This week I’m breaking down gyaru trends starting with the more streetstyle and rock Japanese gyaru brands: Jouetie, Glad News, 3rd by Vanquish and Fig & Viper. As usual trends are bolded for you lazy people. No photos are my own, all gleaned from various ameblos. I’m just the compiler!



Beanies from last winter are continuing. Plaid which is an old faithful is being reworked by all brands. Long coats & jackets are currently a mini-trend but may grow. Straight-across shredded denim is the most popular denim style this season.

fall2013-gyaru-joeutie-quilting-setupQuilting in different styles will be a big trend. Also set-ups (matching top & bottom) is the big trend that will go across all style types.


More straight across shredded denim.

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OPA in Shinsaibashi Osaka is forever my favorite gyaru mall and full of the the most stylish gyaru shop staff. I try to specifically stay in Shinsaibashi when I’m in Osaka because it’s closest to the nightlife and Shinsaibashi OPA. Hep 5 is a little further away from the fun and too many other non-gyaru brands cloud up the mall, even if their food court is quite nice. I’m always impressed by the shop staff in OPA every store I go into, these two from Glad News and Murua are no exception.

Glad News – Hep 5 – Osaka

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I’m back! I thought I’d have time to update while I was in Japan, but I was forever on “go” mode. I think I slept 6 hours or less each night and went full force everyday. Always rushing to travel, to see friends, and make new ones! I did during my trip take tons of shop staff photos with a new (much better) camera and more in depth of each shop staff, so please look forward to them!


Fabulous shop staff from Shizuoka 109 (静岡109). I had planned on seeing more of Shizuoka this day trip, and I would’ve except the shop staff were beyond lovely and I stood there talking to Shiho at Heaven and Earth for 3 hours. While a museum would’ve been nice, getting to really enjoy someone’s company is priceless.

Glad News – Shizuoka 109

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Happy Halloween readers!! I’m going out tonight, but still unsure if I’m dressing up. Saturday is the big party night, but I had a wedding to go to. Instead I did what all sane animal owners do and dress up their dogs!

BEHOLD the mythical PEGACORN!

What’s a Pegacorn you ask? It’s a Pegasus Unicorn. A combo so rare it’s too beautiful to see. It’s so hipster you haven’t heard of it yet.

He always kept his horn tilted, I’m saying it’s his style choice instead of him perpetually trying to shake it off for the 10 minutes he wore it. :catno:

I glittered his wings and made his horn and “mane”.

It was for charity (entry fee went to benefit a children’s hospital) and Franklin won 3rd place and a giant bin of toys


A casual and an adult look from Glad News and Spiral Girl shop staff. Rock relaxed and classic mode style contrast girls. Both are stylish girls that make me miss Japan and the question my lack of bangs. (lol)

Glad News – Shinjuku Lumine EST

This shop staff was simply so nice. I must say beyond that I had just gotten off the plane (with layover a 16hr flight) and I was making the horrible great choice of staying out that night so I could see DJ Ace. But of course I had nothing to wear (winkwink). So my bestie Alice helped me carry my luggage up the escalator to Glad News floor outside of Shinjuku station in Shinjuku Lumine EST where we were greeted by this lovely shop staff.

Who was shocked I was such a shopping whore that I couldn’t even touch my luggage down to shop.

She was very lovely and looking back with non jetlag drugging I love how casual yet rock her look is. If you can see her arm she has a tattoo of her starsign Virgo on her lower arm.

Spiral Girl – Shinjuku Alta

She is probably younger than me but she looks like the cool adult I want to be when I grow up. I just haven’t decided when that is. #fail

Her outfit is classic monotone styling and her hair is very timeless as well. But deride her as looking basic or simple and you’d be mistaken. It’s that wonderful shocking orange lipstick that really takes this to another level.

Orange make-up really busted out when Candy Doll did an orange blush (always at the forefront Bloomzy blogged about it in 2010), but while it’s not as overly popular it still is a common choice in make-up.

Murua producer Momoko Ogihara and style trendsetter said she’s doing orange for Spring 2013 ( pictures on her blog )