Circle Lens for Light Eyes

When first buying circle lens, I was really sad about the lack of pictures, reviews and information on circle lens for light eyes. While some lens on black eyes work perfectly they often fall flat on those with lighter eyes.

So I’ve tried to put reviews on all lens I’ve had, along with links to other light eyed people for their reviews.
I’m showing all without make-up. Make-up is a wonderful trick and I’d rather circle lens be shown with how they enlarge and trick without make-up adding or detracting from that. :stars:

Previously I talked about 3 different circle lens for light eyes: Geo NUDY Grey, Geo Angel Blue, and Max Grey. Now I have another 4 more to show and compare :stars:

14.77 Wonder Eye which are supposedly the Geo Nudy enlarged.

Smaller lenses around 14 mm bought for daily use

All images of circle lens on a white background are from where I’ve bought all my lens. Prompt replies and shipping, recommended.

Wonder Eye Grey

Wonder Eye in Grey

Diameter: 14.77

They enlarge really well. I feel they work with gal make-up, especially when doing bottom eyelashes. They’re comfortable up to 8 hours and then I regret wearing them. While I’m not thrilled they hide my blue eyecolor a bit, I feel they blend in well.

Currently these are my nighttime circle lens choice. :sparkle2:

Wonder Violet

Image from pinkyparadise

Well shucks. It does make my eye violet but that hole is mighty fake.

Please ignore my freckles and bumpy stressed forehead, unkempt brows etc… Sigh it’s why I love make-up :-D

Seeing these in the same light they kind of have pluses and minuses to both. The light grey color makes the rim look fake-up, while the eyehole of the violet is the issue.

I’ll probably pull them out for nighttime use when it’s not so apparent. :!:

Geo Tricolor Blue

Image from Pinky Paradise

At first I was really upset because the edge is so thick! The 14 mm seems like a lie :^_^;;:

But then I put them in my eye and was really impressed. Very natural! :sparkle2:

I’ve worn these for over 12 hours during a lot of conditions (windy, dusty, indoors with lots of ac) and didn’t use rewetting drops once.

While the enlargement isn’t stellar, there’s still some. These are my daily pair. :wink:

But as you can see they’re a small enlargement compared to the Wonder Eye Violet.

If you’re wanting some enlargement without looking like an alien, these are for you.

Geo Ash Wing

I had heard grey things about Ash Wings and seen some white girls with brown eyes look lovely in them. Tsubasa also advertised these back in her Popteen days, and I admit I was swayed by that.

Image from pinkyparadise

In comparison with the Tricolor there’s much less of a rim. So these are true 14s. :sparkle2:

But look at that keyhole! They just sit wrong for light eyes. They’re bigger than the tricolor, but look foolish!

My least favorite of the bunch. Yuck yuck :^_^;;:

Geo Angel in Blue

Shown with eyelash extensions. I found these looked pretty fake, but the size was enlarging but natural.

Geo Nudy in Grey

Again shown with eyelash extensions, but no make-up. These were my favorite of my old contacts. They did take away a bit from the blue color, but they were extremely natural and long wearing.

Max Pure Grey

Shown without and with make-up (except lip gloss was still doing my hair). I think they really take away from my blue eye color, and the outer lens . Disappointing  :(

My favorites of the seven are: Geo Nudy in Grey, Wonder Eye in Grey, and Geo Tricolor in Blue.

Circle Lens for Light Eyes Reviews by Others

Shmoo reviews EOS Dizon Eyes in Grey Geo Nudy in Grey and EOS Adult Violet
LucieLiu reviews Barbie King Size Black Circle and G & G BT02 Brown
Riona reviews Geo Angel in Violet and Geo BS 202 (Finnish)
The Fashionista Traveler reviews Violet, Green & Blue Dollyeye, Aqua Dueba Messiah, & Sky Blue G&G BT circle lens. All wonderfully photographed and laid out.


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