Garula and Ank Rouge Spring 2012 previews

Spring 2012 exhibitions are currently being held even though Winter is just starting in Japan. :worries: However it’s great to get Spring ideas and start your wardrobe hunting early. :up: Pictures taken from model, brand and other blogs. Below are looks for Spring from Garula and Ank Rouge and discussions of across the board trends in gal for Spring.



All the Egg ladies showing up to support fellow Egg model and Garula director Anna Fujita.

Totally hilarious shot of Garula director / Egg Model Anna Fujita and Ank Rouge designer / Popteen model Okarie.

Although I have to take Anna to task here. She’s not really representing her native themed brand with her outfit and her outfit is much too wintery for a Spring exhibition. The faces of brands tend to dress the season they’re showing. Like Okarie for example.

Also, that bag. No words. It’s like a Gucci bamboo handle mated with those Louis Vuitton patchwork denim bags from several years back. But… worse.

Color me confused by all the jackets being shown as well. I know jacket weather in Japan lasts until May but I’d like to see one mannequin in true Spring/Summer apparel.  :worries:

They do show a few trends that I feel will be popular: pastels such as peach and pink and denim shirts

Ank Rouge

Admittedly I do not talk about Ank Rouge much. I don’t think their quality is very nice, and it’s not my style. However I think Okarie does a wonderful job at promoting her brand and I absolutely love the exhibition set-up.

Such a fun and playful look that seems really inviting. I think light denim will be very popular this year with denim shirts continuing into Spring.

The doll boxes are so cute! The mannequins themselves show two trends Ank Rouge is playing with: antique prints and marine dressing

Okarie looking adorable in the girly collar trend that is continuing for sweet brands and dots which will be big across the board. Dots will be a big part of Spring!

A close-up antique print. I do feel the front bow tie moves Ank Rouge into almost a casual lolita style.

Pictures of accessories, yay! Retro satchels are still popular and Ank Rouge is pushing the marine trend onto bags as well.

Love a brand? Speak up!

Please let me know if you’re interested in a brand and want me to discuss the exhibition. I know DIA doesn’t have them and I don’t think Liz Lisa does. But I’ll talk about any of the brands you’re keen on, just let me know! :up:



  1. December 14, 2011 / 12:48 pm

    Anna is so pretty omg ;_;

  2. December 14, 2011 / 1:13 pm

    Of course any brands like EMODA and MURUA I love :korila: you know me!! haha

    I’m seeing lots of pastel colors for this Spring, along with blazers still going strong, and for some odd reason denim is suddenly popular… I don’t really like it, it’s more a sweet look but since that’s not my look I won’t be buying into it but it’s just funny because i never would think of denim to be popular besides in jeans—THAT BAG IS HIDEOUS, can I just say haha :worry:

  3. December 14, 2011 / 1:38 pm

    Neither of these are my style, but I definitely agree with you about Anna not doing a good job of repping her brand here… One thing that Momoko, Yuria & Ena (& quite possibly Okarie since she almost always wears her brand) do fabulously is not only represent their brand, but the LIFESTYLE associated with the brand. Unfortunately it looks like Anna is doing neither, & it makes me wonder if she is really happy with how the designs came out? If she even really had a hand in ‘producing’ it? To me the Garula looks seem really rushed & a bit cheap… The only thing I really like is the denim shirt in the middle of the first shot, but a denim shirt is a denim shirt :worries:

  4. December 14, 2011 / 1:42 pm

    I’d love to see some W :kumatan: C and COCOLULU as well. Also, I think it would be interesting to know how some of the less expensive brands like GalStar are competing this s/s :smiley:

  5. December 14, 2011 / 1:52 pm

    I actually like the bag! But I’m a real freak for handbags though, and if it stands out I’m all for it. I love denim and leopard print too haha :) D.I.A is my favourite brand, but I do like JSG, Golds Infinity, LIP SERVICE – maybe do some blogs on them? You’re so lucky to be able to just dander on down to a 109 store and have things readily available to you :)

  6. December 14, 2011 / 3:17 pm

    Sorry but I personally am not liking anything from Garula so far and the bag was the most hideous of the lot. It just looked really bad and tacky. Ank Rouge had some cute stuff and I’m loving the pouffy skirts and nipped in waists, super girly and cute!

    I agree with Anna totally not representing her brand. Its just bad publicity when you’re supposed to be the director and face of a brand, but you’re not wearing any of their stuff. People would start to wonder why wouldn’t you wanna wear the stuff from your own brand. That’s why I admire Momoko for sticking to everything she produces for Murua, it’s like we’re buying clothes right out of her wardrobe!

  7. Perri
    December 14, 2011 / 6:01 pm

    I would just like to point out that Anna does indeed wear her brand very often, that is almost all she wears. You can tell by her blog that she wears it everywhere, in Egg snaps and various other a magazines (but that isn’t an accurate representation of her wearing her brand.) In fact in that picture of her she is wearing all Garula items, but I do agree she is less enveloped in the brand decisions as Okarie. In the beginning of Garula, September/October I feel that Anna Fujita did a very good job representing her brand, she updated on new items, did various interview for the brand but now she has slacked off but I think it’s due to inexperience and her youth (only 17), as time goes on I’m sure she’ll be able to step up and take on a more active role.

    However from the preview I am not looking forward to the spring collection, just based on the mannequins, I do not like peachy color or denim, and the bottoms are not at all what I would wear. But I really like their simpler items, such as their sweaters and pants from the fall season.

    • Mitsu
      December 14, 2011 / 7:07 pm

      I definitely don’t doubt she wears her brand often and that she promotes it on her blog, there’s a lot of evidence of that. I think she’s quite lovely and wish her lots of success. Please don’t think that my criticism hails from that. However, I do still question why you’d wear a winter outfit to a Spring exhibition. It’s usually not done by the faces of brands and I don’t think its particularly helpful. Her outfit showed up on several model and personalities blogs, which would be wonderful Spring promotional technique. Not capitalizing on it (like faces of other brands do) seems like a stumble to me.

      I liked their sweaters, too! I bought one of the big chubby cardigans and it’s been my dog walking and being comfy sweater as well as my wearing out and about sweater. XD

      • Perri
        December 14, 2011 / 8:02 pm

        Oh no, I didn’t mean you! Your critique were very sound I agree with them. I was referring to some other comments where people say she doesn’t wear the brand at all. But I do agree with you that she is not representing the brand at the Spring revealing, it is very strange since that sweater is from the winter collection and the shorts, the only thing from the new collection is the bag. Which you can wear in any season :P I think she doesn’t understand quite yet how to be the face of brand, I mean she just turned 17 and to have that much responsibility, designing, promoting, and she works in the store, I could never do that!

        AAh! I’m so jealous, that is my favorite thing in their collection! I bet it’s super comfy, I would wear sweaters all year round if I could. I can’t wait to purchase something from Garula.

  8. December 14, 2011 / 7:20 pm

    The Ank Rouge dress with the bow in the front has an almost Alice and the Pirates-ish print, too! More loli-leanings hahaha. Personally, the gyaru brands I like following are Glad News and Liz Lisa (opposites?! Hahaha)

  9. December 14, 2011 / 7:31 pm

    Nothing much for me at all as theses are both too young and not my style, still interesting to see what they’re doing tho! I don’t want to see that light denim again!! I am so not into denim shirts TT

  10. December 15, 2011 / 6:04 am

    Yayy!my favourite brands,ank,emoda don’t have in spring exhibition? :worry:

  11. December 15, 2011 / 12:54 pm

    I’m a big fan of Ank Rouge, but I’m not seeing much that excites me just yet. Lolita isn’t my style, so I’m a little disappointed that they’re leaning more that way. I do like the pink jacket though! :hearts2:

    As for other brands, I’d love to see something from Laguna Moon, Duras, and dazzlin. I’m loving all three of these this A/W. :hearts:

  12. December 15, 2011 / 4:17 pm

    I absolutely love Ank Rouge’s middle and right doll box! though garula’s spring/summer just reminds me of hollister. :?:

  13. December 16, 2011 / 5:08 am

    i dono got another brand or not but thank to sharing with me this brand. the bad is cute and i love it so much ~

    • December 16, 2011 / 5:09 am


  14. December 16, 2011 / 11:21 am

    Personally don’t like Garula’s items >_:

    Okarie looks awesomely cute though :3! And I like the skirt the marine themed mannequin is wearing, simple and nice :D :yayforyay:

    • Mitsu
      December 17, 2011 / 11:58 am

      I agree. I am not a fan of either, but I think the Ank Rouge looks will satisfy their fans much more than the Spring Garula looks.

  15. Fernanda
    December 16, 2011 / 8:37 pm

    Please make a post talkind about WC *-*

    • Mitsu
      December 17, 2011 / 11:57 am

      I’ll will try to hunt down them!

  16. katie
    December 17, 2011 / 12:36 pm

    I would second the motion for Cocolulu and W♥C. I’d also like to put my support in for One Spo, LDS, and LB-03. :happydance:

  17. Kyoko ^^~
    December 21, 2011 / 2:35 am

    keke :> i would lovelovelove:heart: to see Cecil Mcbee omoo ! :mrgreen:

    • Mitsu
      December 21, 2011 / 8:09 am

      I’ll see what I can do! ♥

  18. December 22, 2011 / 12:23 pm

    I love both brands esp the mannequins of Garula! hehehe! they look so silly! Like way over the top tan and blonde. xD It makes me wish I could do blonde hair again…and that I wasn’t terrified of skin cancer from over tanning. >_<;;
    LOLZ that bag. The handle is abysmal. I wish it at the very least had a different handle.

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