Japan Fashion Spring Trends for 2018 under the radar

Japan Fashion trends for Spring is such a fun and cheery thing, but wow that was the most unimaginative title ever for this post. But it states the point and if you’re here for words that’s cute (bless you) let me distract you by lots of photos of FASHION done by crappy photoshop instead.


Always on the ball japanese fashion site Fashionwalker.jp put out their “7 2018 Spring Fashion Keywords” and they’re correct but man they’re boring…. and I don’t think they truly reflect the NEW trends popping up for 2018. But just in case you didn’t already pop over to their site…

The Seven Japanese Fashion 2018 Spring trends according to Fashionwalker are:

  • Bright color
  • Gingham Check
  • Sporty
  • Flower
  • Sheer
  • Ruffle and Frill
  • Shoes & Bag

Cool cool yea Fashionwalker that’s an okay list I’m feeling sheer and frill, but let’s dive deeper because some of those have been happening for a while.

And Sporty? Like Sporty has been happening for a while and I still don’t think you put on contrasting stripe on a shirt and it’s POOF S-P-A-W-T-Y!

It also lets me bring out my favorite gif:


Yas Devil Wears Prada you tell them. Florals? Every damn Spring. Until Rienda and Duras and every other florals for Spring brand invents a new flower, I’m not impressed.


And Gingham check (ギンガムチェック) has been going on for a long damn while in Japan. Thankfully because I really like it and it helps me wear on trend things for several seasons.

Although I will shout out there has been a gingham shift and I’m happy to report about it. And that shift is gingham color and gingham mix.

You thought you could just have black & white gingham? Noooo reds and blues and yellows are all coming down the line.

Also I think a big trend this season is patchwork style gingham mix. Because one gingham has been done for several seasons.


L-R: Fur Fur | Snidel | Sly | Tutuanna

And that’s all I really want to say about Fashionwalker’s list until mine combine a little. So let’s go!!

Mitsu’s Japanese Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

(…not listed by Fashionwalker)


I really think dots and swiss dot will be a big trend this year. You heard it here first. Or second. But well I said what I said.

giphy (1)

Oh hey it’s me your blog person Mitsu, who uses gifs and memes in place of personality…


They’ve been slowly popping up each summer, but now I think it’s time. Especially with their the sheer trend, swiss dot is a way to spice it up. You’ll see swiss dots in a lot of girly brands. They’ll be in a several colors, but black and white dots ruling.


L-R: Moussy | Rienda | Nice Claup | Honey Mi Honey

Shout out to these pieces also showing up four other trends: bags as a focal point, volume sleeves, bustier + sheer combination, sheer fabrics

But that’s not all


Oh y’all wanted a twist?! Well you didn’t get one, just more examples of DOTS DOTS DOTS. Let them ruleeeee!

Semi-Sheer Elastic Tops but ESPECIALLY Vertical Stripe Sheer

Bless this whole trend. Bless it. First of all, it’s thin aka sheer so you can wear long sleeve versions when it’s boiling outside, but offers a little sun protection (sun = age put on that sunscreen). Also vertical stripes are flattering and when it’s sheer it doesn’t look like “HEY I AM TRYING TO BE SLIMMING WITH THESE STRIPES!! NOPE NO I DO NOT LOVE ALL THE FOODS!”. Instead it’s like “pssst did you notice I look slimmer and didn’t eat that cake I really did eat?”

You know how I know this trend is everywhere? Well I saw it everywhere. And it’s in GU already. If Uniqlo discount brand GU has already been like “hey you’re wearing this for spring” it’s major. I actually bought mine in GU because it was cheap and they offered sizes. I know, groundbreaking.


L-R: Nice Claup |  WEGO | sPray | MIA

I know that was a specific trend, but damn look at all of them.




Volume Sleeves

This fits the bustier trend so well. You’ll see them combined often. In all of the looks it helps emphasize the waist and better. I don’t know about you, but interesting volume just screams FASHION for me. And chubby armed ladies rejoice, we got something.


L-R: Moussy, One*Spo, Mercury Duo | Murua

I bought the Moussy one, it’s silky!


Waist Pouches

Fanny packs, bum bags you name it. Gucci put the popular velvet one out and since then it’s been on a lot of Japanese lady celebs and I think that’s really pushed the waist pouch trend.

The more common blogger style is to wear them crossbody but really they’re picking up. And worn “properly” they emphasize the bigger waist trend.

Of course this is part of the bigger Shoes & Bags trend by Fashionwalker but more like an interesting bag or shoe as focal point. Is the point of their trend.


L-R: Lily Brown | Envy M | Snidel

I would wear the whole Lily Brown outfit right now. Also shout out her dot shoes.

Trends continuing on from Fall: long flappy belts, leather a-line skirts, checkerboard, casquette style hats, red

Other trends to mention (that can like get it… I just got lazy about gathering images or I think they’ll be small): small text on chest of tops, asymmetrical earrings, lace-up details, feminine ballcap, sock emphasis, masculine styles of shoes (boots, heavy soles, clunky) with feminine accents (ribbons, frills).



Yea yea your girl Mitsu didn’t blog for a while. It happens. I was in Japan at language school trying to ですマイベスト and traveling Japan some. As usual I’m much more active on Twitter and Instagram stories. Is it quality? No, but it’s quantity.

Also, recently the lovely Lizzie Bee shouted me out as a blogger to follow. Maybe it’s to follow me to see when I’ll eventually update? That’s a pretty good idea. :heart:

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  1. January 26, 2018 / 5:08 am

    I feel quite bored with fashion this year. Hopefully there is a season that blows me away and makes me want to spend money. A lot of the things out now seem so….tacky in actuality. Cute in magazines and mannequins, but on a real person? Not so much. I hope they also do something to modernize past fashions a bit. In 2017, I was able to ask my grandmother for things out of her closet to keep up with trends, and that doesn’t seem right! lol

    • Mitsu
      January 31, 2018 / 3:24 pm

      I’m a bit happier lately, but I agree with you. I mean the minimalist style really depressed me more.

      Although we’re just in a period of restraint in Japanese fashion. Seiso rules all.
      But on the other side buying vintage and still being on trend stops the producton cycle which is so harmful so in some ways I’m a bit happy?

  2. Mina
    January 26, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    Thank you for always providing quality content! Really loving the puffy sleeves and sheer trends because I can wear those all year round with the right layers. Still not feeling the bum bag as belt “look.” Though it looks okay standing / posing – It looks kinda awkward – _- when people are sitting down.

    • Mitsu
      January 31, 2018 / 3:22 pm

      Yay thank you for loving! So true for Houston! I felt wrong buying all these winter clothes when I lived half of the year in Houston.
      LOL I never think about the sitting with a waist bag but it’s really awkward.

  3. chris
    February 8, 2018 / 3:25 pm

    ive also seen a lot of loose socks lately so that ties in with the “sock emphasis”

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