Nagoya Osu Kannon full of discount Gyaru stores and Harajuku-kei style

Nagoya’s cool discount shopping district Osu doesn’t get a lot of press, but Nagoya Osu Kannon shopping should be well known for those who plan to travel to Nagoya. I was looking up posts about it in English and they were pretty few Atashida wrote a great post about Osu that inspired me to go there. Of course any shopping district is a district you’ll see me in. Atashida says it’s like Osaka’s Amemura which I agree with but it’s also like Tokyo’s Koenji, Ueno and Harajuku had a big baby. Since Nagoya is a smaller area it’s forced to be a lot of offbeat things. (a cool Japanese website built during the Geocities age with old Osu pictures)


It’s pretty cool that getting off at the Osu Kannon stop (大須観音駅) of the Nagoya subway you have go pass by Nagoya Osu Kannon Temple (大須観音) to get to the shopping area. It was a nice day so couples, schoolgirls, and the occasional oraora/yanki guy.

Below are pictures of all the different funky and discount shops Osu has to offer. It’s also got a lot of different ethnic foods and products too and a giant Maneki Neko. :lovecat:

nagoya-osu-streetnagoya-osa-store-glitznagoya osu kannon shoppingnagoya-osu-shop-rickygeenagoya-osu-store-natu-realnagoya-osu-shop-del-corenagoya osu kannon ora ora stylenagoya-osu-store-floralskirtnagoya-osu-store-bodyline

After seeing the other cool modern malls in Nagoya it’s was nice to see a more classic style of open air stores. Definitely don’t miss Nagoya Osu Kannon shopping if you’d like to look trendy yet want a bargain. Other Nagoya posts here


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17 Responses to “Nagoya Osu Kannon full of discount Gyaru stores and Harajuku-kei style”

  1. Junjun says:

    Wahh~ ;u; Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! >uu<

  2. Dolly says:

    This is pretty cool! It seems like there’s a variety of stores there to keep you entertained.

    You’re such an adventurous girl! I admire that since I’m the type of person that once I find a few nice shopping places, chances are I’ll stick to those places. :( Motivation to visit more hidden gems in Japan now! :)

  3. Angel says:

    hey this reminds me of some bargain malls we have in the Philippines, albeit the styles there are more eccentric/funky though :)

    • Mitsu says:

      That’s really cool to hear! I guess a lot of places in Asia were more like this and then got more mall oriented :)

  4. Kate says:

    It reminds me of the Tanukikouji shopping arcade in Sapporo! Lots of weird and funky shops. I miss We-Go it was an amazing thrift store!! Thanks for the post Mitsu! ;)

    • Mitsu says:

      We-go is great! There’s always such a mix of clothing there :)
      I really want to go to Sapporo in November. I hoping I can finally make it up North. :)

  5. Rabbit says:

    I can imagine the foods there!

    • Mitsu says:

      In all honesty I think there were only 4 stores but all of them ethnic cuisine. Some brazilian foods, which even though there’s a large Brazilian/Japanese population in Japan there’s not much Brazilian food, which is such a pity since it’s delicious :)

  6. Katrina says:

    Great pictures! It reminds me a bit of a market I went to in Hiroshima.

    I was wondering if you happen to visit Hiroshima at all during your trip do you think you could do a post on any good gyaru discount shops there? I’m planning on visiting some time soon but I’ve only been there once before and I don’t know the best places to shop.

    • Mitsu says:

      Around Hiroshima parco on the Hatchobori tram stop is the best central place that has covered stores like this and cheaper gal buys. Parco also has some gyaru brands that may be well discounted during the time you shop :)

  7. Immi says:


  8. PuriGal says:

    I *love* Osu and try and go there everytime I’m in Nagoya, which is handy now a good friend lives there!

    There’s a place with really good pizza there too-

  9. Mina says:

    Osu Kannon is pretty much my favorite place in Nagoyo for shopping. So much to see and tons of great discounts! I’m glad more people get to know experience it through your blog. ^^

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