A post on Egoist Japanese brand shop staff in Naha Okinawa but first I really liked all the talk that the last post generated. It even spilled over to tumblr. Although people somehow thought I was saying gal was ending? Nope! I just think gyaru is becoming harder to define especially around the edges because of the a) natural make influence b) street style & mode c) dying of out-there-genres like hime. So the problem of know what gyaru is when you see it, is becoming more problematic. But I also feel some things are going against the general dilution of gal and I’ll be talking about those trends soon!

I’m going to do a follow-up post next week to add more thought-fuel to the fire (thoughtful? oh god puns… why do I love them)! But for now let’s go back to enjoying all the gal now, like shop staff snaps and more of the Gyaru Japon comics (next post!).

This Egoist girl from Okinawa was so pleasant. I’m ashamed she wanted to take pictures with us after I had spent the majority of the day hiking around and walking a goat. She’s from the old Egoist Japan store in OPA Naha. I hope Egoist comes back to Okinawa! I’m so happy the white trend from this summer is continuing into winter. I love the clean-look of white.

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It’s the perfect time to discuss bathing suit trends in gyaru. Specifically bikinis (ビキニ)because most Japanese swimwear companies do 99% bikinis and a tankini or so. Don’t expect one-pieces from these brands! However if you’re a onepiece lover you can still take these trends and transfer them over to that style.

The four big trends to talk about with Japanese Swimwear especially gyaru swimwear are: paisley/ethnic, ruffles, floral and adult monotone.

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Another two shop staff from Kanazawa’s Korinbo 109. Only two girls, but hopefully their cute style and great nails make up for it.

Cocolulu – Korinbo 109

I know I don’t often take pictures of Cocolulu shop staff, and it’s not because I don’t enjoy their style. I do! I just usually take pictures of places I shop at. Although I couldn’t resist asking this girl for a picture. How bold yet almost monotone her outfit is!

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I took a day trip to Shizuoka one Saturday and went to the Shizuoka 109 to see what kind of gal was in such a mid-range city. Turns out there’s a lot of great gal and range there!

Liz Lisa – Shizuoka 109

Shizuoka 109 shop staff in their special “genpi” (this store only) one piece. It was one of my favorites of their store-by-store onepieces. They were also having a great big sale which I got to take advantage of  :upheart:

I did forget to take pictures of her wonderful Minnie Mouse inspired nails, but you can check a hint of them above.

I did take a picture of her hair which was wonderfully curled and separated to suit her face. I really want to try this curling style with my own hair. :upheart:

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