Yukai – Kansai Host Nighttime Magazine

Yukai bills itself as “Kansai’s Best Magazine for Nighttime Fun” The whole magazine from last August is scanned. :up: Yukai has Agejo looks and hairset, tourist info, tons of host club photos and more. This is Yukai :heartsmile:

Where to get Yukai & men’s Yukai in Tokyo: :stars:
Men’s Yukai is put out by the same company, and it bills itself as Japan’s best host resource. It’s a bit easier to get in Tokyo, but sometimes it’s only found in host districts. As for Yukai main, I’m unsure if I bought Yukai in Kansai or not since I was there 4 times last year ( :^_^;;: ), but Men’s Yukai I know is notoriously hard to find. The best place to find it in Tokyo is in the Lawson’s inside Kabukicho, Shinjuku (walk down the main street take a right when you get to the end). It’s not usually in the 7-11 in Kabukicho or anywhere else. :roll:

Yukai details
Yukai current issue (amazon.jp)
Yukai website
Yukai is full of Host and Hostess directory information.
Included is: pictures and a directory of hairsets, maps for everything, casual clothing ideas for agejo, deco, nighttime outfits, food recommendations in Kansai (Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto), tons of ads for host clubs, host gravure shots, and more host lovin’ :up:

Lots of Agejo styling throughout and mori hair :upani:

Some pics below or download here via mediafire for the whole batch of 162 scans. 1,200px width x ???. If posted somewhere else please link and credit the Doll. Thank you. :waves:

Here’s the download link again (mediafire). Please enjoy this eclectic mag. :hearts3: