yeah, I love me some Ayumu and Yuki butt….I was not impressed at all~ :\

    Love your make~! :33

  5. Cale
    November 29, 2009 / 7:28 pm

    The cat with hat have a funny face xDDDDDDDD

  6. さらまり
    November 30, 2009 / 1:04 am

    Oh you are going back to American in December, I will just miss you! I am arriving in Japan at the end of December, I was hoping we could shop together haha>< Maybe in the future!~

    Have a wonderful time in Osaka, please post a lot of photos ^^!

  7. puregirlblue
    November 30, 2009 / 3:52 am

    That video is so sad when you're used to Korean boybands. XD I love all your looks in this post, that roomwear really does look super comfortable. I wish I could find something stylish and comfortable to wear around the house. Being a housewife can be so un-stylish sometimes. >_<

  8. Lindsay
    November 30, 2009 / 8:07 am

    Aww, basset hound! I have two of them myself. <3

    The dudes sound a bit bland and the music itself doesn't sound any different from the dime-a-dozen male R&B/Pop acts on the market right now. I guess the only thing setting them apart is the fact that they (and by that I mean the majority of them) are hard-core ikemen types.

    Also, good luck in the US! I know what you mean when you say that people who say that Japan is all fun and matcha icecream and fashion and ponies haven't lived there recently. I was gushing about Japan a little while ago, then I remembered about some of the really crappy times I had there. But hey, there's no such place as heaven on earth, right?

  9. Karyu-sama マニア
    November 30, 2009 / 7:28 pm

    OMG! I love the cat hat! I'm going to buy one XDXD

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