More accessory booms continue! I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I’ve got another trend report on accessories on Sunday too to round out keeping you stylish. Chokers are huge right now, it’s harder finding a brand that DOESN’T do them vs. all the brands that do! 90s fashions are so popular right now: turtleneck cropped tops, high waisted, jelly bracelets, all white, backpacks, clear accessories, and now chokers.

Of all the awkward 90s fashions, I’m most happy chokers are back in style! Thank god crimped hair and scrunchie side ponytails didn’t make the cut.


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Jouetie has a lot of clothes in their Spring Summer 2012 collection that show all sorts of trends for the season. So I think it’s a great runway to show and discuss about upcoming trends.

However, discussing Jouetie is one of those grey area brands for me. Is it gal? Not exactly. Its creators: twins Ami and Aya, modeled in a gal crossover magazine, “Pop Sister” and now “Vivi”. However it’s on the 2nd floor of Shinjuku Lumine Est with casual brands such as Lowry’s Farm. Yet in Ikebukuro Parco next to gal brands. Whether it is or not, I’ve stopped worrying about. Instead I just like their original outlook on styling.  :-D

Jouetie details

katakana: ジュエティ
style: grunge shibuhara
number of stores: 4 (3 in Tokyo)
years around: 1
store concept: “Bad Angel” UK Style with tulle and lace. Strong look with a softer outer. Rock and Romantic to fuse a new Tokyo Style.

Jouetie Exhibition

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