Japanese Gyaru Clothing Brands is a Japanese Fashion University post. A series of posts aimed at laying down the foundation for a well rounded knowledge of the history and style of Japanese fashion.

I talk a lot about gyaru clothing (hell this blog is 80% clothing, 20% travel, and the rest of the 10% is beauty, food and randomness) but I’m going to try to define what exactly is a gyaru brand. Gyaru brands are very big and profitable businesses, these giant clothing conglomerates that prove that gyaru just isn’t about make-up and hair.

Most of your favorite gyaru brands are part of conglomerates. Vent International owns Jugeetta, Liz Lisa, Liz Lisa Doll, Tralala and Killwatch. Runway Channel owns Emoda, Jouetie, Dazzlin, Murua, Laguna Moon, Gyda and other non-gyaru brands. Another group owns Mars, MeJane and Princess Melody. Another Sly, Rodeo Crows, Rienda, Miel Christnaut and more. They’re huge.




That’s my definition to describe gyaru brands. Why Shibuya 109 and not say Machida 109 or Fukuoka Tenjin core or any other the other gyaru malls in Japan? Because Shibuya 109 has only gyaru brands for the most part, they’re known as the mecca of gyaru. So they make the best example of a gyaru mall.

If it’s in Shibuya 109, you can say it’s a gyaru brand. What brands are in Shibuya 109? Well check out their website and webstore (shopping service only). Their current stock is current gyaru clothing.

What are gyaru magazines? Oh girls you know I wrote about about this earlier: gyaru magazine encyclopedia:wink:

What do gyaru models wear? Well search on crooz or popular blogs on amoeba. Usually you can view their off duty outfits and see what they wear. Popteen and other magazines also show their off-duty style, too. Why gyaru models? Because they’re wearing the trends a few months before everyone else often because they had to do magazine shoots in them, and they go to exhibitions of the clothing, they are the trendsetters. I decided to put this in for many of the web and hime brands. Web brands like Yumetenbo don’t often get a lot of magazine love except for Popteen ads, but they are popular with gyaru. Same for hime brands.


So let’s try my theory out!


JSG – It’s in LA Foret, but was in Shibuya 109. Gyaru models wear it (Egg model Kanako Kawabata loves it), and it’s in gyaru magazines. BOOM! It’s a gyaru brand.  :stepup:


Liz Lisa – It’s in Shibuya 109. Gyaru models wear it. It’s in gyaru magazines.  :stepup:

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So this is a “vague” question. (Pun absolutely intended, I have no shame.) Vague was in Shizuoka 109.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell the beginner gyaru you?

I think in gyaru and in life we learn in balance, partially through trial and error and partially through someone actually instructing us.

So what have you learned through trial and error or someone telling you that you’d go back and say… “Listen girl, we need to talk…” (ala those good Blake Griffin Kia commercials if you’re in the US).

From things to make-up, hair, coordination, to the dealing with the ugly aspects of overseas gyaru (better off ignored I say).


Super cute purikura set-up also at Shizuoka 109

Who knows maybe your tips can be like your Gyaru University course to a beginner gal and we can work on helping each other (which all women should be doing).

I’d tell myself: 

:bow: Use more make-up than you think you need. A ton more. Your heavy is in no way near gyaru style.

:bow: Slow change is the best change. Instead of killing your hair with 12 dye jobs a year.

:bow: Don’t pick 50 styles at once for your closet.

:bow: A good blank canvas is better than a well done outside. Well cared for skin, healthy hair, loving yourself mean more than the outer gyaru case.

:bow: A good eyelash glue is better than great lashes and a crap glue.

:bow: If you want to sleep in before class, buy a wig.

So let’s travel back in time and as usual with open post, let the glory happen in the comments

BTW I already said thank you, but I have to say it again, you fabulous ladies fucking rocked last open post. I’m so curious what you’ll do with this topic.  :alpaca:

A post all about japanese gyaru magazines, your textbooks to gyaru style it’s part of the Japanese Fashion University posts, a series of posts that go further in depth into Japanese style.. I always find it silly when people think gyaru style is small. 16 magazines supported and it’s small?! (dafaq) With such a wide range of styles and ages represented you’re sure to mix and match to find your preference.

Data found from Japanese wiki, Digital Zasshi and Magazine-data. Covers are from the most recent issues taken from Fujisan.




jpn: 姉ageha
site: http://aneageha.com/
since: 2011
style: Adult gyaru, beauty

A relatively new magazine that bills itself for the 25-35 crowd. Less flashy dressing than Ageha, but similar target audience. Many of the models also model for Ageha. It’s worth noting that many of the popular Ageha models are currently in this age group (Sakurina turns 30 next month).

Edit: AneAgeha like all InForest publications went bankrupt, however AneAgeha was rebirthed by SCawaii’s publisher and is still printing (8/2014 update)




jpn: ブレンダ
site: http://www.blenda.jp/
since: 2003
style: oneegyaru, cool, overseas style, gossip
popular models: Reiko Ide, Yui Hasegawa, Natsumi Yoshida

Blenda is the oneegyaru key magazine started by Popteen during the Oneegyaru boom to build an older audience. Focusing on simple mixed with glamorous. Their models have a high-low mix to their outfits: brand bags or watches mixed with gyaru brand clothing. Their dressing is often inspired by popular celebrities (mostly Western).

Edit: Blenda printed its final issue for September 2014. No news on where the models have gone (8/2014 update)


Decolog Paper


jpn: デコログ
site: http://www.dclog.jp/m/Index
since: 2010
style: blogger, adult gyaru

Another blogsite to paper. Decolog makes a bi-monthly magazine focusing on street snaps and shop staff style. Popular models are on the cover, but it’s geared for the regular older gyaru.

Edit: Decolog Paper last published 5/2014 issue. It has since decided to change its name to Dorothy Rose and aim towards an older audience. (8/2014 update)

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Eyelashes are changing!

In some ways I know this is a DUH post. Since all ladies who love gal know that gal and eyelashes have a strong relationship that’s only getting stronger. But the gal eyelashes you loved in 2008 are not the same ones models are worshipping in 2010.

A great example of this is Nana Suzuki’s eyelash changes. :stars:

Compare her older eyes from 2008 to her current eyelashes (the big picture)

I hear a lot of constructive criticism to gals that they need eyelashes. But the issue is, not all eyelashes are the same. Not all false eyelashes are current gal.

So…. what are current gal eyelashes…? :!:

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