During traveling I’ve gotten more into eating local famous food in the regions of Japan. Lately it’s become more of an obsession to be able to find places. Along with local food I’ll also discuss regular delicious food and where to get it if you visit or live in Japan. I now have a fancy new banner and a new series of blog posts to make you hungry.  :bow:

One of my favorite local foods is Nagoya Misonikomi Udon (味噌煮込みうどん) made with the famous Aichi prefecture (where Nagoya is located) red miso. I wasn’t aware of red miso before, but I find it so much more delicious than regular yellow miso!

The way I found out about it the first time is the Tralala shop staff in Nagoya Passe. They asked me if I had any plans to eat dinner and if not I should try the local Misonikomi Udon. Since the shop was virtually next store I had to take them up on it.

I went to Yamamotoya in Takashimaya JR which is right next to the main Nagoya station. It’s full name is Yamamotoya Souhonkei 山本屋総本家  (Souhonkei means main branch) and it’s well known as the place for getting Misonikomi Udon.

Takashimaya are known as fancy department stores and the Takashimaya Nagoya doesn’t dissapoint. Yamamotoya is on the 13 floor.

Department stores usually have a food level on the top floor. Not as fancy as this, but if you’d like a typical Japanese cuisine (sushi, yakiniku, katsu, pasta) they’re a great place to find one.

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The last of my series of gyaru goods inside Donki photoset. These are all from the large and crowded Kabukicho Donki. It is actually my least favorite Donki in Japan, but it was the most accessible last Fall. Silly costumes, eyelashes and contacts below. All the fun and frivolous gal needs.

My top 3 favorite Donkis in Tokyo are:

1. Shin Okubo Donki. Has a takoyaki stand outside for tastiness. Full stocked grocers inside and wide aisles for easy navigation. Nail Salon Bibi is just outside as well.
2. Ueno Donki. In a busy area, but still well stocked and spaced.
3. Nakano Donki. Not as big but wide aisles. Nakano & next station over Koenji are great places to spend the day especially if you like punk style or used stores.

Honorable mention: Shibuya Donki for its people watching.

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Don Quixote known to all as Donki (ドンキ) is the cheap buyer’s paradise in Japan. You can get electronics, household goods, hair dye, make-up, clothing, luggage, furniture, used brand name items like Chanel, contact lens and in some even food. Most every gal in Japan probably has something she bought at Donki and is around something or laying on something she got there, too.

.Since this is a blog for gyaru style and fashion it mostly concentrates of gyaru goods found in Donki. This first series is all from Niigata Donki. As usual scroll for descriptions or just enjoy!

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Sorry guys for the lack of updates! :sage: I was busy with school this week trying to be a good student, and trying to fit time in with my friends. Then this weekend I got sick on Friday night and had to cut it short with an expensive cab ride home. :x  After 14 hrs of sleep Saturday/Sunday I still feel like crap. But… I gotta blog or I’ll be a grump :rushed:

A bunch of recent pictures I’ve taken in Japan, all with a bit of a gal/gyaruo lean to them. I do plan on posting other pics I’ve taken, but let’s start with the gal-ness first :wink:

Random people milling about the game center Adores in Kabukicho (Shinjuku) on the purikura level (5f)

Tsubasa Matsuwaka has another purikura machine open.

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