Photos taken from Liz Lisa in Shibuya 109, Liz Lisa in Ginza and Liz Lisa in Omiya Arche. While these are definitely not my best photos and Liz Lisa stores have some wonky lighting. I am hoping the cuteness and fluff outweighs that. Also I didn’t put many watermarks on these, but if you don’t credit when you tumblr or such I will be a very sad & unhappy blogger.

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Kohrinbo 109 (香林坊109) is the 109 mall in Kanazawa (website). I had travel goals to see all the 109 malls. I’ve previous been to Shibuya 109 (of course), Machida 109, Shizuoka 109 and now Kohrinbo 109!  If only they didn’t just open an Abeno 109 now I’ve got one more to make it complete.  -_-

Kanazawa (金沢) is a truly awesome and amazing city, and it’s a shame it’s overlooked. Nesting around a 3-4 hour train ride from Osaka and further from Tokyo with no direct Shinkansen connection it’s situated pretty remotely. It’s also one of the most rainiest cities in the world:icon_eek: However I fell in love with the city and even though it’s out of the way I really want to go back. I have more tourist-type pictures to show, but I felt like showing Winter looks while it’s still cold. :o

Tourist notes:

Kanazawa is a car and bus city with no trains inside the main city area. Heading to Kohrinbo 109 is not really in walking distance to Kanazawa station, possibly an hour walk or so. It’s best to bus or taxi it. Taxis are incredibly cheap in Kanazawa with starting rates around 175yen. I think my taxi ride from Kanazawa station to Kohrinbo was 550 yen or so. Although tour and regular buses will take you to the Kohrinbo area. You can walk from Kohrinbo 109 to the Nagamatchi Samurai District so it’s easy to fit into a tourist day.

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