A/W 2010 Gyaru exhibition collections part 1

Your gyaru detective is here, trudging the web to find more exhibition pictures that’ll give us a sneak peek to this Fall’s trending fashions. :waves:   :wink:

Some makes me salivate with credit card in hand. :heartlove:  Others make me want to go into my closet and hide and tell my clothes I do love them, it’s just their ugly sisters I hate :(

Brands below: Backs, Gilfy, Cecil McBee, Fabulous by Cecil McBee, Titty & Co, Moussy, Miia & Dazzlin

A note concerning fur:

There’s going to be a lot of fur fashion discussions with the upcoming season shaping up how it is, so I thought I’d get this out of the way. I understand people have polarizing opinions on the use of fur in fashion. The fact of the matter is we’re discussing Japanese fashion. I will not hide the use of fur, because I consider it my job to report on all gal fashion. Japanese fashion yearly uses a lot of fur and PETA and other campaigners have not gotten into Japanese mindsets. Fur is soft and warm, that’s all it is to Japanese. As consumers we make our own choices by supporting or boycotting items.

I implore ladies to keep the Doll from being a fur debate. This is a place to discuss fashion not to question ethics. Please keep the commentary strictly on fashion. :heart:


A look from the BACKS exhibition. Short pants, suspenders & bowler hats. Gyaru Newsie anyone? :cat:

Fur small items being marketed. Possible scrunchies?


More from the Gilfy exhibition. Long stoles, more leopard.

I admit seeing mannequins like this does make me think of a Real Doll teaparty or other creepy fetish things. :!:

These no-collar jackets are another Chanel rift. Rare stripe occurrence in Fall. Stripes are mostly a “no” for this season.

The brown leather with sheepskin is going to be big this year. Can’t say I love, but the bomber is a little retro fun for me. :-D

Cecil McBee

Another brown leather + sheepskin item. Mixing it up with the retro sweater trend.

Side note: That outfit is urghh. :-S  It’s like she randomly threw on new items. Also, those shoes look painful :icon_eek:

Plaid MAXI dress will be a popular look. I love it used as a duster. Such a cool look :-D

I can see DIA also doing this style. :upani:

Sheepskin edged bags seemed to be trending as well.

On the hangers to the left, there’s a bit of the Chanel ribbed fur influence :sparkle2:

Fabulous Cecil McBee

I understand that Fabulous might be a bit outside the gal range, although it’d be great for Oneegyaru types who love Blenda. :heartsmile:

I really love this outfit idea. The leopard scarf with sheepskin bag makes the bag not seem so rustic. The lace x fur combination is excellent use of textures. I’m unsure if the floppy felt cancan will take off, but it suits this look. :hearts3:

This is a bit too Spring for me, although it’s nice to see a long lace dress move into Fall.


A sweet-kei take on the use of sweater. I don’t know how well Dazzlin’ will do this Fall, although it had an extremely popular Spring. Possibly a bit too sweet-kei for this season.


I love the bright x acid wash mix. It seems quite fun for Fall. Lots of acid wash this season.

That hip flare on the skirt that’s very 80s should show up in gal as well.

Bowler and that fur jacket would suit a pimp :icon_eek:

All the acid washed denim together is giving me some 80s hives, but I am sure separately it’ll be quite fun!

I know it’s just a shirt, but Moussy does some of the best chic prints.

Check them out if you’re feeling casual and need a new print. :up:


I can see this look being styled to gal, but honestly that coat seems more Lowry’s Farm Japanese regular kaji than 109. :(

I would say something nice, but uhhh… :depressed:

It’s like all the fall trends: poncho, retro sweater, fur trim, girly aspects all in one…”thing”.

Lawd, luckily Akina Minami has a fallback career :icon_eek:

This is slightly redeeming although it seems very Outdoors Barbie… :^_^;;:

Titty & Co

Yes I’m the mental age of 4 and giggle when I read that store name :kumatan:

Snoopy x Titty collab and it’s PG :-D A bit Glad News x Mickey for me (they did the same plaid x character on the back), but still cute.

This is quite cute. A lovely way to sweet-kei way to style the retro sweater trend!

Another one for the poncho trend, the turquoise x brown combination is really lovely.

Those shoes give me nightmares. Several OL-type brands have released similar shoes.

Yes the brown x sheepskin clog is real and trending. Hide now :icon_eek:

This ethnic dress is quite lovely. I’m excited to see how ethnic and maxi dresses evolve for Fall.

Leopard leggings! I love the gold-tone for leopard this fall. It looks a bit more expensive that way.

Opinions… let’s dish it out!

What are your loves and hates. Which trend do you want to last forever, which one could die a quick death and you’d be happy?

:heart2: As a note: My RL friend in Tokyo caught me about the 109 book. Apparently it was released last month, but made itself act like a magazine saying it was an August issue. Weird! I bought the last copy from amazon.jp (along with August Edge-S) and it will be in my hands by next week. I’ll be discussing the 109 Bible when I can!

URGH amazon.jp shipping, absolutely EVIL! :twisted: My total book + Edge-S was 2900 yen. My shipping costs: 3500 yen. ARGH! That’s like 2 packages of Dollywink and a MAC lipstick :rain:


  1. July 16, 2010 / 7:47 pm

    i’m soooo on the fence about all of these :-S
    tbh, i love the way fur feels & looks. but i hate the idea of it. so i’m always torn, but usually avoid it but…omg if they have fake fur, i’m totally going to be aaaaall over it. the texture is just SO much fun :bear:

    & everything seems so…BIG. idk, like the ponchos & loose dresses. i guess it’s nice being comfortable, but…uh…too loose on me just makes me look fat :^_^;;: especially since i don’t have long legs to fit in those skinny jeans & leggings….

    i’m not IN LOVE with this stuff, but it’s not awful?? (i sort of agree with what you’ve said, i guess~)

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:33 pm

      I agree. My boobs just stick out the poncho and I could have a watermelon baby on my stomach and I could hide it. Not exactly attractive. Sometimes I think designers design to put weight on some of these women :o

      Yeah I’m kinda meh about all but 3 items really (bowler, plaid overjacket, Gilfy scarf).

      Next AW part is much better tho :hearts2:

  2. July 16, 2010 / 8:05 pm

    Backs is my #1 fave look for sure. I love the monotone, I love the bowler hats. Speaking of which, when I saw the plausible trend of bowlers here on your blog – I. FLIPPED. They’re the cutest! The coordinates on those Backs mannequins give me this amazing mannish vibe. Taking the hat and coupling it with suspendeners and well fitted pieces. It’s all so sleek looking! >.<

    When I see that GILFY mannequin layout in the first picture – I keep wondering if the tiger luchador mask will be for sale…XD But I do really live the animal print x monotone colors look. It's more than just a splash of color but it adds texture too. A diferent animal print could change the whole outfit's vibe.

    I love that plaid duster look by Cecil McBee! I really loved last year's buffalo plaid trend and this is a new but similar comeback look for plaid. That whole mannequin's look is hot! I'd jump at getting one of those~

    Otherwise though, I agree that there's a lot of hits and misses. The sheepskin will have to grow on me or find it's way into other coordinates I might like more. Another thing that I'm sure is not the case with just me – sometimes I need to see these trends in some magazines, being incorporated into a bunch of looks before I start to love them. A lot of times, pieces don't look very versatile at all and then my favorite mag will prove me dead wrong, haha.

    Can't wait to see the other trends!

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:34 pm

      I agree about everything! Well except for Backs just because my body type doesn’t go Mannish well. But I’d love to see it on others :-D

  3. Etienne
    July 16, 2010 / 8:37 pm

    I have the feeling that some stuff is really going to stay this years, there a lot of stuff that has been “in” before.

    I love fur! SO MUCH! :oops: I will totally buy something with fur. I like sheepskin, but not like this >: Anyway, i hope another brand make the “Tail” Charm.

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:35 pm

      Yeah a few redux. :^_^;;: But that’s bound to happen.

      That sheepskin is not my friend either :mad:

      • Etienne
        July 18, 2010 / 7:21 am

        First MiiA coat look like… japanese highschool girls coat with fur, i don`t like it -_- Sheepskin is cute, but not this way :mad: Anyway, i think there are a lot of stuff extremely cute and others… :cry:

        Thank you so much for replying me :hearts2::hearts2::korila: I have been watching you from the shadows (OMG STALKER?!), and that was my first attempt, so i`m really happy :peer: I will comment on every post from now on :mrgreen: A big hug from a brazilian girl :hearts3:

  4. Maki
    July 16, 2010 / 9:02 pm

    ….wow. :-S

    The Backs stuff is definitely my favorite. And as a huge Snoopy fan, I have to give some love to Titty&co (lol) for that shirt. I’m not a huge fan of plaid, but I really love the long shirt-dress trend.

    I think my biggest problem with this stuff is the abundance of animal prints/furs/sheepskin and grandma’s curtains prints. I don’t mind fur or animal prints as embellishments (like the Backs scrunchies, fur trimmed shoes, etc.) but it seems a bit over-used in these collections. Like you mentioned, some of these outfits seem really thrown together, and individual pieces might look much better coordinated with different items.

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:37 pm


      It is feeling slightly Grimore or Camping-kei. Not exactly two styles I’m all about :curiousmo: I agree the sum of the parts is much better than the whole :heartsmile:

  5. July 16, 2010 / 9:53 pm

    I have to say, I’m not feeling a lot of this. The sheepskin stuff in particular (those shoes… -_-) left me cold. Definitely not a trend I’ll be rushing out to incorporate. I do like some things, though, like the Backs stuff (bowler hats and monotone? I’m there) and that plaid maxi dress as a duster and some of the fur, but a few of those coordinates really don’t do it for me.

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:37 pm

      Those are the things I was drawn to as well.

      This sheepskin thing is like a virus. We need some style antibiotics fast! :oops:

  6. July 16, 2010 / 9:56 pm

    It’s so difficult to think of what to love….

    I guess BACKS has the best collection so far. This newspaper boy-ish concept actually has the potential to look cute! My only concern is that taller gals may look a little, uh, awkward in those short pants and suspenders. :-S I guess they’re also being safe by sticking to their signature monotone colour scheme.

    Gilfy’s no-collar jackets are actually very hideous, IMO. :cry: Cheshire cat cosplay, anyone? The sheepskin jacket makes me want to crumble into pieces and die from the ugliness, which brings us to..

    .. the sheepskin vest and bags by both Cecil McBee and Fabulous Cecil McBee. Wasn’t sheepskin a trend in A/W 2008? I remember ViVi and Popteen promoting the trend like crazy along with the famous モコモコ trend. :^_^;;: I was VERY on the fence regarding these two trends so I can’t say I’m overjoyed upon seeing the revival of all things sheepskin..

    I’m definitely not feeling the poncho and knitted looks. Sigh. :( The clogs have to go, somehow. How exactly do you survive the cold, harsh winds in clogs? :?: I’m from a tropical country where autumn and winter are non-existent, but I’m sure walking around in those clogs will definitely result in some frozen feet.

    I love the 80’s, but I can’t see acid washed denim and gal fashion being fused together. It’s just not right. :huh: I can somehow visualize the girls of Nuts rocking the style, though..

    On a brighter note, I LOVE the lace x fur combination as well as the leopard print leggings! The rest can go, but keep these two styles alive!

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:40 pm

      Chinatsu’s been doing the acid washed look pretty good. I bought her onsie and I think it’s cute with a lot. Maybe hers is not too detailed. I think the ruffle skirt + acid washed is too 80s.

      Those clogs are quite bad and well many Japanese girls do not know how to walk in heels so they’ll drag those even more. Not attractive -_-

      I don’t remember the sheepskin, although maybe it was just eclipsed by Mokomoko. I still love Mokomoko. Teddybear clothing rocked :cheery:

      The leopard print leggings seem very fun. I’d love to try to work them into a monotone look :heart:

  7. July 16, 2010 / 11:05 pm

    fabulous as usual!! thanks for hunting down these!
    I am feeling…

    BACKS – that Mannish look is so cool. maybe I need suspenders too.
    Cecil McBee – feeling the plaid MAXI dress, looks comfy, warm and cute.
    Fabulous – digging that lace bit, and I may even accept the fur in this situation because oooh it’s a cool ethnic-y combo.
    Dazzlin’ – love this retro look, everything about it! never paid attention to sweet-kei looks for A/W before, so it’d be kind of interesting to see what they do…
    Titty & Co – AHH love ALL FOUR OUTFITS !! brown/turquoise especially! and sweaters always make me itchy no matter what but if I can make it look that cute then I will gaman…
    and wow I love that maxi dress.

    Titty & Co definitely winning for me so far. I love the idea of the ethnic/native/whatever we should call it now looks sneaking their way into fall. and the retro looks are love love LOVE :peer:

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:42 pm

      happy to do so!

      I’d love to see brown and turquoise work more in outfits. Those two shades especially seemed to set it other off well. I wasn’t about the poncho, but I guess it’s just poncho unlove for me. It’s not right for my body type. :oops: I did like the color palette in general that Titty was using. It was nice to see them work some actual Autumn colors into their looks. :wink:

  8. July 16, 2010 / 11:23 pm

    Gilfy looks great & I love Moussy’s acid washed denims, but everything else I can seriously live without :cry:
    It’s also sad that MiiA’s entire A/W preview is fail imho… My love for them has really gone down since their releases after their initial debut. You are totally right about Akina Minami being lucky she has a second job, haha! :x
    I also decided from Titty&Co’s version that I really, really dislike ponchos… Just, NO :x

    • Mitsu
      July 16, 2010 / 11:31 pm

      You and me both chica Moussy + Gilfy and the Cecil plaid open dress. None of this poncho sheepskin mutton mess. Gyaru camping-kei is not for me -_- Or is it Gyaru Grimore? -_- Although the leopard print stuff I want. :upani:

      Miia is just… wow. Who will wear it? I tried to say nice things, but urgh even positive me cannot handclap that :evil:

      Next AW post has a lot of goodness in it tho! :up:

      • July 17, 2010 / 5:59 pm

        Yea, I did mean to give a shout-out to the Cecil plaid duster! That is so boss :hearts:
        I like the Fabulous Cecil too, first outfit more than the second though~
        & yeaaa… It’s really disappointing :cry: MiiA we know & love, please come back!
        Can’t wait to see what’s up next though :kumatan:

  9. July 16, 2010 / 11:45 pm

    Backs, Gilfy, the first look from Fabulous Cecil McBee, and the Titty&Co. leopard leggings are all big winners for me. Unfortunately, the rest leaves me a bit iffy. It could look cute on someone else, yet I don’t think I could pull off all this rustic-looking sheepskin and heavy knitwear without looking totally frumpy!

    I’m excited to see how brands like Emoda and Murua will handle fur and other new trends. Some voluminous fur outerwear or accessories would be a great complement to the sleek mode pieces they released during the spring and summer. This fall is going to be interesting for sure!

    • Mitsu
      July 18, 2010 / 10:49 pm

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The rest left me scratching my head. I am also curious how the Agejo brands will handle it. Not much info from them that I’ve seen. It’ll be a waiting game with them, :wink:

      • July 19, 2010 / 12:42 am

        Agejo and fur seems like a natural combination to me. Bring on the fluffy stuff! <3

  10. July 17, 2010 / 1:20 am

    hmm this is mainly looking very sweet folklore with all that sheepskin and ponchos and knitwear, e.g. auntie rosa, milkfed, lowrys farm. can’t say i’m a big fan of the brown toned palette either. if this style is overdone it just looks like an overdose of granny-kei lol, no sexy gyaru vibes :(
    the acid wash is giving me creepy visions of 80s denim all-in-ones and rick astley and i can’t say i’m a big fan either :^_^;;:

    moussy’s t-shirt prints look pretty nice though, as do bowlers (though they look weird on me), suspenders, fur accents and komono, and leopard print. the plaid maxidress coordinate is also a big thumbs up for me :wink: can’t wait to see how fall fashion plays out though!


    • Mitsu
      July 18, 2010 / 10:50 pm

      Absolutely! It was feeling all the brands you discussed. Gal wasn’t distancing itself for some it was making it more similar. Really disappointed in some of those brands, tbh -_-

  11. July 17, 2010 / 2:25 am

    woooooah! Some Items of Gilfy and Cecil McBee look gorgeous!!! O___O;
    Damn I’m going to be a worse shoppaholic, even worse than now >__< urghs!
    I never got the chance to be in Japan in autumn.. I'm Sooooo looking forward to next years autumn when I finally WILL be there :peer:

    btw, the furr thing.. how could anyone accuse you of sth just because you post a picture in a report? Silly :D

    • Mitsu
      July 18, 2010 / 10:51 pm

      I love Fall in Japan! My favorite season! The clothes, the accessories, the weather. :up: You’ll have a great time then :heart:

  12. July 17, 2010 / 2:27 am

    Looks like a hallyu/ulzzang influence is creeping into gal fashion, especially true where Dazzlin’ and Titty & Co (hee I giggle too :mrgreen: ) are concerned.

    Daaaamn, it’s stuff like these which make me wish I was living in a temperate country because fur looks sooooooo nice and warm! :cry: But I MAY be going to the US for Christmas to visit my sister in the SoCal area (she lives 5 mins away from Disneyland yeah :mrgreen: ) so I may be able to use whatever little furry/fur-lined items (a stole, some Ugg boots and a very kyabajo/agejo brown jacket) I own when I go hahahaha. :P

    • July 17, 2010 / 6:32 am

      I forgot to add, Mafia!Gyaru FTW. :wink:

    • Mitsu
      July 18, 2010 / 10:53 pm

      I dunno how much they are influenced or it’s just how sweet-kei is evolving. Especially since Japanese often don’t look to Korea for inspiration, it’s a country thing -_-

      Hahahhaa that is the problem of being in a temperate country. I love bringing out super cosy things for Fall, my favorite time of the year :heart:

      • July 19, 2010 / 1:13 am

        IDK. I am seeing some of the over-large fall gear in some random Korean blogs. And the styling of that one outfit… then again I may be watching too many Korean dramas at home, hurrhurr. :!:

        Ah yes, alas I live in the tropics where the climate is either hot and humid… or HOTTER AND MORE HUMID. -_- I only get to wear fur in countries that are colder than my own. Fortunately though (or unfortunately?), I get cold pretty easily, and even 18C in the SoCal area will give me enough reason to bring out my fur. :P

  13. July 17, 2010 / 4:42 am

    I’m sorry but I really DO NOT LIKE sheepskin and leather.

    Cecil, Titty, Dazzlin and the plaid dress aren’t too bad – I could see myself wearing some of their items.
    I just hope other stores bring out something a little more inspirational.

    I still don’t mind the bowler hats, I actually really want one haha

    • Mitsu
      July 18, 2010 / 10:57 pm

      The sheepskin thing was frightening me, too! URGH 8) Looks so lost in the wilderness having to survive on berries and twigs style. I do not need Survivor Gyaru :x

  14. July 17, 2010 / 5:20 am

    I am really down with that first image from Gilfy, love the dark colors with the leopard print stoles. I am so into leopard print, so I’m really glad to see it!

    I could never pull of that plaid maxi dress coordinate from Cecil McBee, but man do I love it! It’s super cool and mature sexy I think. I like the maxi dress used like a duster as well!

    Also I am feeling the Moussy collection, I mean look at that nasty yellow sweater – I love it! XD haha I like acid wash, but I am more of an 80s lover than most. I just can’t wear something that flares so much at the hips like that since I’m pear shaped.

    But I think the gold leopard leggings from Titty&Co (tehe!) are the winner. I could see them in a lot of coordinates. Like others have said a lot of these items are really meh and could cross the line out of gyaru. Well as time progresses I’m sure they will get stronger^^

    • Mitsu
      July 18, 2010 / 10:58 pm

      LOL I love that sweater, too! Gimme that crazy yellow! I might try the skirt since I’m an apple and the fluff thing helps give me hips :-D

  15. Nicolette
    July 17, 2010 / 7:53 am

    :roll: That…was a lot to digest! Haha, but this post is awesome, seeing everyone’s vision side-by-side. I’m loving some things, but not exactly how they were presented. Honestly, some of the brands seemed a tad confused about their Fall vision is to me. And honestly, the sheepskin doesn’t appeal to me in the least. Neither does fur, haha, so this was hard for me to swallow from the beginning.

    Backs – They’re the winners for me, because I love boyish style and bowler hats :hearts: Those grey shoes in the center of the first picture look really appealing to me!

    Gilfy – The no collar jackets and sheepskin one…nuh-uh for me. But, in the last picture, I like that black/white sweater sitting on the rack in the background is pretty

    Cecil McBee – I actually don’t like that plaid maxi dress. I like plaid, but not that sort of plaid. Makes me think lumberjack

    Fabulous Cecil McBee – I really love that first outfit, minus the hat. It even made fur and sheepskin look appealing to me :icon_eek: But I agree that the outfit on the right of the second picture is Spring-ish

    Dazzlin’ – I don’t usually like to wear sweet things, but I thought that outfit was really adorable. It’s like the cute contrast to what Backs is trying to do. :hearts2:

    Moussy – ehhh, I felt it was way too 80s for me and I don’t like light denim very much

    Miia – Although it’s got that fur trim, I love the second outfit! Haha, I really don’t know why, but it appeals to me. Looks so warm for a cold day, and it’s fun. But I think they failed really hard with the third outfit, Christ. :^_^;;:

    Titty and Co. (heehee) – I’m indifferent about most of their stuff, and I also like the leggings. The second to last outfit though, haha! Those shoes make her feet look like hooves. Don’t like the poncho either, I think Miia got the poncho correct.

  16. Cimone
    July 17, 2010 / 9:38 am

    I am not excited to see that acid wash is trending ;_; I’m really bottom heavy and dark denim is so much more flattering :x

    I am loving the fur, though! I am actually kind of hoping that the fur x maxi dress trend takes off, because that would be a great way to take some of my summer stuff into fall (meaning more $$$ for shoes, lol). I also love the plaid maxidress duster. Great alternative to typical coats, which I love because it’s rarely cold enough for real jackets where I live.

  17. kiki-sama
    July 17, 2010 / 10:32 am

    ummm this fall’s trend looks weird :depressed: i guess miia is my favorite and the etchnic style is quiet interesting i just hope its not all panchos and fur cuz im just gonna look more fat -3-
    Thanks for your accurate investigation though :)

  18. July 17, 2010 / 3:22 pm

    i don’t like most of these looks at all… the brown leather/sheepskin is VERY reminiscent of burberry fw10 collection, but i’m not seeing the same flare/interesting (in sense of proportion, burberry had me in love, but these jackets seem… too normal!) and i’m not digging the sweet kei look or ponchos and long brown skirts…

  19. July 17, 2010 / 7:16 pm

    I am on the fence about most of the Fall stuff so far. There are things I like, and things I don’t like. I like the fur done in the right way, but that MiiA jacket I just absolutely detest. I do not like the overly large fur trim in the least. I love all the stuff from BACKS and the Cecil McBee plaid maxi dress. I am also a softie for leopard :mrgreen: The retro sweater by Titty & Co. is GREAT and I love the ethnic maxi as well.

    So I guess I’m more pro-Fall than anti-Fall, but I’ll just have to wait until I see more.

  20. Mizuko
    July 18, 2010 / 7:22 am

    Totally hating on most of the fur trends. mostly cause i think fur does not go well with alot its heavy itch and looks ridonkulous on alot of people; However I think I can roll with like a small jacket. Really like the bollers and Feels like a trend happie nuts which i love will pick up on. Love suspenders. Ponchos ftw and i’m looking forward to your 109 post!B

  21. July 18, 2010 / 9:28 am

    Well, let’s just say I ABSOLUTELY HATE the use of fur, mostly because it is DEFINITELY against my beliefs. However, I also find it hideous and gaudy. Nonetheless, I am far from impressed with Japan’s fashion lately. Seems to have hit its peak earlier this year and then started plummeting downhill.


  22. July 18, 2010 / 11:17 pm

    I’m sad to say I don’t like most of it. The ethnic maxi dresses are something I always love (except in winter I guess). I love plaid, but I doubt its cuteness in maxi dress form. I also like the brown sheepskin leather jackets/vests… but not those hideous shoes. The fur is cute, but you need to be tiny to pull it off without lookin like a Wookie. I’m thinking I’ll limit my fur usage to boots and possibly leg-warmers. I think one cool returning trend is the leopard print. I’m ready to go there by way of tank top (under a wrap or something).

  23. Chiu
    July 23, 2010 / 10:21 pm

    Do you think a 16 year old can pull off these adult-like looks? :curiousmo: :heartsmile:

  24. November 6, 2010 / 4:47 am

    i think you should sell them scrunches i want them all !! :hearts:

  25. Farrah Satre
    May 20, 2012 / 10:37 pm

    Thx for information.

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