Happy new year! I’ve been spamming my twitter about fukubukuro reveals, but figured some of you don’t follow my twitter (miss_mitsu I posted other links than the ones below so feel free to check them out as well).


The w♥c shop staff in Osaka Hep 5 ready to hand out fukubukuro.

Popteen pictures from Febraury issue of reveals including: OneSpo, Glad News, Rojita, Muse Muse by Royal party and more

Ank Rouge: reveal one | reveal two | reveal three | reveal four

Backs: reveal one part two part three | reveal two | reveal three with coordinate shots

Blue Moon Blue: reveal one

ByeBye: reveal one

Cecil McBee: reveal one

Cheer: reveal one

Cocolulu: reveal one | reveal two

Cryx: reveal one

Dazzlin: reveal one (with Ingni) | reveal two

D.I.A.: reveal one | reveal two | reveal three

Duras: reveal one | reveal two with coordinate shots

Egoist: reveal one

Emoda: reveal one | reveal two with coordinates of the items | reveal three | reveal four

Fig & Viper: reveal one

Garula: reveal one | reveal two

Gilfy: reveal one

Golds Infinity: reveal one

Gyda: reveal one

Honey Bunch: reveal one

Ingni: reveal one | reveal two

Jouetie: reveal one | reveal two | reveal three with coordinate shots

Juriano Jurrie: reveal one

LDS: reveal one | reveal two | reveal three

Lip Service: reveal one


A fabulous mixi user of the Liz Lisa  community put this together. The items from the big pink carry luggage from Liz Lisa. (so happy I got this!)

Liz Lisa: reveal one (big tote) | reveal two (webstore carry) | reveal three (webstore carry, instore big tote and ank rouge) | reveal four (big tote) | reveal five (webstore boston) | reveal six (webstore big tote) | reveal seven boston bag | reveal eight boston and big tote

Liz Lisa Doll: reveal one | reveal two

MA*RS: reveal one

Miel Chrishnaut: reveal one | reveal two | reveal three | reveal four (with LDS)

Milsqur: reveal one

Monkey Bite: reveal one

mmts: reveal one

Murua: reveal one | reveal two with coordinate shots

OneSpo: reveal one part one part two

Oneway: reveal one | reveal two (with WEGO) | reveal three (with Liz Lisa)

Pinky Girls: reveal one | reveal two

Rienda: reveal one | reveal two

Rodeo Crowns: reveal one

Rojita: reveal one | reveal two

SBY: reveal one

Sly: reveal one

Sly Lang: reveal one

Snidel (not gyaru but many gyaru like it): reveal one | reveal two | reveal three

Tralala: reveal one

Titty & Co: reveal one

Ungrid: reveal one

w♥c: reveal one

bonus: the craziness at Shibuya 109 the day fukubukuro are released (from the Spinns 109 blog)


Loving so many of these. Really wish I got the Rojita bag. Still thinking of getting it on auction.  :heartbreak:

Some fukubukuro still available from individual websites (Liz Lisa), girlswalker and shibuya 109, and a ton are at auctions at mbok and y!auctions. Again check out the comprehensive post of how to buy gyaru clothes from Japan for any shopping related questions.

The GYDA (ジェイダ) Fall 2012 lookbook I picked up from the Jouetie x GYDA temporary store called Bayard in Carino mall in Kagoshima. It was currently the only physical GYDA store, and they were giving out the new lookbook. The pictures are not that great because the catalog was a folding paper one and I had to take quick pictures in my hotel room because it would’ve gotten travel smushed. Sorry!

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JugeETTA (ジュジュエッタ site) is full of adult girly for Spring.

Although this is not a gyaru brand per se. I’m happy to talk about brands that have links to gyaru fashion (Juge ETTA being the older sister store of Liz Lisa) and inspire within gal. JugeETTA Spring since I talked about their one store and collection in the Fall has grown to 4 stores. They have stores in Sendai Parco, the Liz Lisa main store in Harajuku, Kashiwa Stemo in Chiba, and Tennouji Mio in Osaka.

JugeETTA Spring Catalog Shots

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B-gyaru brand Baby Shoop (ベイビーシュープ http://www.baby-shoop.com/) along with LB-03 is the longest bgyaru brand around. It’s had a solid place inside Shibuya 109 since I can remember and a long following with one of the strongest b-gyaru styles within b-gyaru. So let’s explore how the store looks, outfits inside it and shop staff coordinates.  :stepup:

Pictures inside Baby Shoop

These pictures are actually from Baby Shoop in Machida 109 and Omiya Arche in Saitama but most Baby Shoops are laid out the same way.

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