Evris shop staff are exceedingly nice. The Shibuya 109 group of ladies are stellar all around, but in particular Marin Matsuzaki (松崎茉鈴). I do gush often how shop staff are nice and good at their jobs, but Marin takes the cake. Marin is both stylish and kind. I met her first when I was shopping with Alanna and she was so friendly. The next time was 6 months later and she still remembered both me and asked after Alanna. She also asked after my man and my cats, since we spoke about both… 6 months ago!

Marin has excellent personal style and she’s doing well in Evris for it, working as a blogger for the brand. She’s recently gotten snapped in both #N and Jelly and I’m really happy she’s flourishing in print, too! For those looking for short hair inspiration she’s definitely got it.

Her blog: http://ameblo.jp/marin-matsuzaki/

Her instagram: http://instagram.com/marinmatsuzaki

Spring 2014 Marin’s looks


Such a babe! I love her blue contacts with her blue necklace and the subtle nose shading. Did you notice her ring. I don’t know how anyone else gets to see the jewels, but it’s cool!


I don’t know if I’d consider matching a bold necklace with a top that’s impact is around the neck, but it really works.

Her wonderful spring hot pink lip keeps her from looking too simple. If I remember right it’s YSL. The whole staff was required to wear it as it was Evris’s color for the Spring.


Always showing off her brand. She looks both adult and casual at the same time. Love the skirt and top combination.

In my previous Evris snap post I took a picture of a different shop staff in the same shirt and shoes.  But the style is different, always cool to check two girls making clothing their own.

Marin and Staff from Fall 2014


There was a Rockabilly theme for Fall and Winter and the leopard and tortoiseshell print shoes are great pairings for plaids and furs. Both girls look cute stylish and casual.


Close-ups. It looks like Marin changed her contacts for the season, as did the other shop staff. Possibly to Evris producer Ayano Sasaki’s new produced lens Cidina.


 Flipped out short hair and bobby pins were the big hair trends of Fall and Marin is rocking both. Creative and interesting bobby pins will be popular for Spring 2015 as well! Her cateye line is so stellar!

Marin for Spring 2015


And from Marin’s instagram her style for this Spring. One year of Marin  :loveword: Her key for this Spring is orange.  I really like the orange, yellow, blue popularity of Spring 2015.

Bonus Jelly snaps!


Bonus! Her shot from Jelly January issue talking about denim wearing all Evris. She’s also in the #N Neogal magazine photos last post.


And Evris producer Ayano Sasaki in the coat Marin was wearing in her Fall snap.

Ahh this was a fun post. I’m an obsessive person and my obsessions have obsessions within them. So my obsession with Japanese fashion has gyaru within it and another is personal style. Another obsession within an obsession for me is style change, or evolution. How a singular girl goes through gyaru and changes. I really love the ones over time through many years. However this short year also shows how one girl, Marin, tried out a lot of style choices for herself  :smiley:

Emoda’s Ena Matsumoto retiring

Other news of note I posted on my twitter is that Emoda creator and producer Ena Matsumoto has decided to retire from Emoda.  She’s thus far not spoken of future plans. She acknowledges how much Emoda has changed since it’s inception (Summer 2010 post on Emoda coming to Shibuya 109). She said she’s also grown a lot during that time. She wondered if maybe she should create an older sister brand to focus on or even a completely new brand, but in the end she decided she just wanted to retire first.



Speaking of style change. WOW! Ena Matsumoto 2010 and 2015.

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Lily Brown (リリーブラウン ) Japan is a sister clothing brand of mega popular 20 year old brand Snidel. Its concept is “Vintage Future Dress” (ヴィンテージフューチャードレス). It’s a relatively new brand only three years old this Fall (2011 started).

However it’s a very popular brand with the otona kawaii set since it focuses on similar clothing to Snidel and has the Snidel name recognition to back it. Along with Snidel its also has Fray ID, Fur Fur and Gelato Pique under the Mash Group of brands. All selling through usagi-online It has over 20 stores in Japan and many stores in China and Hong Kong. Quite a meteoric rise in three years!

I would firmly place Lily Brown Japan in the otona kawaii set. It’s often featured in Sweet, Vivi and JJ. While its look can be mote-kei it’s not really the focus.

Lily Brown Japan Ikebukuro Parco

I went to the Ikebukuro Parco Lily Brown and checked out their cute style.


Definite “Vintage Future Dress” to her look. She looks a bit 70s but still current.

lily brown japan

Sadly my bag is blocking out some of her dress, but it was a popular style. They also did it in cardigan form. Knits are a big part of their style every season and they do really nice ones.


Her make-up fits with the otona kawaii set. Eyelash extensions, simple eyeline and a sweet lip color.


Her nails were stellar. They look so nice even though they’ve been worn for about a month judging by the grow-out.


Their shoes are one of the reasons I put them out of the mote-kei set. Clogs and fake fur seem a bit Man Repeller, but they’re so cute I had to take a shot of them up close. They always do great shoes each season.

Now is a great time to open to Lily Brown Japan. Their pricey items are now on sale for Fall at usagi-online or splurge with their Spring style reservations through fashionwalker.

I’ll talk about the brand more soon and I have many more shop staff snaps to show. So please stay tuned if you’d like to look at a more adult brand!

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Shop staff week at the Doll as we ring in 2015, including this cutey from Liz Lisa in Okayama Ichibangai main trainstation mall. I’ve snapped pictures of the Liz Lisa staff here before  and I’m glad I’ve got a new shop staff to show. I took her last year at the same time I got to snap the Dazzlin Okayama cutey.

Okayama which is halfway between Hiroshima and Osaka is known as a transit town. Many of the trains going to the far West to Fukuoka and Kagoshima change over in Okayama. It does however have a cool castle, stellar gardens, and is pretty during sakura season. It may not be a big tourist draw, but it’s a nice day trip and has lots of shopping options between Okayama Ichibangai train station mall and Okayama OPA.



Liz Lisa Christmas trees are the best! So happy I got to snap it along with classic Liz Lisa style. I also got to snap the tree with a Harajuku Takeshita Liz Lisa shop staff.

That casual girly gyaru style. I’m sad thigh-high boots aren’t en vogue this year but they’ll definitely come back.


Classic Liz Lisa style shows you can never go wrong with a camel coat and and you can always transform your summer dress wardrobe to winter with the right accessories.


She was so photogenic! I always take snaps from the “selfie high angle” because I want to take pictures of how I want pictures taken of me, but she didn’t need any angles.

Her contacts and make-up look so nice on her. Gold circle lens are so popular now and she really does the make-up to make them pop. And those Otona casual waves I’m sure she spent a long time on look effortless.


From the side you can see her lovely orange blush and soft waves. Her nails were older so she didn’t want photos, but they’re lovely. Red it seems goes with any style.


Her petite Chanel necklace really hung well to suit her neckline. Lovely all around style.

Okayama may be a smaller town but from what I’ve seen that doesn’t stop any of the shop staff from having great style.

Looking for more Liz Lisa posts? I’ve got you covered! So many Liz Lisa shop staff to come and mentions about their new style soon. But for now check out previous posts here

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Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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Laguna Moon has been a key brand in the Mark Styler group for a long time. This season Laguna Moon decided to go through a redesign, age change, price point change, blog change and location change. Location change meant leaving Shibuya 109 along with other youth oriented malls.

Laguna Moon change and reasoning:

A lot has to do with the 36 year old producer Nao Nakaba and her changing tastes. I think it also has to do with the older focus a lot of brands are doing. Also, Laguna Moon pretty much put out the same styles every year just in different colors. They were good basic styles but it was getting a little stale. The brand change is now more simple items at a higher price point. Price point raise means: Coats going for 24,000 yen ($230 USD), skirts at 9,000 yen ($90 USD) and dresses at 12,000 yen ($118 USD). Quite expensive. But I guess they’re trying to move from Jelly girls to Sweet and JJ women?

 Shibuya 109 Laguna Moon

This shop staff from Laguna Moon is in their old style but when I looked at Laguna Moon’s on-line store I was able to put together a similar outfit just without the denim shorts. I think their new look is less casual shorts. But I wonder beyond the price point how much has changed with Laguna Moon.


shibuya 109 laguna moon shop staff

This shop staff is looking very cute and otona-casual in her classic outfit from last Winter. The theme of Laguna Moon’s winter season was “Vintage High” so there’s a lot of vintagey style feel to their clothes.


She noticed my Liz Lisa bag and told me she was ex-Liz Lisa staff. She still looks it doesn’t she? I was there to buy Laguna Moon Body soap. I still really like it.


Her collar details are very trending this season. 3-d jewels are really going strong this year.

shibuya 109 shop staff hairmake

Perfect Otona Kawaii hair and make-up. She’s got eyelash extensions from the looks of it. I really love the look of long curled hair no bangs and a headband. For me it’s forever classic.


Her cute smile and shiny undereye make-up.

I actually snapped a Liz Lisa shop staff snap that could double as her sister. I had to double check if it was the same girl. hehee More snap posts to bring in the New Year coming this week.

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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