Gyaru Clothing & Shoe sales plus Jeffrey Campbell

So many items for sale I can’t believe I cataloged them all.  :roll:

Gyaru and Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

All at 50% off or less barely worn!

Jesus Diamante, Esperanza, Lip Service and of course Jeffrey Campbell… Even Litas at $50.00  :icon_eek:


Tons of Gyaru Clothing for SALE

Liz Lisa, MA*RS, Real MA*RS, Gilfy, Murua, Emoda, w♥c, Ji.Maxxx, Lip Service and more! Tons of totally different gyaru styles. All 50% off their original price and again barely worn.



Shopping is easy, there’s just paypal button one click system! So you don’t have to contact me, receive and e-mail, get an invoice, agree to it, pay and such…. JUST ONE BUTTON shopping!


What’re you waiting for?

gyaru clothing sales | gyaru shoes & jeffrey campbell sales

EDIT: Just posted 7 more clothing items today! If you don’t see something you like, check back later because I’ll be adding thing for another 2 weeks or so.