Secret Honey collaborated with Disney for a Frozen dress collection. All the items are inspired by Disney’s Frozen, bute they’re in the traditional Secret Honey otona kawaii style. The brand collaborates with Disney every season but I’m a bit surprised they were able to do a Frozen collection. They were inspired by all the characters: Anna, Elsa, Olaf and there’s even some Kristoff and Sven!

Frozen is wildly popular in Japan. Or how it’s known as アンナと雪の女王 Anna to Yuki no Jou. Just how popular? It stayed number one in Japan’s box office for 16 straight weeks. It outsold blu-ray records the first day of release. Frozen is the second highest grossing film in Japanese history. Why are they making a Frozen 2? JAPAN.

Some of the pieces are straight up Frozen cosplay but some are a little downlow Frozen and all are really cute!




The simple snowflake and rose crest cardigan is a big hit for Secret Honey

secrethoney-frozendress-annaScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.46.12 PMsecrethoney-frozendress-anna-full

All the cute details from the movie! So nice! I bet this would be amazing to wear to Disney Japan.

disney frozen dress

The matching Anna blouse with gorgeous gold brooch.


And a cute Anna cape to complete the outfit.


Of course there’s a more simple mote-kei outfit with OLAF!!

secret honey frozen movie

This skirt has sold out and I’m so sad because it was top on my list. Scroll down for close-ups of the great design.

secrethoney-frozendress-anna-elsa frozen movie anna

A more summery Anna Elsa dress. The two colors have different prints on them.

secrethoney-frozendress-elsacoatdisney frozen clothing

The Elsa coat! Do you see the print on the inside? I can’t even. It’s too nice and yet not too ELSA for daily use.

secrethoney-frozendress-elsa-capedisney frozen clothing

This cape is such a fairytale cape. It’s so lovely.

secrethoney-frozendress-elsadisney frozen clothing

And the dress with the amazing prints. That Elsa dress just is so nice.

All the prices are higher than usual Secret Honey (8,000-25,000 yen or $70-$200 ranging of skirt prices to coat prices). I think this is to cover licensing fees because Disney’s are quite large. And hey that 120yen to USD is rumored to be over by January so might as well enjoy it now!

Disney x Secret Honey collabs are a common theme. They’re also doing a Marie collab as well as a Princesses collab. All of it is gorgeous and I will regret not buying a thing. I really do want the skirt.

The Secret Honey x Disney Frozen collab is being sold by fashionwalker and the Secret Honey Rakuten site 

If you’re new to this blog about Japanese fashion you need a buyer service to order from Japanese sites. Please check out how to buy clothes from Japan, and using Tenso.

I often blog about Secret Honey feel free to read more about the brand formerly known as Secret Magic before it blended with Honey Bunch.

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Secret Magic aka Secret Honey keeps bringing stylish adult cute looks every season. This shop staff from Tachikawa Lumine (Tachikawa is western Tokyo’s neighbor) had fabulous hair, nails and cute style that was so polished. I have no idea why I ended up in Tachikawa last summer but I did and well… at least I took pictures of shop staff.


Of course she’s in a fabulous Secret Magic dress and Bonita shoes. Check out those un-Secret Magic shoes on the right. Ladies clothing store dressing rooms often keep a set of high heeled mules next to the doorway so ladies who try out outfits can have a pair of easily slidable shoes to check themselves out in the mirror. Of course heels make your legs look good so it’s usually an oversized pair of high heeled mules.


Yellow as a neutral? I think it really works as the butter yellow on her gel nails.


I always try to get my bangs like that when they get longer but it never seems to work. Her hair is so stellar.


Love the quality details of Secret Magic. Their quality always seems quite stellar for the price.


Secret Magic now Secret Honey. Always classy style.

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SALES POST still going on! Now worldwide and prices reduced! More added today (Glad News, Liz Lisa)

I got the joy of taking a picture of not one but two Secret Magic (now Secret Honey jp) in Osaka’s Tenjin Core. I previously blogged about the brand here. I was walking from Hep 5 back to the Umeda train station and walked through Tenjin Core to get there. I had no plans to stop at Secret Honey but they had the most perfect 3-d flower skirt that I couldn’t resist. In doing so I got to take a picture these two ladies. The Secret Honey jp Tenjin core is small! It’s staffed by 3 girls, but they barely fit into the store. However it has a great stock and friendly girls!

secret honeysecret magic OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA shopstaff-57-secretmagic-osaka-makeup

Fabulous adult-cute style! I love both their chiffon tops.

Lots of new brands popping up inside of 109 and out. I’m going to start with the Shibuya 109 Tower of Power brands and break them down with previous, looks for Fall 2013, and shop staff style from all 3 new stores: Heather be, GeeeekS, and Secret Honey


Heather be

Heather be website

Popular casual brand “Heather” (shop staff snap here) has been branching into a more Shibuya-style with their mini-brand Heather be. Shibuya 109’s blog calls it an “Edgy and Lowbrow brand with a touch of 109 in it”. Lowbrow…?? I don’t really see the Heather / Heather be differences yet, but Heather is a nice casual brand with a good price point.

Here are some of the Fall 2014 looks by Heather Be modeled by the Heather Be shopstaff at the Shinjuku Lumine EST store (ameblo)

heatherbe3 heatherbe4 heatherbee


Their shop staff are super cute. I’d buy that mohair set-up in a heartbeat. Love texture!

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