I can’t believe I haven’t talked about all the cute gyaru shoe shops in Japan. I know I’ve posted pictures of many but actually not talked about them? Shame on me! This post is thanks to an anonymous tumblr question wanting suggestions for cute comfortable shoes to buy in Japan. I love tumblr questions, please send me some and who knows maybe they’ll inspire another post!

Back in 2009 I wrote a tips for buying shoes in Japan post that I still agree with, although wow old style me we need a talk. :roll: I will not rehash that information but to remind you if you’re above a 9US you’re out of luck mainly in buying shoes from Japan. Also most Japanese shoes aren’t made of leather (import duties are so expensive).

First if you love a clothing brand, check their shoes! Pretty much every brand carries their own shoes designed to suit their season’s look. However there’s a lot of great stand-alone shoe stores in Japan offering all the trendiest looks at decent prices. Below are main shoe stores especially those that gyaru like and a quick intro to what they offer.



Kobe Randa

website: http://www.kobe-randa.com/
webstore: http://www.kobe-randa.com/
blog: http://ameblo.jp/randa-blog/

Quick comment: Tons of selection, two convient stores in Tokyo, good prices, LL friendly

This is the place I’d recommend above all others. Lots of selection, best prices for the selection. Sales often. Also very convient if you’re in Tokyo with one shop on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku (english map with wonderful instore photos) and one in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.


Randa in Hiroshima at night


website: http://bonita-shoe.com/
webstore: used to be http://www.esp-shoe.com/

Quick comment: Cheapest, not often the cutest or most trending, can find a gem or two, LL friendly

In 109-2, Ueno ab-ab, Shinjuku Alta and other discount-type gyaru malls. Great prices, but often not the best quality. Still a lot of cute shoes to be found.


Bonita in Kobe

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Pictures inside Sendai Forus from last Winter I’m so behind! (仙台フォーラス link) Forus is Sendai’s mall housing gyaru brands. The basement held the most gyaru brands which required you to walk down a stairway situated in the middle of the brands. A bit of a different layout. Sendai Forus housed much much more than gyaru brands and I decided to take pictures of a few and include them. I also took pictures of the male fashion floor with a lot of gyaruo brands (here)

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More from the insane w♥c store in Solomachi Tokyo Sky Tree town. Part two and I still am not showing all of the grand craziness. Just look at the ceilings! It’s like the Versailles of gyaru funkiness!!  Tokyo Sky Tree is such a huge tourist spot now that it’s not only gyaru or teens going into w♥c now, especially since it’s such a whacky looking store. Also since it’s a tourist spot I wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Everyone was there to take a look. However they were doing decent business too, especially since they have w♥c goods that are only available at the Sky Tree store.


Family Mart x W♥C snack collaboration! Really it’s Morinaga (of Cup Ramen fame). I was tempted by the Super Ottotto in “Meat Sauce” flavor and Baby Star Ramen in “Tasty Salty” Flavor. Since I’m not a big fan of salty snacks to begin with I can’t say much. :heartbreak: I had only two bites of the Super Ottotto and gave my girl Alice the Tasty Salty Ramen to eat.  :alpaca:

Why oh why did I pass up buying a w♥c x American Apparel cities bag?!?!?! I have no idea. So many regrets. I really wanted the w♥c because it’s w♥c (duh) and has my two cities Houston & Tokyo on it. REGRETS, I HAVE THEM! :sadcat:

The Chinatsu Wakatsuki produced W♥C stores are always a treat (Shibuya main store post 1,2) but the Sky Tree Solomachi store is the most amazing designed gyaru brand store I’ve ever been in. It’s so amazing it requires several posts and even gifs. The Kumatan love and supreme use of “wa” mixed with Americana is something only w♥c can deliver. Not to mention there’s a stock of w♥c treats in collab with Family Mart . Also the giant amount of WC Japan home goods.

Seriously, I’ve only covered 1/3 of the store in those images. Can you imagine the insanity waiting in the next few posts? I’ll have one every week for a bit since I just need to space out the craziness.

BONUS! A gif I made of the moving hand Kumatan. There’s giant robotic Kumatan in every w♥c store, but finally I could gif this one.  :dotbow: