Universal-doll.com is a blog about Japanese street fashion, food, travel and beauty and is since 2013 about all Japanese female fashion.

Universal-Doll started as a blog solely about Gyaru Fashion. Gyaru fashion is a style that started in the early 1990s with high school club going girls, but has since evolved to encompass a group of different street styles headlined at mega mall Shibuya 109 in Tokyo and has several monthly magazines that cater to its every style change. Want to know more about the history of Gyaru? Read NeoJapanisme’s excellent thorough history of gyaru

Since the changes in Gyaru starting in 2013, I’ve started to blog about all types of Japanese fashion but mainly what you’ll see fashionable women teens to 30s wear in Japan. The fashion goal of Universal-Doll is to focus on what real women wear in Japan and to highlight the trends and shops making an impact. To go beyond what comes across as crazy fashion worn by a handful and instead focus on real women and real clothes.

I also focus on skincare and beauty goods by Japanese brands and brands popular in Japan such as Korean skincare. Along with travel posts and local cuisines all across Japan.

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