Shop Staff 42 – Kagoshima & Fukuoka – GYDA & OneSpo

Gyaru shop staff from Kagoshima at Carino Tenmonkan (鹿児島カリーノ天文館 and Fukuoka at Tenjin Core (福岡天神コア

GYDA Bayad – Kagoshima Carino Tenmonkan


Gyaru at Kagoshima? You bet! Lots of great gal shops including Bayad a combination shop between Jouetie and GYDA to test the Kagoshima waters. I bought GYDA from this shop staff all dressed in GYDA, but as you can see there’s Jouetie items behind, too!

ss40-gyda-makeup ss40-gydaring

Fabulous simple make-up and a fun ring complete her casual look.

One*Spo – Fukuoka Tenjin Core

ss40-onesposs40-onespo-hair ss40-onespo-makeup

I live for short hair gyaru! Especially such cutely styled hair done by this shop staff at One*Spo in Fukuoka. Just a few curls really makes her super short hair look great!


  1. July 11, 2013 / 3:50 am

    oh wow I love the one*spo staff outfit! short hair is so hard to pull off it gyaru but it can be done! :)

    • Mitsu
      July 23, 2013 / 1:01 pm

      Definitely! Short hair looks so great on some people :)

  2. July 11, 2013 / 9:56 am

    Both of them look so amazing and their outfits are gorgeous~! I love the dress one*spo`s shopstaff is wearing <3.

    • Mitsu
      July 23, 2013 / 1:01 pm

      She pulls it off so well :)

  3. July 11, 2013 / 3:30 pm

    awe I miss kagoshima ♥♥

    • Mitsu
      July 23, 2013 / 1:00 pm

      Kagoshima was really lovely. If it weren’t so far away from Tokyo I’d definitely visit more :)

    • Mitsu
      July 23, 2013 / 1:00 pm

      OneSpo makes such cute things!

  4. July 12, 2013 / 8:30 am

    WoW! Thanks for sharing the photos!
    The staffs’ outfits are all soo cute and cool! I really want it >.<!

    • Mitsu
      July 23, 2013 / 1:00 pm

      Happy to share!! Sad this was with my old camera, but new camera now and better pics :)

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