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After hitting up Forever 21’s website I started to see a lot of pieces that would transfer well to Delyle’s style, so with further ado…

another brand to abroad post~!

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The breakdown of Delyle’s sense of style

These items are key to understanding and imitating the brand’s style.
Delyle started in 2004 (same time as Lip Service) and has etched out a niche with gals who want classic Audrey Hepburn in Paris looks, but want sexy gal styling as well. Just like Liz Lisa or Gilfy, Delyle has a very strong fashion sense and even if studs were BOOMing this season, they were hard to be found in Delyle’s looks. Instead Delyle stuck to structured feminine.
This is a really good look to parody into working hours. Lady Gaga said the key to becoming iconic is taking a theme and repeating it several times. Delyle does the same thing (although not with bodysuits and tiny gloves and kermit the frogs :wink: ). Instead Delyle loves doing cosmetic prints and keeping their font and look as classically Chanel as possible.

Looks by Delyle

Delyle’s popular summer shirt paired with their classic skirt
Cosmetic print
Classic girly stripe dress
More looks below and how to take it abroad.
Delyle has done really well with their character goods line. First with their 3 releases of Hello Kitty last Spring and onto this Fall.
Now they are marketing Snoopy.
Both HK and Snoopy looks are directed at getting young teens to buy their pieces.

Delyle mainly does two types of outer-wear. Traditional jackets like shown here.
Or cute stadium jackets
Maiko Takahashi doing cute girly outer look
Combining Delyle with jean shorts + tights still works as being girly-kaji.

Overseas tips for working a Delyle look

  • Stick with monotone and baby pink.
  • Keep a french look in mind when dressing.
  • Buy anything that copies Chanel. Black tipped boots, lots of bracelets.
  • Get a chain bag. One that copies Chanel’s classic 2.55 or retro pieces.
  • Keep it sweet adult: add a pearl necklace or bow accessories
  • Use white and light pink as your accessory pieces.
  • Keep your hair fluffy and in curls, rely on romantic styles that involve volume and loose curls
  • Break out your hime or monotone nails
  • If you enjoy high-brands buy a Chanel brooch. Brooches are often the cheapest of resold brand items. You can often get a good deal on eBay for under $200.00. Then place on your clothing, or use a ribbon to knot around your bag and keep the brooch secured on the ribbon on your chain.
  • Splurge on using a shopping service to buy their jacket or iconic skirt. One gal brand piece can make a whole outfit.

Forever 21’s Tres Tres line is great place to pick from and make a Delyle look.

Not from the tres tres line, but it’s a copy of an exact Delyle skirt
Chanel-esque bottoms
The top print is not very Delyle, but the bottom frill is. Cover with a black or white cardigan  or trad jacket and you’re more in Delyle mode.
Delyle had this cut, and also loves French words. This high cut isn’t very Delyle though.
Adorable tap pants and a Cardi from Urban Outiftters. Garnish with a chain bag and light pink accessories and you’ve hit Delyle style.

As a bonus Delyle also has two new items out for Spring.

Great long cardigan-style jacket

One of their best pieces in a season. The combination of paneling for making everybody’s body look hot and the frill to give both girlyness and texture is sure to make this look great on everyone.


  1. ai
    January 13, 2010 / 4:36 pm

    i love that first forever 21 shirt
    and maichi looks like she’s picking her nose lol

  2. January 13, 2010 / 4:38 pm

    Forever 21 has really stepped up its game in the last couple years. It’s crazy how many gal-appropriate pieces you can find there.

    And as for Delyle, much love! Anything with a Paris motif and I’m sold. X333

  3. lilie
    January 13, 2010 / 7:20 pm

    love Delyle ! i got one bag from them ( fake balenciga) i like the stadium jackets but now available colors are not that great >< i prefere maiko's look you show than pink or white version.
    the skirt is sooo cute too, if my butt were not that big i'd buy it ! too short for me :/

    • Mitsu
      January 14, 2010 / 2:03 pm

      lilie said: like the stadium jackets but now available colors are not that great >< I know, I'm still wondering if I should y!japan a fuku with the stadium jacket color I want. :( Personally I want the Maiko one, too. They're also making one with pink sleeves that I might be tempted by. I think they do pink well without me wanting to become mega-Barbie :love:

  4. January 13, 2010 / 7:21 pm

    I’m so happy they’ve open a XXI downtown. :cry: :love:

    Although I’m not quite a fan of this look, I must say that the first jacket is totally awesome.

  5. January 13, 2010 / 11:59 pm

    omg..the FIRST thing on my list to buy at 109 was the delyle iconic skirt! ^^

    i really love how poofy it is..although it is quite short on me!

    thanks for this post! i love delyle although ive moved on to a more edgier look!


    • Mitsu
      January 14, 2010 / 1:58 pm

      LOL it’s quite short on me, too. I wear mise pants under it, but I still feel booty out sometimes :o

  6. January 14, 2010 / 4:59 am

    Oh I love your posts about brands, since I am such a brand ignorant person haha. My favorite item is the stadium jacket and the iconic skirt. And of course I am a fan of monotone hehe!

  7. January 14, 2010 / 5:08 am

    I want the classic girly striped dress! The way those stripes go are so slimming and its also so cute! :mrgreen:

    • Mitsu
      January 16, 2010 / 1:51 pm

      Oooo very similar! Great find!

  8. January 15, 2010 / 7:48 pm

    I just stumbled across your blog & I love it already! ♥ I scanned through some of your entries & I love love your advice, reviews, photos, fashion sense, etc etc…! ^-^
    Thank you so much for this post though~ I love DELYLE style, especially as modeled by Maichi & I will definitely be purchasing some of the Western pieces you picked out!
    Looking forward to reading (& commenting!) more ♥

    • Mitsu
      January 16, 2010 / 1:52 pm

      Awwwh thank you :idea:
      Maichi does such cute work :idea:

  9. risu_risu
    January 22, 2010 / 7:41 pm

    oh, i just realized that poupee came out with an item that looks like the delyle classic skirt. i wonder if poupee popular with gals or are they reaching out to different niches?

    i must say, that striped dress with the bow is so cute! and i find myself partial to monochromatic color schemes & adult sweet style :idea:

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