Inside Liz Lisa Gyaru stores in Osaka, Okayama and Shizuoka

Pictures of Liz Lisa stores in Osaka Tennouji Mio store , Shizuoka 109 store, and Okayama Ichibangai store in Okayama. No matter what area of Japan you’re in, Liz Lisa is always gorgeous.

lizlisa-gyaru-store-okayama-01 lizlisa-gyaru-store-okayama-02 lizlisa-gyaru-store-okayama-03 lizlisa-gyaru-store-okayama-04 lizlisa-gyaru-store-osaka-01 lizlisa-gyaru-store-osaka-02 lizlisa-gyaru-store-osaka-03 lizlisa-gyaru-store-osaka-04 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-01 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-02 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-03 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-04 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-05 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-06 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-07 lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-08lizlisa-gyaru-store-shizuoka-09

So ready to shop there again and buy some of the cute Spring styles Liz Lisa has to offer this season. Love how they just embody Spring dressing. I’m also tempted to get the Liz Lisa body spray fragrance. I wish they made a cafe, it’d be so gorgeous!


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18 Responses to “Inside Liz Lisa Gyaru stores in Osaka, Okayama and Shizuoka”

  1. Nana says:

    Wow! The shop is so dreamy ~ I love it and am so excited for spring!

  2. Anhy says:

    woah everything is so pretty! *__* I can’t wait to go to Japan myself and visit one of the Liz Lisa stores! Great pictures, thanks for sharing

  3. Magda says:

    LIZ LISA shops are indeed so pretty :hearts3: I`d love to get a spring one piece from them too :D

  4. Liz Lisa is my favorite brand, always has nice clothes. So cute & girly! :)

  5. sarah says:

    ahh everythings always so cute and expensive~ do they have a sale section? lol can you show that next time :D

    xoxo Sarah
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    • Mitsu says:

      Their sale section is everywhere, discount sets and such which I did show. Although I don’t feel they’re very expensive, especially at their sales. $35-25 sweaters to me seem super cheap (which I did buy a sweaters that price this year). Also end of the season is more sales, I wasn’t there end of the season. :)

  6. Dolly says:

    Every time I see pictures of Liz Lisa stores, I can’t help but want to decorate my apartment in all sorts of floral and lace. T^T Thanks for the pics! <3

  7. Monique says:

    Liz Lisa is so heavenly! I love those pics! The printed tees are all so cute!

  8. omg wish i could buy all the Liz Lisaaaaa! So glad that I bought a bunch of Spring stuff! :D

  9. Sami says:

    Oh man, I dont even wear this style but these pictures make me want it all! :omg:

  10. Junjun says:

    Goodness, everything looks so pretty and lovely! *A*

  11. Rinnie says:

    Uguuu nooo, I saw lots of things I would like to buy…! ;^;

  12. Kate says:

    WOAH. Jizzed in my …bloomers….when I saw this, hahaha. ;3
    Did you need special permission take these photos? I remember they were really weird about taking photos in stores when I was in Japan…. I wanted to take photos of EVERYTHING though hehehehee!

    but yeah …. *dies* Liz Lisa. ;____;

    • Mitsu says:

      Well two places were on the open like walks inside a subway so no rules. One I think was no photos in the mall. But tbh I feel like if I’m advertising their brand, I’m not profiting off of them (I think these posts make people want to shop Liz Lisa reading the comments so the other way around), and I’m not taking pictures of people without their permission I consider the rest ok although I’ve asked shop staff and mostly taking pictures in their store is okay, some have to step outside. I have never once been asked no inside a mall but I try not to interrupt anyone shopping or working or draw attention to myself doing so.

  13. hortaru says:

    Agree with the cafe part!! It’ll be lovely to dine with floral designed cutlery and plates with cute little cakes and pots of tea. Considering they’ve expanded their brand to include room wear and stuff, who knows? Maybe it’s just a matter of time, they might make it into a special pop-up store or something

  14. K says:

    Love these pics! FYI: you’re on the first page of Google for Liz Lisa :)

  15. Emily NA says:

    I love Liz Lisa and the new collection is awesome. I want so much of it. :heartcat:

  16. So' says:

    I totally agree with you : no matter what area of Japan you’re in, Liz Lisa is always gorgeous ! It’s THE place to see everywhere in Japan if you want a girly dream moment :star2:

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