When I was back in Tokyo in November I was able to visit my beloved nail art salon “Nail Salon Avarice” (previous posts | tumblr ) in Harajuku and get some new nail designs. Their gel nail art designs are always top notch and I think Nail Salon Avarice outdid themselves on both sets.


All eyes on me. Literally. One of my funkiest sets. It’s actually Brigitte Bardot deconstructed and psychedelic prints. I kind of like how beautiful humans look funky and weird when deconstructed.


Here’s my original quick and shoddy sketch for my nail art designs I took to Avarice. Pretty awesome how they put it on nails, right?

Since I forgot to take pictures of my thumb art together here’s my thumbs doing everyday things.


Psychedelic print thumb number one holding a delicious chikuwa in Miyajima, Hiroshima.


Eyebrow, hair and eye thumb number two holding my Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Lips Lipstick.

My favorite nail art designs I’ve gotten done in a long time.

James Bond Villan Nail Art Designs

So inspiration strikes us in various ways. I was dead set on getting James Bond themed nails. I had never gotten movie nails before and I have watched all of the James Bond films more than twice so I was prepared to nerd on. But I had to simplify my nails and only get two really crafted out.


So I chose to be inspired by this James Bond fanart by Ben Jelfs (http://benjelfs.com/). No it’s not Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth. It’s Ernst Stravo Blofeld, the original Dr. Evil and his persian. Yup nerding up a storm.

Take a good look at that artwork because it’s amazingly redone on nails.


 Freakin’ amazing right? She got all the tiny details done on the persian and the great head shading on Blofeld. Those are my nails a month in, still looking good though.  :bow:


Close-up of the Persian cat nail art design. Ahh I love the cat x cat mix. Shown with a Paul and Joe Makeup Cat blush. Doesn’t the persian look appropriately sour? I love sour looking cats.

I had to cancel the day before and I ran into time constraints and could only do a simpler design the day I left on a plane. I was freaking out worried about missing my flight while getting my nails done. It was so stressful.

You know why Avarice is awesome??

I cancelled on them, I was unable to call and cancel. I was the bad and horrible one!! But you know what they did? I got a handwritten note from Kayo apologizing that she had her day off the next day and couldn’t work on me AND the discount price I earned with my hot pepper points they used. Seriously, Avarice is the best. I keep recommending it to people and more satisfied people leave. It’s such a wonderful place!


My girl Alanna also went to Avarice and got these awesome Galaxy-themed nails. Pretty cool, right?


These art my self done Gelish nails that I did before leaving for Japan. I get really nervous about going to a Japan Nail Salon without showing up in nice nails so I took a bit of time on these. Done with all soft-gel Gelish and parts from Shibuya Nail Store TAT (review and info on that soonish let me get my hair salon series done first). Since nautical is trending for Spring I’m going to use up my gold shell nail deco.  :bow:

Universal-Doll facebook note: I’ve been working on the facebook page lately so that you know when there’s a new post on the Doll also I’ll be starting a weekly series called “Lost Photos of the Doll” photos I have taken in Japan but never made themselves into posts. If you’d like to see more Japan and fun/cute/gyaru items please check the Universal-Doll facebook

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Before I even headed to Japan I made sure to I schedule my appointment with Avarice Tokyo Nail Salon (previous post here) through Hot Pepper.

The theme for my nails was Me & My Basset Hound  :bow:

I decided me to be interpreted as a Paper Doll. Apparently Paper Dolls are unheard of in Japan. The “butt” nail got lots of giggles and compliments  :lolpastel:


I wanted a vintage style me with a beret. I liked how they both turned out!


Holding the delicious Marie Antoinette limited edition Laduree macaron. So delicious (thanks Stella!).


My Basset Hound hand! I love the long idea it was actually inspired by my nailist Aya’s nails :sage:


Her corn hand!  :lolpastel:

avarice tokyo nail salon

This was her older set, when I went back a second time to Avarice she had done meat on this hand so she had corn and meat. Apparently they were her favorite foods  :smiley:


Me raving about Avarice has gotten my friends to go there. Bestie Alice “Alice and Wonderland” themed nails. The rabbit is so cute!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAavarice tokyo nail salon
And this is Aya Yoshida my nailist! Her instagram Excuse my shoddy camerawork it was my first time actually using my new camera to take a picture of someone. Thankfully I learned quickly! I had planned on doing a series on Este professional snaps, but the ones I went for on my first visit I liked so much I went back to all 3 of them. Really stopped the whole este snap idea…  :sweatbubble:

She’s a big fan of Alisa Ueno producer of Fig & Viper and quirky Hollywood movies like Bettlejuice and Addams Family.

Lately she’s been moonlighting in the Ally’s nail salon that’s just for famous people to get their nails done at. Murua’s producer Momoko Ogihara is one of her clients! :korila:

For a long time in Japan I ate by walking around and going into a place that looked good when I was hungry or word-of-mouth. That works really well in Japan. However Tablelog is a great website with tons of options on how to search for restaurants in Japan http://tabelog.com/.  It works great if you’d like to eat a certain cuisine, if you’re traveling or new to an area.

I also wrote below on the best websites for being a vegan or vegetarian in Japan. If you’re only in need of that scroll on down.

There are a lot of ways on tablelog to search up food. You can just click your location or train station and see anything that’s close-by.

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I can’t believe I haven’t talked about all the cute gyaru shoe shops in Japan. I know I’ve posted pictures of many but actually not talked about them? Shame on me! This post is thanks to an anonymous tumblr question wanting suggestions for cute comfortable shoes to buy in Japan. I love tumblr questions, please send me some and who knows maybe they’ll inspire another post!

Back in 2009 I wrote a tips for buying shoes in Japan post that I still agree with, although wow old style me we need a talk. :roll: I will not rehash that information but to remind you if you’re above a 9US you’re out of luck mainly in buying shoes from Japan. Also most Japanese shoes aren’t made of leather (import duties are so expensive).

First if you love a clothing brand, check their shoes! Pretty much every brand carries their own shoes designed to suit their season’s look. However there’s a lot of great stand-alone shoe stores in Japan offering all the trendiest looks at decent prices. Below are main shoe stores especially those that gyaru like and a quick intro to what they offer.



Kobe Randa

website: http://www.kobe-randa.com/
webstore: http://www.kobe-randa.com/
blog: http://ameblo.jp/randa-blog/

Quick comment: Tons of selection, two convient stores in Tokyo, good prices, LL friendly

This is the place I’d recommend above all others. Lots of selection, best prices for the selection. Sales often. Also very convient if you’re in Tokyo with one shop on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku (english map with wonderful instore photos) and one in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.


Randa in Hiroshima at night


website: http://bonita-shoe.com/
webstore: used to be http://www.esp-shoe.com/

Quick comment: Cheapest, not often the cutest or most trending, can find a gem or two, LL friendly

In 109-2, Ueno ab-ab, Shinjuku Alta and other discount-type gyaru malls. Great prices, but often not the best quality. Still a lot of cute shoes to be found.


Bonita in Kobe

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