During my Japan trip in June I got a chance to check out Nagoya’s Maruei mall 名古屋の百貨店丸栄[マルエイ] and of course I had to take pictures of the cute gyaru stores and their adorable items.

One of the stores I took pictures of is One*Spo and their blog is one of my favorite shop staff blogs for a long time since they update so much, their shop staff are so cute and dedicated, and were the only One*Spo blog for a while. So my quest to go to this mall was mainly all about that One*Spo! Check out their blog here: http://ameblo.jp/os-maruei/

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This is a post strictly dedicated to Japanese men’s fashion particularly the fashion I saw at Sendai’s FORUS mall (仙台フォーラス link). I know some ladies are interested in all fashion and it’s interesting to see how male style is displayed and portrayed. Pictures all types of styles range from b-kei (b系)to simple to onii (お兄系) to uraharajuku (裏原宿系) to  gyaruo (ギャル男)including amekaji (アメカジ系)  to oraora (オラオラ系)and more.

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Even more pictures from Wakatsuki Chinatsu’s w♥c (ダブルシー) Japan’s Shibuya main store. Last year I posted pictures of some of the Shibuya store and they got a great response so I headed back to show you an even better glimpse of cute w♥c items and to buy some things myself of course!

Pictures this time from mostly the 2nd floor which has the new w♥c Japan home goods and Fayjancil’s remake goods.

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I was in Niigata (新潟) for a day as a transfer spot between Kanazawa and Nagano/Sendai and got to enjoy extremely friendly shop staff and a surprising amount of gal in a city known mainly for being a shinkansen hub and skiing destination (other post about Niigata – Walking around Niigata). Niigata Alta (新潟アルタ site) has only 2 floors, but it’s 100% gal. I wish I took more photos of the outside but since it was getting dark and still rainy I failed  :depressed:

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