More Gyaru shop staff photos! I’ve been lax on these but I took enough to get to over 40 shop staff picture posts so expect once a week or so for a while so I show you more fabulous gyaru ladies.

Gilfy – Sendai Forus

Gilfy Sendai Forus shop staff

Two awesome shop staff from Gilfy in Sendai Forus. The girl on the left was so nice and we had a lovely conversation. At the end of it, she asked if she could have my e-mail for when she heads to Tokyo. She was so shy about it.

Gyaru short hair style

An upclose of her hair which I thought was the perfect peachy blonde color and shape. I love it so much! :stepup:  Too bad it won’t work on my silly head. :sage:

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Casual powerhouse Gilfy finally put out their Spring catalog and it reflects all their typical style: damage, denim, crazy Gilfy brand Engrish, tough mannish leather accessories, stars and layering.

Gilfy details:
katakana: ダンス エルビー・ゼロスリー
online store:
number of stores: 11 Gilfy stores + 9 Gilfy Markets (Gilfy ReDark and Backs combined stores) + 2 outlets
since: 2004
style: casual rock

Gilfy Spring Catalog

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On my vacation trek I went to Nagoya mainly to see how gal looks and is portrayed in Nagoya. What I found was great gals and wonderful shop staff that made my trip memorable and enjoyable. One of the highlights of my whole trip was talking to these wonderful girls.

Liz Lisa – Nagoya Passe

Such great style from both of them. I love how both of the girls are in full Liz Lisa, but there’s barely a floral print amongst the coordinates. Liz Lisa has worked hard to diversify their style, but still stay in characteristic sweet-kei Liz Lisa. Also, they’re doing cute retro girly this season. :upheart:

Close-ups of the girl on the right’s nails. I just love the look. Do you notice how the floral print reflects in the crystals? So cool!

Wonderful coordination of floral, gingham, crystals and hot pink without looking too busy or messy.

Admittedly she had problems with change with these nails. I was paying for my lashes and she couldn’t pick up the last yen. Me and the other shop staff broke out with giggles and helped her with it.

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Since I’m a run to post pics of my last December Kansai trip before I go on this one, I decided to combine my recent Tokyo shop staff pictures with some older Osaka ones.

Osaka – 2009

I’ve shown this pic before, but I thought I should include it in the shop staff run :hearts3:

This is Mutsumi from Shinsaibashi Osaka OPA GILFY

She’s the top charisma staff for Gilfy in Kansai and has a popular ameblo here

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