Achamucham Muchacha Spring Style and Shop Staff from Osaka store

Last year I blogged about the Muchacha main store in Osaka with photos inside. I didn’t really talk about Muchacha (ムチャチャ) the brand.

Muchacha Room Room Shop Staff

First more shop staff, from their main store in Osaka taken last fall.


I like the fur shoe and stole combination fashion-wise. Although I think fur is becoming less popular in Japan, there’s not really an anti-fur campaign in Japan and animal rights are handled differently. The rabbit print dress is a theme style for the brand.

Muchacha Brand Introduction

Although the brand is not popular overseas and only has a niche following in Japan. Its cat bag was a huge hit and it was widely faked and popular overseas.

masked Street Snap Queen of 2012-2013 Juria with her Muchacha Cat bag.

Brand breakdown:

katakana: ムチャチャ
where to find: It has one store in Osaka and is selectively sold by group stores such as Zozotown ( and (
History: Founded in 1994 by Shinya Masako (しんやまさこ personal twitter) right after they graduated college.


Left is Masako Shinya’s Twitter profile photo. Don’t they look a lot of fun?  :dotbow:

motto: “Happy Clothing with Heart”
what the brand is about: It’s really an avant garde brand that focuses on retro childhood items mixed with modern sentiments.
Repeating themes are cats, dolls, and rabbits.

Muchacha Mook: They have put out a popular “mook” (magazine/book) each season that contains a full-size tote bag that is very popular ( The Juria tote bag was actually from the 2012 ss mook. They’re order-able off of

Muchacha Spring 2014 Collection

bunnysocks-spring2014 hats-style muchacha-snowwhite-spring2014-style snowwhite-spring2014 muchacha-spring-aliceinwonderland-flats spring2014-aliceinwonderlandsocks spring2014-furrysocks spring2014-jacket spring2014-styles-squirrels

The left socks are the work of illustrator Tsuda Motoshi and right are by a designer called “Hat”

Being a small brand, they often collaborate with illustrators or lets designers like “Hat” showcase at the Muchacha store in Osaka.

Personal faves: I really want the wig socks, hair floral blouson, Alice in Wonderland shoes and the furry socks. I’ll have to check out the stock in April!

You can see their full collection on the Muchacha website here.

If you’re in Osaka I recommend checking out their Room Room store and large Monomania shop nearby. Both stores have that friendly Osaka hospitality and great items.


  1. February 21, 2014 / 7:35 pm

    i’m really loving the sleeping beauty socks and tights! though i wonder if they got copyrights for that, hum…

    • Mitsu
      February 25, 2014 / 8:00 pm

      I have no idea. I know they’ve done previous Disney collabs but usually the product photos do have to have the copyright, right?

  2. February 24, 2014 / 3:02 pm

    I love this brand, I would love to buy something from them, the designs are amazing *o*

  3. Winnie Yip
    July 1, 2016 / 12:27 am

    Hello : Where Is Ur Shop At Osaka , Can Give Me Address ,Thanks !

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