Trendwatching – Horizontal two-tone & gradation gyaru hair

Still recovering from being sick, so instead I thought I’d make a quick hair post about the new two-tone gal hair. Who has it, how it’s done, and opinions. :heartshake:

So of course you ladies know about old two-tone hair, if not here’s a quick recap :smiley:

This was the typical gal two-tone. Or what shall be called for purposes of this entry: vertical two-tone. Tons of ladies had it from Popteen’s Kumickky to Ageha twins Chika & Chie. However like any trend it’s becoming a bit dated.

Now the trend is horizontal two-tone and gradation. This is becoming a big trend: at least one model from Popteen, Jelly, and Egg have this style.

Blunt Horizontal Two-tone – Model examples


model for: Jelly and Egg

style: black to red two-tone

from: extensions

Number one ranking crooz blogger, Yunkuro, was one of the first to try out horizontal two-tone. She’s been obsessed with Mode lately, so she wanted sleek hair that showed off her Mode coordinates.

Aina Tanaka

model for: Egg

style: brown to blonde two-tone

from: extensions

Aina’s style is a bit more relaxed gal meant to go with her fun-in-the-sun lifestyle. I think she really looks great with this look :loveword:

CARRY two-tone extensions

Both Yunkuro and Aina Tanaka go to CARRY hair salon. Yunkuro posted a pic of the CARRY two-tone extension choices:

Wow look at all those vibrant choices :cat: So pretty! Like a rainbow :yayblush:

Oh CARRY why are you so expensive :sage: (Like $250+ for extensions)

Kanako Kosaka

model for: Popteen and Jelly (blog)

style: brown to blonde two-tone

from: dying

Jelly model Kanako Kosaka’s dye job is pretty amazing. Done by Hair Salon Maris (where Wei Son goes) she has 0 gradation, just two-tone. Looks cute as a bob :thumb:

Misaki Izuoka

model for: Popteen

style: red to blonde two-tone

from: dying

She did a small tip two-tone, which really highlights how cutely curled under her bob is. I saw this in the new Popteen September issue and yet again fell in love with the blunt horizontal two-tone :yayblush:

Blunt Horizontal Two-tone – Salon Examples

So of course I had to head to Hot Pepper Beauty to see if I could quickly find some salon examples of this new style.

Even though both styles are curled, they’re good examples of extreme color breaks :heart2:

Horizontal Gradation Two-tone – Model Examples

The horizontal two-tone has not only been about stark contrasts, but often a different way of doing highlights.

Murua producer Momoko Ogihara is so pretty and she proves she can rock the two-tone, highlight style.

Popteen darling Kumickky even recently showed she can do two-tone style highlights. The dark hair really suits her.

Egg’s Recchi and Popteen’s Emika are using extensions to do fade highlights. Purposefully picking extensions that don’t match for more for a hade/haadi feel.

Adorable Yumetenbou model shows off a Momoko style fade highlight but for a more Pop Gyaru look. :up:

Of course Hot Pepper Beauty had examples of the two-tone as highlight style. The pink-tips are really pretty :up:

AHHH I really love the stark horizontal two-tone :superhappy:

So tempted by this style. I had the fade before, but the stark look seems so interesting :up:

Opinions on these, will you be trying them out :curiousmo:

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67 Responses to “Trendwatching – Horizontal two-tone & gradation gyaru hair”

  1. Camille says:

    Absolutly like it !!! Maybe I will dye my hair too now. But I dont know cause they arent really long, and I want an unusual color … like blue, something really special … Im afraid to do it and see the result.
    Have you got some other pics about this kind of hair ??
    (excuse me for my english, Im french :))

  2. Tina says:

    I LOVE IT.
    I’ve been actually thinking about dying my hair like this. I have jet black hair and would love to contrast it with hot pink or red. Yunkuro’s hair looks really good.

  3. Caity says:

    getting my hair done tommrow and im doing this :D im so excited!

  4. Karlaa says:

    i LOVE the picture of the extensions that are all bright colors on the bottom!!! does anyone kn ow where I could buy these online???i really want the neon yellow ones in at least 20 inch!!!! please help me, im in Canada but am dying to get these

  5. Sarah says:

    Funny, vertical two-tone is coming out of date but that’s how I’m wanting to dye my hair. I just found out about this style, it’s not hip in the US. I’ve been dying my hair the other way for around 10 years now.

  6. kaytea says:

    The ombre trend with hair has been really big on a global scale for quite a while now, even with pastels. It looks really cute, but I don’t see it as a gyaru style per se, it’s big everywhere right now :)

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