New Japanese False Eyelashes Trends – Diamond Lash, Jewerich and Eyemazing Jun Komori produce

Eyelashes look very different from my gyaru Japanese false eyelashes comparison I did last year. Eyelash trends are a big part of gyaru make-up and in this post I’m going to talk about some big changes and new additions to three major false eyelash cosmetic companies: Diamond Lash ダイヤモンドラッシュ,  Eyemazing アイメイジング and Jewerich ジュエリッチ.

The major trend keywords are: feathery, brown, and eyelash extension.

Diamond Lash Rich Brown Series

Diamond Beauty ( has launched two new eyelash lines. One is the “Little Wink Series” which is a feathery shorter lash series. The newest one that came out last month is their “Rich Brown Series”.


You can see they follow both trends of feathery and brown.

Shown in the October Jelly issue


And a full two page spread in the October “Seiso GyaruPopteen

diamondlash-popteen-browneyelashes popteen-diamondlash-browneyelashes2

It looks like Diamond is really paying attention to the trends. I prefer their Little Wink series and wish their Rich Brown lashes had some more length. I will buy the Royal and Lady and see how both work before final reviews.

Jewerich Pure and Lady Series

I first reviewed Jewerich Eyelashes back in 2010. They’ve gone the feathery trend for a while. Jewerich ( has changed its packaging since I used their #7s in a make-up tutorial  but currently it looks like 5-7 are the same from 2012. 8-10 are Jewerich’s new lashes in their “Pure Series”.

jewerich-pure5-ladyseries-eyelash jewerich-pure6-ladyseries-eyelash jewerich-pure7-ladyseries-eyelash jewerich-pure8-eyelash



Thank you Jewerich for doing such great make-up shots! 5-7 is the 2012 style and 8-10 are the new style. Much shorter and less lashes. Compared to their 2012 Lady Series the impact is very little. Jewerich #8 says it’s trying to give the effect of Eyelash Extensions. I think eyelash extensions are really forcing the false eyelash trends, especially as eyelash extensions become more realistic, and there’s so many eyelash extension salons opening in the past year and that competition has made them a lot cheaper as well. False eyelash companies are really having to compete with the cheaper eyelash extensions.

Jun Komori Eyemazing Eyelashes for Eyelash Extensions

Eyemazing ( has been taking on a lot of genres, doing a collab Kera’s Amo and Ayamo along with Onee brand Mercury Duo.



Jun Komori produced Eyemazing eyelashes combine all three eyelash trend keywords: feathery, brown (103 is the brown), and eyelash extensions. These were produced for those with existing eyelash extensions.


If you always wear eyelash extensions (matsuge ekusute or shortened to matsueku マツエク) and they get scraggly and worn down, then in between visits to the salon use these specially made false eyelashes to volume up! This is brilliant! If you’ve worn eyelash extensions for a while you may notice between 2 1/2 weeks to a month your eyelash extensions will shed or look sloopy, covering this up with false eyelashes made for this reason sounds so smart.  :up: Instead of competing with eyelash extensions, they’re supporting them!

I plan on buying from all 3 brands and then I’ll try to do another side-by-side false eyelash comparison for the new gyaru. That will probably pop up in December after my trip.

I’ve got a streetstyle influencing gyaru post to do but the weather is not cooperating with pictures I wanted to take for it, since I’m leaving for Japan soon I hope to get it done before then.  :sweatbubble: It’s going to be close whether or not, but I’ll try. If not a lot of prepared shop staff snap, food and travel posts for you guys in November while I’m working on making more shop staff snap, food and travel posts. Also I’ll be working gathering pics and recon on doing more on the Shibuya 109 Brands IDOBA (I don’t often blog about) series  :lovecat:


  1. October 30, 2013 / 4:39 pm

    Its great to see the “feathery lash trend” is in and also a plus to know my personal style has matured in trend. I’m designing my personal range of eyelashes and with over a decade of gyaru stylized influences its no wonder a lot of the my lash styles follow suit.

    • Mitsu
      October 30, 2013 / 9:15 pm

      I kind of like the more realistic lashes, but I hope they stay long and give an effect. I worry about throwing money away for no effect :)

      • October 31, 2013 / 4:43 pm

        They’ve given us more choices; I assume they haven’t done away with the longer more lush lashes, and like you said there are more salons providing affordable lash extensions, so these companies are simply catering to a new market.

        I love lash extensions, you don’t have to worry about applying lashes, but I miss the variety of styles you get with strip lashes. In future I’d opt for a very subtle natural lash extension, so I can still play about with my more playful full lash strips =)

  2. October 30, 2013 / 9:24 pm

    Despite my aversion to Seiso-Gyaru, I am loving all of these eyelashes. I wanted to try the brown Diamond Lashes just to satisfy my curiosity, but I am in love with these Jun Komori and Jewelrich styles. :loveword:

    Do you think the Eyemazings one can be worn on their own without needed eyelash extensions? Also, do you recommend any store to buy the Jewelrich and Eyemazing lashes from?

    • Mitsu
      October 30, 2013 / 9:43 pm

      Hey! I think the Jun Komori eyelashes look the best as well with and without eyelash extensions. They seem to have both length and feather. Imomoko usually has the newest Japanese cosmetics without the language hassle sasa also has the jewerich ones and since they carry Eyemazing products maybe an e-mail asking if they’ll stock them is good? Their free shipping always woos me :)

  3. Phoebe
    October 30, 2013 / 11:18 pm

    I used to love the dolly ones that were thick with the long/short/long pattern but I’ve been getting over that lately and have been naturally moving in this direction of long, feathery and curled eyelashes so the Jun Komori produced ones are definitely a must have for me now! *0* Eyemazing x Amoyamo also really caught my eyes with their brown lashes.

  4. October 31, 2013 / 1:37 am

    For my opinion, I really like the Rich Brown series, I’ve tryed 3 of them and they all look cool, cute and simple! Add a little of a black mascara and they look more beautiful!
    The Little Wink series is really gorgeous! I’ve tried only one and already like it!

  5. October 31, 2013 / 4:08 am

    I’ve been slightly interested in brown lashes. Looking forward to your comparison of different brown lashes! I bought the Jun Komori natural brown 103 online some time ago but they weren’t as brown as I was hoping for XD Some DUP lashes I’ve seen are more brown than the Eyemazing 103 lashes.

  6. October 31, 2013 / 4:12 am

    I’ve seen the trend with the brown lashes a lot lately, but I’m not sure if I like them XDD Doesn’t it look a bit weird, when your lashes are black? (or very dark brown)
    My favourite is still Eyemazing though I don’t really like the collab with Jun Komori.

    • Ai
      November 12, 2013 / 6:55 pm

      I want to know this too – i have black lashes naturally (and most people will after mascara anyway) so don’t brown lashes stand out and look unnatural? If not then that’s really amazing because they would add really natural fullness without being too “fake”.
      It’s hard to tell from magazine pictures what they will really be like.

      • Mitsu
        November 14, 2013 / 6:25 pm

        Most browns aren’t too brown or they have brown interspersed. There’s also brown mascara that coats. From my experience wearing them. Although I have very thin eyelashes so it’s easy to hide them.

  7. miki
    November 3, 2013 / 7:11 am

    living here in tokyo, yes, makeup is definitely more natural!
    they’re pushing for a more grown up and natural/girly look in every ad and gyaru magazine @_@; although shop staff in mode and neo gyaru shops are still using very long and out there lashes. :korila:
    i’ve been using diamond lash almond eye, it’s definitely my favorite for school, because you can see the effect and because it’s dark brown it blends well with either brown or black mascara/eyeliner.
    it’s definitely more subtle than the black kind though :loveword:

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