Lots of new brands popping up inside of 109 and out. I’m going to start with the Shibuya 109 Tower of Power brands and break them down with previous, looks for Fall 2013, and shop staff style from all 3 new stores: Heather be, GeeeekS, and Secret Honey


Heather be

Heather be website

Popular casual brand “Heather” (shop staff snap here) has been branching into a more Shibuya-style with their mini-brand Heather be. Shibuya 109’s blog calls it an “Edgy and Lowbrow brand with a touch of 109 in it”. Lowbrow…?? I don’t really see the Heather / Heather be differences yet, but Heather is a nice casual brand with a good price point.

Here are some of the Fall 2014 looks by Heather Be modeled by the Heather Be shopstaff at the Shinjuku Lumine EST store (ameblo)

heatherbe3 heatherbe4 heatherbee


Their shop staff are super cute. I’d buy that mohair set-up in a heartbeat. Love texture!

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It’s a shame I don’t blog about SLY much because it’s a massive chain of gyaru stores. SLY is always in popular gal malls, but its edgy enough that a lot of fashionable types not into gal go for its fun accessories and other interesting looks. Below is a rundown of their catalog for this season, shop staff style, and other news.

Sly details:
katakana: スライ
website: http://sly.jp/
webstore: http://www.ec-store.net/sch_shopping_list.cfm?uk=0
number of stores: 33 in Japan, 6 in Taiwan, 2 in HongKong
shop blogs: http://ameblo.jp/shelttershop/
since: 2000
style concept: Edgy casual

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Casual powerhouse Gilfy finally put out their Spring catalog and it reflects all their typical style: damage, denim, crazy Gilfy brand Engrish, tough mannish leather accessories, stars and layering.

Gilfy details:
katakana: ダンス エルビー・ゼロスリー
website: http://gilfy.com/
online store: http://gilfy.com/webstore/index.html
number of stores: 11 Gilfy stores + 9 Gilfy Markets (Gilfy ReDark and Backs combined stores) + 2 outlets
since: 2004
style: casual rock

Gilfy Spring Catalog

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