One of the things I really enjoy doing when I visit for a long time in Japan is actually seeing trends in play on the streets and I got to see traveling how the Japanese Summer Fashion Trends this season played out. I blogged all about Spring trends for Larme, Otona Kawaii and Onee-Gyaru. But those trends are what brands wanted to sell. Right now what are young ladies in Japan actually buying AND wearing?

Since I pride this blog on real clothes and everyday fashion this is the most universal-doll post in a while.

I actually started writing this post right when I got back from Japan, but I am gudetama level lazy. I’m happy this got voted top in the polls on twitter. Although eventually probably all of them will come out on the Doll. If you’ve got a question or comment, I’m always twitter reachable!


Here are four shop staff from Shibuya 109 to show some of the trends I’m talking in this post: Esperanza, Duras, One*Spo and Cecil McBee

Bandana Print


This cute trend is really taking off. Saint Laurent did a long bandana print stole for Spring and I think it’s fueled the creative juices of a lot of brands. I saw tons of ladies at Tokyo Disney Sea twin with friends by wearing a cute cotton cut-sew and paired bandanas around their neck. It was very camper-cute. It’s also such a cheap way to be on trend for the season.

Moussy did a giant bandana print top-dress to push the trend further. And there’s also bandana-print scrunchies and other fun mixes.


To show how popular it is I picked just one brand: Envy M. Here it is done four ways. As a novelty battery charger, on the bottom of a t-shirt dress, in the flouncy off shoulder style like in the Larme Spring trend post, and worn off a bag

Trend range: Booming! It’s an everyday girl style.

Probability it’ll head into Fall: Duras paired sweaters with bandana neckerchiefs for their Fall exhibition so this is a yes. But I really think more paisley prints will reign in Fall.

Side trend: Scarves

Not as big as bandana print but scarves in all prints are popping up. Duras of course did hair scarves. Lip Service is selling them in pretty prints. Redy Azel were giving scarves away as a novelty. The shop staff at Redy Azel worked theirs in different ways like scarves as bracelets.


Redy Azel showing off ways to wear their scarf novelty.

Trend range: Small but accessory trends are sometimes as important as clothing trends.

Probability it’ll head into Fall: This is something I feel is going to go into Fall and bring more color and prints than we’ve seen in previous Falls.


Left Rienda and Right Esperanza (a shoe store) but she’s in every trend right now denim as a dress, white cardigan, white fedora

White Summer Fedora

It was raining one day and my hair was not having it. I decided that was the day I was going to buy a hat. If you know me, you know I love hats. So I walked into Shibuya 109 and browsed most every store for a hat which by the way at Headstarr the hat shop in Shibuya 109 has Trump for President hats… and Hillary hats… American politics you just can’t escape it.

Again and again I saw the white loose weave fedora being displayed. From Murua to Spiral Girl to Sly to Lip Service. It’s definitely the winner of the hat of Japanese summer fashion trends. Like Goldilocks they all felt a little off, but I finally settled on one from Lip Service. Since then I’ve wore it every chance I could. I will probably wear it to death this summer. The open weave really keeps the head cool and I am all about that sun protection.

Trend range: EVERYWHERE especially in gyaru and otona kawaii brands

Probability it’ll head into Fall: 0! Total summer trend, but enjoy and shade while you can.


Murua and Duras showing the silhouette of the season

Spaghetti Strap Flared Bustier and Flared Bottoms sets

The flared bustier is huge right now I’d say it’s the biggest Japanese summer fashion trend.I talked about this in the Larme Spring trend post. From Rienda to Lowry’s Farm. It’s for every kei. I bought three. It’s a really body friendly look except for those with hips since showing the waist is key. Hides the tummy pouch and many are even kind to busty girls (take it from a busty girl). They look stellar when paired with wide pants. They’re cute with boyfriend jeans. They pretty much look good with all pants and shorts styles for this season. Printed flared bustiers paired with wide-leg pants sets are sprouting everywhere. They’re in denim, resort florals, plain knit, white lace. All the trend patterns you can find a set-up.

The other mirror trend is a maxi or mini dress done in a flared bustier style. This silhouette is truly the shape of the season. And look how perfect it looks on vacation or at the beach. It’s so current and summer.

Trend range: As stated, so many. Flared bustier is the life.

Probability it’ll head into Fall: Murua has done them, but I’m not sure how sure a warm weather resort look goes well into Fall.



Rienda, MA*RS, One Way just get on a cardigan with any look

Super thin knit knee-length cardigans

These are so huge right now. They’ve shown up on mannequins in front of every store from Resexxxy to Sly. I went into Cecil McBee and a pushy shop staff tried to make me choose between the four styles they had. FOUR!

I love this trend so much. First it helps with UV. Skin protection is key. Secondly they go long enough and around enough to hide everywhere cellulite shows. Back in 2012 I was trendwatching high-low skirts aka the mullet skirt and mentioned how they’re kind to hiding cellulite. Long cardigans do the same thing, without that mullet feel.

Cardigans in summer? Yes because they are super thin material.

Trend range: ALL. I think in every style you will see a bustier paired with a super thin knee-length cardigan.

Probability it’ll head into Fall: Nope. Chunky 3-d knits are the theme for Winter.



Other trends of note: Arm details on white tops (flared, lace), Denim as everything: dresses and tops and skirts and hair accessories, Border lettering, straight leg “mom” pants



Phew I’m finally done with this post! My photoshop keeps crapping out so I keep having to restart and fix. Because of this I may work on some less photoshop needy posts for a while. But since second in the twitter poll was summer in Japan tips, it’s my next post.  :stepup:


Which is your favorite trend of the season?


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More ladies from around Tokyo and near Shizuoka. A lot of good casual replicable styles below  :stepup:

Cecil McBee – Gotemba outlets

This cute shop staff had some wonderful classic gal looks. I love the shoulder cutout on the plaid, makes the classic gal look more trending  :up:

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I am in love with Cecil McBee for one reason right now and that is because 17 of its stores have official ameblos (check out the entire list here). Most of them started back in 2009, so I am soooo late to the party. :worry: However, they’re just amazing! So many of them update regularly and show off new pieces. It doesn’t hurt that Cecil is so big that there’s always new pieces. :stars:

However what I really like is seeing blogs from different parts of Japan. It’s not just Osaka and Tokyo reporting (like WC), or even Nagoya (Gilfy). Instead Cecil has blogs in Sapporo, Hiratsuka, Utsunomiya, and Sendai also. :upheart:

Maybe it’s the sociologist in me, but I just love this. It’s a way to see how gal looks in Sendai and these far flung places where I might not visit. :loveword:

Also for those of you who looked at the catalog bits from Cecil and thought HMPH that’s NOT gal, look at the shop staff.

Toot-toot-tooot :music: Presenting the shop staff of Cecil McBee in their fall collection :hands:

This girl is so adorable and I love the black version of the boho look that Liz Lisa is favoring (in brown of course :wink: )

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I’ve decided to make Cecil McBee for Fall a two part post, mainly because Cecil is huge and I don’t think I’ve discussed the gravity that is Cecil. So cue the Imperial March and let’s dive into the mammoth of Cecil :stepup:

Cecil McBee in 109 Kohrinbo in Kanazawa. The typical Cecil McBee store.

CECIL MCBEE is BIG mmmkay?

Let’s discuss Cecil McBee first before showing you parts of the catalog just to explain the brand.

First of all, it is constantly the highest selling brand within 109. It occupies some of the biggest space within 109 (floor 2). It has 8 stores within the Tokyo area. It has the most stores of all gal brands. If there is a Godzilla of Gal, it’s Cecil McBee.

Cecil McBee in Namba, Osaka. There’s an elevator inside the store. It’s massive.


Within Cecil McBee stores there is an extreme variety of styles.

On one side there are party dresses and items for OL girls on a date. Items that are very Aisare and feature in CanCam. Then, there are items that are very trend. If berets are in style then expect 10 different examples of berets in store. Finally, at the end of the spectrum are pieces that could easily be found in DIA: open backs, sparkle buckles, sexy hotpants, etc…

Also, Cecil McBee has a large selection of bags and accessories. Watches, cellphone charms, necklaces, rings, wallets, candles.

There is no “Cecil Style” instead there is something for everyone. Cecil McBee’s price point is also extremely competitive. Dresses for $60.00 and under. Coats for $75.00. Within the gal price range, and Japanese clothing prices in general, these are good prices.

CECIL McBEE Sister Stores

Cecil McBee has also branched out into two others stores: Fabulous by Cecil McBee and Cecil Linc.

:stars: Cecil Linc is more of a style brand concentrating on natural sweet style. It’s an extremely girly brand and featured in Ray, CanCam and JJ. Hime gals may be interested in this brand.

:stars: Fabulous by Cecil McBee is more of a Mote-kei brand featured in mags like Pinky, Ray, Can Cam and JJ as well. It’s a bit of a girly date brand for OL ladies. Gals may like this brand for being adult without being Mode or Celeb.

Catalog & Mook

CECIL MCBEE details:
katakana: セシルマクビー
style: adult, trend
number of stores: 31 + 1 outlet
since: 1996
this season’s concept: None stated
what it’s really this season: Trend Mix
model: Several for the mook. Cover model is 39 year old Risa Hirako.

Cecil McBee has put out a mook. If like previous Cecil McBee mooks then it’s available at local convenience stores along with bookstores. This is a move only done by the most popular brands in Japan.

I’ve reported about previous Cecil McBee Winter and Autumn mooks here and here.

Absolutely hot cover! Risa Hirako is such a beauty. ( link)

Damn it must be hard looking that gorgeous, glad I don’t have those kinda worries :wink:

Catalog Shots

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