I’ve been using my twitter (miss_mitsu) to announce a lot of gyaru news lately and it’s started up a lot of chatter there. I really love twitter for the instant news and instant response aspect which blogging doesn’t have. I love talking on there, so please say hi and chat about things gyaru and not (English dramas, hip hop and any sports talk are a bonus )!

Anyways lets get this talk started, it’s going to have some painful talk too so …sorry!

Is the GAL ERA changing?


Two of the October issues of the biggest gyaru magazines‘ covers have thrown me for a loop for different reasons.


Popteen has Maapipi on the cover. As I’ve written before I’m a fan of her so this is no hate on her cute face. She’s very active on twitter, so much so she closed her blog and just tweets: follow her as  https://twitter.com/maapipi45. But Popteen state “GALの時代がかわる!!” meaning “The era of GAL has changed!!” and Maapipi is in extremely natural make-up.

Now I will never grump about the changing face of GAL. GAL has lasted for so long because a) it’s broad!! b) it allows for change. Early bodycon girls would look at MAMBAs and scoff, and Mambas would look at Amekaji and scoff, and so on an so forth.

The problem I have with the statement matched with the cover is not the natural make-up. Maapipi on her twitter has stated she’s a big fan of the Dolly Wink adult link of eyelashes and many eyelash companies (Eyemazing, Diamond etc…) have come out with more understated lashes so it’s been a trend within make-up for a while.

My problem is the amount of photoshop on the cover. It seems hypocritical to say the era of GAL has changed and is trending towards natural make-up, but to smooth out the face to a blur. You can’t live your life in maximum smoothing iPhone app in real life (lord, some days I wish).


As Tori said this cover is looking very Nuts. I like both models as well. Mihokko (土屋美穂 Tsuyami Miho) is a really cute and did the solo cover of the September issue. She’s described her as オレっ娘 aka boyish lady which I think is a really cute mix. But this seems too adult and staid for Egg which usually holds it down for the 96gyaru and even the remaining Mamba. Leopard print and tans… where are you?


 Ranzuki though…


The other magazine for the youth, Ranzuki seems to be holding it down. Although according to Ranzuki’s website the November issue will be Natsumi Saito’s last issue. Shucks, she was my favorite! I hope she lands another magazine!

w♥c and Gilfy troubles

w♥c struggles

Earlier this year Chinatsu stated that she was stepping down as designer of w♥c, but staying on a little bit to watch over. Her last collection was the Spring/Summer one that I blogged about because it was shown on Tokyo Fashion Week . But it wasn’t that well received in stores and most times I was in a w♥c in March I was the only customer which used to be a rarity. Now August was a huge shake-up because Chinatsu stated on her blog there was no chance of her ever working with w♥c again, so there must’ve been bad blood. Also Wakana Koneko who was Press from the beginning of w♥c has left. Her new blog: http://wakanakaneko0521.blogspot.jp/ and instagram http://instagram.com/wakana_kaneko

Last month w♥c closed 4 stores: Osaka HEP 5, Osaka Shinsaibashi OPA, Nagoya Passe and Shinjuku Lumine EST store. All that remains is the main store in Shibuya (photos 1, photos 2) and the Sky Tree store (photos 1, photos 2). They’ve also changed their website (http://wcwc.jp/) and their shop blog (http://ameblo.jp/wc-store).

A big name leaving would hurt the company, but the problem lies in the clothes and styling itself.

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 4.28.33 PM

No Chinatsu-era playfulness just haphazard combined separates.

*pours coffee from my Kumatan tumblr for the bygone era*

Gilfy & ReDark struggles

Now one that isn’t as much talked about is Gilfy and ReDark’s slump. When I moved to Japan in 2007, Gilfy was the pinnacle of brands. Their knit caps sold out in several styles, their shoes were instant best-sellers. Their growth was extraordinary. They were different. A bit rock, a bit oraora, a whole lot of cool. Their store in Shibuya 109 was one of the largest.

Gilfy THEN

Look at that from 2009, all shop staff no models. That style, that edginess is still good. I’d wear all of that today!!

Gilfy NOW


There’s still some good bits, but it looks too much like every other “cool” brand’s line. The criss-cross shoes are maybe the only stand-out. It’s not original like it used to be. Where’s my extra zippers and asymmetrical cuts and super interesting denim?

Because of this, Gilfy who used to rule GAL just 5 years ago has NO stores in Tokyo anymore. Only 4 more sole Gilfy stores remain including one in Saitama and one in Chiba. Back in 2012 when I blogged about their Spring/Summer collection they had 11 Gilfy stores + 9 Gilfy Markets (Gilfy ReDark and Backs combined stores) + 2 outlets. Now it’s 4 stores plus 10 markets (Gilfy / Backs / ReDark). Backs is still popular in 109 and amekaji brand ReDark has no stores, but still is in the “Gilfy Markets” at least for Spring… no word if the brand isn’t dying in Fall.

and to shed a tear down my floral coated body…

No word on Liz Lisa‘s roomwear/home line Chambre a Coucher (previous posts) closing or not, but it seems probable. I do still think Liz Lisa will probably do more roomwear and towels with their continuing My Melody successful collaboration.

I have a happy post next, I promise….it’s really cool too so look forward to it and then 2 funny ones, so this is just a roadbump!!


I also think photoshop and memes in gyaru need to happen.  :smiley:

On my train journey last summer I stopped off in Nagoya and I had to of course visit and shop at the two awesome gyaru malls in Nagoya: Nagoya Passe (previous shop staff pics, mall pics one and two) and Nagoya Marui (previous post).

Nagoya Passe – WC JAPAN


Even if my love for w♥c lowers their shop staff are just, always so wow! Doing casual perfect so effortlessly. I love w♥c ladies! :lovecat:

These girls were so super friendly and sincere. Nagoya always has such nice staff.

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Season’s Greetings! Happy Holidays! I’m leaving this post here and I’ll be back to post on Christmas or the day after, before then I’ll be replying to all the lovely comments you left, thank you!!!! I honestly think I blog for the comments.

Two shop staff from Sky Tree Solomachi stores (previous post). Two girls both with casual bun up-dos but totally different styles. Casual up-do hair with no heat can be gyaru as these ladies are showing, it’s just the clothing and the make-up elevate the look.

w♥c – Sky Tree Solomachi

This awesome shop staff is from Sky Tree w♥c store that I have been posting about how amazing it is (post 1, post 2). Even better the shop staff instead of newest styles wear these super cute happi coat (short yukata? trad fashion peeps want to clarify?) special to the w♥c store. I don’t even think they sold them at all. I just love the whole look this girl has. I’m so sad to get her make-up I missed out on her cute bun up-do.

Murua – Sky Tree Solomachi


The make-up, the well-placed tattoo, the necklace. I’m in mode heaven. Insanely stylish casual mode staff from Murua was giving me face, face, beauty, face.

W♥C (ダブルシー) produced by Wakatsuki Chinatsu (若槻千夏) (site) had a runway show at the actual Japan Fashion Week. Previous gyaru brands have dipped their toes into high fashion catwalks like Liz Lisa. But this was the first for w♥c. While I’m a bit curious how a lot of these clothes will actually translate into ready-to-wear.

The theme is a 1970s Italian movie called Sunflower with Sophia Loren (wiki). The look taken from the film is a country doll. (source)

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