They make cat-shaped make-up! Tony Moly Catchu Wink line with cat themed items, you understand me. Tony Moly actually put a whole line of cat-shaped packaging along with bunnies and such. Korean companies, you’re beating the Japanese on cheap cute make-up right now. Tony Moly is a Korean brand and I got into it because they have a giant pop-up store in Kabukicho Shinjuku almost across from the MA*RS main store.

In my experience their skincare is great, and their make-up is slowly catching up.

I’m going to be reviewing the Tony Moly CatChu Wink Gloss in 01


A friend of mine was over at my place, used my bathroom and came out with my this lip gloss yelling “I should’ve guessed!”

I know. No shame. Crazy cat ladies… we’re suckers.

tony moly catchu wink lip gloss

The packaging is cute, cheap and sturdy, just plastic with nothing to chip or tarnish.


One standout for me was the applicator. With a thin edge and flat paddle it’s much easier to get a precise application.


Swatched with the Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge (previously reviewed). You can see it’s extremely shiny and gives a solid coverage. The issue is the edges can set too much product. (See the thicker edges?) The same thick edges can appear on the edges of your lips.


Super high gloss without glitter
Cute packaging
Petite size easy for pocket gloss
Doesn’t dry out lips


The application can require clean-up
A pure gloss, no staying power

Overall: 4/5

Does what it says, has cute packaging and a good price. As a gloss it has no staying power. I also realized I’m not too crazy about the candy fake orange color, but I feel that’s personal choice. I bought another item from Tony Moly’s CatChu line so I’ll be reviewing it later. Please check out all my other kawaii make-up reviews here


So much cute Liz Lisa Makeup! The best and most horrible incident happened to me heading to Japan in April. On any long haul flight I wear no make-up and just slather myself in moisturizer to combat the drying plane air. Then right before the flight lands I bring out a make-up pouch and put on some make-up to get back into the human world. After I put on make-up I stowed away my make-up pouch under the seat to land and ….youguessedit…. left it (HORRIBLE)   :heartbreak:

I did not realize this until I was safely in Tokyo and my plane was probably in Taipei or back in Houston. Bye bye make-up. But I had landed in the best place in the world for me to buy make-up. (BEST) Excuses to shop? YES PLEASE!

Sadly one of the items I had left on the plane was my Liz Lisa Cosme blush. After having it for 9 months and not yet panning it even though it was my go to blush, I was really sad about losing it.

All of the Liz Lisa makeup are available to buy: in Liz Lisa stores, on their website, or on their rakuten shop.


Let’s get this out of the way first. Liz Lisa Cosme Packaging is HARDY!

I know what you’re thinking when you’re looking at those cases if you’re practical like me.

“Those will break in a heartbeat.” (areyoufuckingkiddingmeface)


Actually they’re the sturdiest cases!

I was really worried when I bought my first blush and the shop staff told me she carried hers in her bag everyday and it looks fine. She even got her personal blush out of her bag to show me. So I had faith and bought my blush. I went traveling the next week and was stuck balancing my blush on a dinky edge of a hotel bathtub and crash it goes! The rose top popped off and it was easy to pop it back on, no scratches. And the blush itself was not disturbed. Clumsy me did this a lot and it still looked great.

Don’t believe me? Check all my cases 6 months in!  :stars:

Liz Lisa Makeup Blush (Cheek) in Coral Rose (011)

I have gone through a lot of blushes: CandyDoll (3/5), CanMake Powder type (3/5), CanMake Cream Type (4/5), MAC blush (3/5), Kiss Cosmetics (link | review) Heart Blush (4.5/5)

At the time of having my Liz Lisa blush I was down to CanMake Cream and Kiss Cosmetics Heart Blush. Both barely get used now even though they are in different shades than my Liz Lisa.

For me Liz Lisa Cosme Blush was a no-brainer repurchase.

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Most everything in Japan has a mascot or two, but I’ve got to say a whole painted out Dolphin Train on the Kotoden Line in Takamatsu was one of the cutest mascot branding in Japan I’ve ever seen. The Takamatsu-Kotohira line aka Kotoden has a smart card ticketing service called “IruCa” a play on iruka (イルカ/海豚) meaning dolphin. So of course they have a super cute dolphin mascot and one of their trains is done completely in dolphin logo.

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You know all that cute stuff you didn’t know you need but when you see it you have to have it? Shells is the epitome of that. It’s like walking into a kawaii tumblr. I left thinking why is my trashcan so boring and my cellphone charger is lacking kawaii. Do I need an Rilakkuma iphone stand, a My Melody shaped coffee mug, a Nameko bento set, a OnePiece bag, or a Spongebob cubby? Nope, but damn I love looking at all of it!

Shells is located on the 3rd floor of Tokyo Ueno aBaB gyaru mall (previous hair accessory post from aBaB) and junior high and high school girls as well as adults were all buying cute things.I saved my yen but hey pictures count as a souvenir right? ( #travelprotip)

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