Kawaii Make-up Review: Kiss Cosmetics Japan Drugstore Cheap!

Kawaii make-up doesn’t have to be expensive and certainly isn’t with Kiss Cosmetics. If anything it makes the product even more kawaii if it’s cheap! My make-up range buying goes from $6.00 for a lipstick to $36.00. So while I don’t mind shelling out the $$ for Les Merveilleuses and Chanel, I’ve got a lot of Canmake and Kiss Cosmetics around.




Kiss Cosmetics is a great example of Kawaii cheap! They do cutely designed make-up that does a great job. Review over? NO way! What about all the cute photos and tester samples.

What is Kiss Cosmetics?

Kiss in their own words:

キス kiss は、kiss P.N.Y. DIVISION が送るフェミニン&大人のロマンティックをテーマにした可愛いコスメが大好きな女性のためのメイクアップブランドです

Kiss is Kiss by PNY Divisions‘s feminine and adult romantic themed make-up brand for women who like kawaii cosmetics.


The actual packaging of Kiss Cosmetics is minimal and cute.

Kiss Cosmetics is aimed at being a cheap drugstore brand. It’s found in places across Japan like Plaza and Shop In. I don’t see it often in Donki or big stores, but most drugstores do carry it. The prices range between 600-1,200 yen for lip gloss to foundation, or about $5.00 to $10.00 at today’s exchange rate. They have an entire line including nail care.

You can see their whole line of products on their website: http://www.kiss-cosmetics.com/

I’ve bought the six items above and will review them in three parts: Lips (today), Eyebrow (Japanese eyebrow products comparison), and thirdly Cheek products blush and highlighter.


The two products for this review: Creamy Multi Rouge (left) and Liquid Heart Rouge (right)

Both containers are ribbed with 3-d hearts.

Kiss Cosmetics – Creamy Multi-Rouge

This lip product is part of a big trend in Japanese cosmetics: doing more than one item. All products advertise that they’re a two-step or more product.

The container is brand new and hasn’t rubbed off its just everything is so shiny.

The Creamy Multi-Rouge (クリーミィマルチルージュ) priced 1,200 says it’s 5 products in one.

Those five products are:

– Lipstick
– Lip Gloss
– Lip Cream
– Lip Beautifier providing Hyuralon, Collagen and Chamomile Essence that soothes lips.
– UV guard (SPF 20)



Cute casing
Great pigments
Solid color payoff but sheerish
Very nourishing
Didn’t bleed


A bit hard to apply
Clicking sound a bit clunky

Overall: A good lip color that would be perfect for Winter. Definitely worth its price especially in such nice trend colors.

Short review: 4/5 A good lip product. I was feeling a 3/5 when I first used this, but then I kept going to it. It’s very creamy and the color is a nice daily natural or a good top off during the night out if you’re wearing another product because it’s sheer-ish. You get used to the large applicator and now I just reapply without a mirror.

To me this became a “bag lipstick”. What I mean by that is I keep putting it in one bag or another because it definitely is a good going-out product. I will definitely buy more colors.




Kiss Cosmetics – Liquid Heart Rouge



I feel I did a bad job showing off the container, but the ribbing and 3-d hearts look really original in person.


Liquid Heart Rouge (リキッドハートルージュ) priced at 1,200 yen and comes in eight shades.

It’s described as a plumper but I don’t feel its really got the bite most plumpers have. Instead it’s a good gel gloss that has good staying power. Formulated with collagen, rosehip and Chamomile essence. The reason I think it says it plumps because the gloss gives a good fullness to lips.


A hidden heart! How cute is that!


Best casing
Solid color payoff
Not drying (not exactly nourishing however)
Didn’t bleed
Not gummy or sticky like some glosses can be
Wand surprisingly applies well


Can get too much product on the wand
Not a true stain.


Even though I think my YSL Lip Stains are my holy grail I’ve still used this occasionally and think it’s a good product. Despite it being plastic the heart on the wand and the hearts on the casing are super cute in person.

Short review: 3/5 The wand makes it great to apply and shows up super glossy in photos. Not as nourishing however.

Between the two products I’d recommend the Creamy Multi-Rouge more. It’s a more nourishing product and is the newer product. I don’t really like glosses lately, I prefer a creamy sheen which Creamy Multi-Rouge gives so take that to heart.  :stepup:


Buying Kiss Cosmetics: Kiss Cosmetics are available all across Japan in drugstores. They’re also available worldwide through mobacolle and a buying service or several Rakuten Global stores.



I like reviewing Kawaii Make-up click through for more reviews.


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  1. August 29, 2015 / 5:08 am

    Oh dear lord, I’m so in love with the design of these!
    They are super adorable ♡
    Honestly, I would probably buy them just to look cute on my makeup table, hahaha

  2. mika
    August 29, 2015 / 1:00 pm

    I think I let out a squeal when I saw the hidden heart! Super cute and drugstore brands may come off as being not as great as high end but honestly a lot of drugstore is so much better than high end, depending on the brand ofc! This is such a cute brand, can’t wait to see more of your reviews!

  3. September 2, 2015 / 10:22 am

    how come i didn’t even notice them when i got into japan drugstore last month T_T
    i love the details of each packaging and the design somehow remind me of jill stuart!

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