Keep people in the North in our hearts: please give to help rescue efforts in the Sendai Earthquake. See all what you can do to help inside and out of Japan.

My friend Gregorio also tweeted you could donate to the American Red Cross Japanese relief effort through iTunes. Took less than a minute to help ♥

Sadly Friday was the day Tutuha was set to open in Shinjuku Alta. With all the stores closed on Friday til Saturday and the shops only open til 6:00 today (Sunday) this was really a set back for Tutuha’s new location.

Shinjuku ALTA 6F is their new home. Regrettably it’s not the most well chosen home. ALTA used to be quite a popular gal mall in years past but the development of Shinjuku Lumine EST last year has really driven most of the main brands out of Alta except for Love Boat and Liz Lisa which occupy big spaces on the first floor. It’s still a big meeting spot in Shinjuku (like Hachiko) it just doesn’t get much traffic inside it. Unlike 109 the traffic really shrinks as you go up floors.

Shinjuku Lumine EST was shockingly packed by hoardes of shoppers Sunday. Dazzlin was hard to move in and there was a line to purchase. Items were flying off the shelves in Murua. I asked a friend if she wanted to go since we both wanted to escape our houses, the news, and enjoy the good weather Sunday. I thought we would be rare, but apparently many women thought the same thing.

Tutuha only had one shopper in their large store.  :worries:


Tutuha got bouquets from Popteen and “Wells”. A rather petite delivery, usually new stores get 6-10.

The Laguna Moon “renewal” in Machida 109 got 3 bouquets, just for a renewal and in a much smaller mall.

Their set-up is quite open and large with Metal x Psychadelic Trance music blaring.

No real new merchandise in the store, which was a let down for me.

Morimayu was there for the day but I didn’t get a picture. She seemed quite down, but the store was having bad luck that day and she’s got a lot of reasons to be down.

Consequently on the 6th floor near Tutuha is a store that mirrors the more costume and sexy styles of tutuha, Sadistic Action.

I’m hoping for best for Tutuha, hopefully opening weekend and its location doesn’t hurt it too much.

As always check out new Tutuha information at Sara Mari‘s Tutuha Tune-In

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Same ole’ school, friends, exhaustion cycle :sage: Here’s pictures around Kobe from last month. Next up: a few trend updates :stepup:

I was really cold so we headed to Kobe OPA which is connected to the train station. OPA contains the majority of brand gal fashion in Kobe. The adorable signature cat in Christmas wear.

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