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Fig & Viper

Fig & Viper is a casual street gyaru brand that has had an on-line presence for a year and 4 months at Shinsaibashi OPA in Osaka. This week they’re finally setting up a shop in Shibuya 109 so it’s time to talk about them.

If you’re a reader of Wei Son/Sun’s blog or twitter you’ve heard about Fig & Viper. She actually has nothing to do with the brand, but her best friend and fellow Blenda model Arisa Ueno (aka Alisa Ueno) is the producer of brand.

Fig and Viper producer Alisa Ueno in New York looking fun.

Alisa Ueno with Fig & Viper's Shibuya 109 shop staff


Fig & Viper details:
katakana: フィグアンドバイパー
producer: Alisa/Arisa Ueno
producers blog:
number of stores: 2 – Shinsaibashi OPA in Osaka and Shibuya 109 BF2 in Tokyo
style concept: New York streetwear mentality focusing on skater chic.
year began: 2011

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The Spring 2012 catalog from MA*RS came out a few days ago and I think it’s a great mix of adult agejo and traditional MA*RS style.

After we talk about MA*RS I’m hoping we can start a discussion on the future of agejo and what the MA*RS and Gold’s Infinity catalogs mean for the new look of agejo.

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Super popular gyaru brand w♥c (ダブルシー website) just released its new catalog and already the pieces are showing up in stores. Wakatsuki Chinatsu revealed she is 5 months pregnant (first reported on in English by bloomzy) yet she shows no signs of slowing down. w♥c fans should be happy of the mix of typical w♥c style and trends.

All photos below are from the website, shop staff blogs, and w♥c customer mail.

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Spiral Girl is a giant gal brand. Godzilla sized Spiral Girl outpaces popular Lip Service and Gilfy in terms of stores, maybe even combined! When they release their look for the season, it’s bound to be everywhere. In combination with fashionwalker they released a small catalog of looks for Spring 2012 and it’s a playful, colorful playground of traditional styling mixed with denim and retro prints.

SPIRAL GIRL details:
katakana: スパイラルガール
style: pop gal, trend
number of stores: 29 stores (5 in Tokyo) + 7 Roomy’s stores with Spiral Girl outfits + 2 outlets + 1 store in Hawaii, 1 store in Taiwan and 2 in Hong Kong
since: 2004
this season’s concept: “Glimpse at the Fifties” Classic, vintage and trend inspired by the 1950s combine to form a trend and vintage blend.

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