I decided to blog about Larme again, but to be honest I’ve felt recent issues of the magazine taking a different clothing turn than usual. I really like how Larme has picked up speed with the overseas audience and people see it as not so much OTT but more Seiso-like.

However… I picked up a recent issue of Larme magazine and I’m a bit befuddled by some of the outfits. Now I don’t buy magazines when I’m in America because I’m cheap and I’m like a little squirrel pilling up my acorns so I can spend in Japan two months out of the year. So I had a gap between issue 013 and issue 019.

But issue 019 is the December issue and there are just some head scratching pages. It feels odd to say something IN Larme magazine ISN’T Larme, but well that’s just what I thought.

Now Emii-chan kindly scanned some pages from Larme 019 if you’d like to check her blog  (you should be reading her blog anyways because the time she spends being a resource is always impressive).

Excuse my quickly shot potato iPhone photos. This was not for all the tumblr reblogs just to show the odd face of Larme right now. Many of the outfits in the magazine were very Larme, but I am still a bit wary.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.47.23 PM

The cover which looks super Larme and beautiful.


This is the opening fashion spread which looks more Vivi or Jelly to me. I just can’t see the Larme in this. I don’t hate the style, it’s not about my clothing choices just not Larme.


This London Calling Duffle coat spread doesn’t really feature Larme outfits. Instead it’s more comfortable in Seventeen or another casual-kei teen’s magazine.


Instead this “street snap” of a model features a much more Larme-kei Duffle coat style.


I don’t know what to say about this look but well it’s just not Larme.


This unflattering outfit (in a subsection about dressing flattering for your height) is also not Larme.


Whole lot of nope. Red matte tights and patent shoes?


Very cute, but not what Larme is known for.

I found a few more examples but I don’t feel like harping on. Now I am wondering whether Larme magazine will take a more encompassing look on what is Larme-kei to get a larger audience, but at the cost of diluting its look?

This could just be a blip but I’m a bit wary of this direction.

So I’m going to talk about trends by Larme brands, but keep in mind I am not really sure on the direction because 019 left me perplexed.

Larme Magazine Possible Spring 2016 Trends


Larme Trend One – Biggest Trend! SHOULDERS

Off shoulder, shoulder accents, it’s all about the shoulders this year.


Titty & Co | Rosary Moon | Honey Salon | Honey Mi Honey

Long-time fashion diva Donna Karan has said to always show off your shoulders because they never sag or wrinkle or really show fat. Beyond that it’s collarbones for everyone.


Subtrends to fit the shoulder trend:

Giant earrings –  lilLilly has been touting giant colored heart earrings (above) that suit the off-shoulder look. OneSpo also has a cute pair of rhinestone huge heartsI don’t expect chokers to be as hot because it breaks up the off shoulder look a bit oddly.

Cardigans – Because Spring can be too much of a cold-shoulder. Har har.

Larme Spring Trend Two – Flouncy Bustiers


Honey Salon | monLily | Titty & Co

Often with gaucho pants or a midi-skirt. Gone are the days of figure hugging bustiers and in are flouncy frill worth loose bustiers. Lots of good options for less-busty girls.

Larme Spring Trend Three – Relaxed Girly Set-ups


(Left Rosary Moon | Right Titty&Co exhibition)

A Winter-to-Spring look. Although this is more of a sporty look Larme seems to be doing more sporty casual looks in its magazine. Even writing how to dress with sneakers and Uggs. Set-ups are everywhere and don’t want to die. This sporty trend is a new look for Larme brands.


Other trends of note – Frills!, Gingham Accessories, Sukajan, Lace Overdresses


Rosary Moon | Titty & Co

Frills will grow and grow across Larme fashion I think. The tiny prarie flower print with a frill bust is a good Spring trend look. While the Lace over by Titty looks a bit boring I expect Larme to spice their styling up better. Of course delicate lace blouses are forever a Larme staple. One of the Larme essential buys I’d recommend when starting a Larme wardrobe.


OneSpo | MonLily

Sukajan! The colorful satin bomber jackets. They’re really becoming popular this season. Onespo has done some really cute looks with them like this sweatshirt style. monLily is not a true sukajan but bomber jackets will show up more in Larme because of the sukajan trend.

Also… denim and gingham shoes, knee length everything.

Thankfully Larme isn’t short of cute clothes to focus on and getting back to refining what the real Larme look is. I hope Spring magazines pick up again and give Larme the style honing it deserves.

….I wonder if I said Larme 80 times in this post.  :mrgreen:

Gyaru may be changing but OneSpo (http://www.onespo.net/) is definitely keeping its original style. They’re also staying strong with their 5 stores, a number which has stayed constant since 2010. With many niche styles in gyaru shrinking it’s nice that One Spo is able to still draw an audience and keep it.

onespospring-collection-2014one spo spring2014-style-3 one-spo-spring2014-style one spo spring2014-style2 one spo spring2014-style4

One Spo before set-ups were popular were doing set-ups, so of course they gave us some set-ups for our set-ups, dawg.

Bows have always been a big One Spo detail (check out the shop staff photo I took below) and so they’re going to do more.

They stuck with traditional marine, but One Spo has always done that.

One Spo style that are Spring 2014 trends are prissy denim (no tears, no acid wash), holographic, pastel and gingham.

OneSpo Shop Staff in Spring 2014 style

onespospring2014-shop-staff onespospring2014-shopstaff-denim onespospring2014-shopstaff onespospring2014-shopstaff-nautical

Images found of all the stylish shop staff across Japan on their One Spo shop blogs.

One Spo Osaka shop staff Yuka is still rocking her amazing lavender mix hair and cool personal style.

OneSpo Nagoya older Spring Style shop staff snap

ss42-onespo-nagoya-makeup ss42-onespo-nagoya ss42-onespo-ring-nails-nagoya

I took these shots a while ago and never posted. But look at the gingham that’s now trending all throughout gyaru. One Spo does its own thing but somehow always stays ahead of the curve!

One Spo are the queens of personal style. They take a mix and match style and then pump it up with more accessories and more stand-out style.

Nicola on Graphic-Noise posted her final translation of “GAL is” with Jelly models. A definite interesting read. Check it out!

Universal-Doll facebook | Mitsu on twitter “miss_mitsu” | personal instagram mewmitsu | inspired-doll personal tumblr – join/add/follow?  :bow:

Gyaru shop staff from Kagoshima at Carino Tenmonkan (鹿児島カリーノ天文館 http://www.carino.co.jp/tenmonkan/) and Fukuoka at Tenjin Core (福岡天神コア http://www.tenjincore.com/).

GYDA Bayad – Kagoshima Carino Tenmonkan


Gyaru at Kagoshima? You bet! Lots of great gal shops including Bayad a combination shop between Jouetie and GYDA to test the Kagoshima waters. I bought GYDA from this shop staff all dressed in GYDA, but as you can see there’s Jouetie items behind, too!

ss40-gyda-makeup ss40-gydaring

Fabulous simple make-up and a fun ring complete her casual look.

One*Spo – Fukuoka Tenjin Core

ss40-onesposs40-onespo-hair ss40-onespo-makeup

I live for short hair gyaru! Especially such cutely styled hair done by this shop staff at One*Spo in Fukuoka. Just a few curls really makes her super short hair look great!