I spent a lot bit of text complaining on twitter about shopping in Japan for winter clothing trends this last trip. I’m someone who makes almost epic shopping hauls from Japan. My clothing is mostly from there and visiting for a month twice a year means I usually haul good to keep a steady rotation of fun outfits going throughout the year and stop spending on shipping and overseas buying fees. But like I talked about in the Gyaru has ruined me but that’s okay post, I over consumed. But even since then in Spring I was a bit of a piggy buyer.

Now not so much but still enough to talk about trends and enjoy the bits I did buy. I also talk about two discount select shops to find cute clothes in Tokyo. And the clothing I regret not buying because we always miss the ones that get away.



The loot! Maybe you can see I had a theme?

Deeper descriptions below with winter clothing trends bolded and CAPPED along with some Spring trend discussion.


This sweatshirt was bought from the Kumatan pop-up at Honey Mi Honey. Kumatan is Chinatsu Wakatsuki‘s new line after breaking up with W*C. She’s been trying to do actual clothing beyond just Kumatan character items. The Kumatan brand which is only on-line and at pop-ups for now and I’m not much of an on-line shopper now. I finally went to the pop-up and really loved so much of the Kumatan season. Well made clothing, great price-point and odd and fun sayings.

This sweatshirt combines a lot of trends together: PINK which is continuing heavy into Spring. FUR TEXTURE, and EMBROIDERY (of the lettering). I loved the solid zipper in the back which also helps out the ZIPPER as ACCENT trend.




I really like the Merry Jenny brand and I usually buy one item a season and wear it for several seasons afterwards. So my choice was this piece from their Fall collection. I bought it in BLACK because I’m a bit obsessed with all black dressing lately.

As for the trends first point is the MOCK TURTLENECK which has been booming this season. Then BOWS are everywhere as are 3D MOTIFS.





boughtjapan-onespo-fallitems I decided to group all the ONE*SPO items together. OneSpo won for my brand of the season. Great price point (I got everything pictured for $160) and original pieces. I got the dress in black but pink shows of its corset back details (my all black life growing!). All of their pieces are so comfortable. I wore them all during my Christmas Walt Disney World trip (I’m in the dress in my newest instagram photo)

The right parka and skirt are from their Spring 2017 line called “Time Leap Girl”. A lot of trends to talk about with them for spring including: SHEER SKIRTS, PINK, CIRCLE ZIPPER PULLS (not shown), and FLORAL EMBROIDERY.



bubblestokyo-bought-winter This parka was my first Bubbles Tokyo purchase. They’re really a brand on the rise. In 2015 they opened a store in Shibuya 109 and this year they moved to a much nicer well lit store on the 7th floor. They also have a stand-alone store in Harajuku that is complete with a swing and photo wall. Beyond the cuteness of their stores their clothing is fun, edgy but girly and shockingly well made for the price.

I bought this hoodie mainly for walking my dog but it’s really comfortable and made of a thick fluffy sweat material. Trends include SATIN RIBBON, CIRCLE ZIPPER PULL, WORKOUT MEETS DAYWEAR


bought-earrings-trends-japan My big list was earrings and fun accessories. I planned to buy some fun CHOKER necklaces and such, but I never did. Instead I ended up with this great two pair of earrings. The left are from Honey Salon by Foppish. I kept really loving everything they did this season and I thought I would buy some clothes from them this season, but nothing felt perfect. Instead I ended up this the heart earrings. I’ll definitely be wearing them in Spring 2017. BIG DANGLING EARRINGS continue to be a SPRING trend and a Larme trend. The lil Lilly ones were more of a impulse buy, but I’ve worn them lots so impulse accessories buys aren’t so bad.


Discount Tokyo current fashion shops: (me) & mocha


Two discount import select shops stuck out for me during my shopping. By discount I mean about 2,000 yen-5,000 yen cheaper or $20-$50 cheaper than the brand shops I am speaking about above. Not to the deep discounts if you troll Alibaba or such. They have overhead like brick-and-mortar stores in busy places and shop staff to pay.

(me) in Harajuku (twitter) mainly deals with Korean/Chinese imports and has a lot of current Korean trends. They’ve usually got one-of or two-of items. I bought two things from them last Fall and they’ve held up very well. Since it’s lots of items in a tiny store check back often to see new items. Ageha queen Sakurina shops there occasionally. (me) is located in the back of Takeshita past the lights

mocha (twitter instagram) in Koenji is a shop I discovered this season and it turns out is the sister shop to (me). I was actually shocked by how many on trend items they had inside. They’re another shop like (me) that imports mostly one-off or two-off items. I bought a fuzzy white camisole with faux leather adjustable straps from mocha for 3,700 yen or $33.00. I’ve worn it a lot and really love the leather strap details and took it with me for Disney (my mark if I like something and find it comfortable since I’ll spend 12 hours standing and moving a lot in it). Mocha on the main Koenji shotengai or shopping street. They also have a Shimokitazawa location.


Things I regret not buying:

A fancy dress for nice dinners. New Years Eve is coming up and I’ll be in an old dress. I’m stupidly sad about that. But there’s something about getting dressed in a nice new dress and going out to dinner on a special occasion. I’ll get over it and I bought things more practical for me.

Rienda’s suprisngly good Onee-Gyaru outings this season. On one of my last days I was out with Emi and Lea and we ended up in Shibuya 109. I had ZERO interest in Oneegyaru this year mainly because of the sad collection Duras put out this year and Rienda’s online items. But when we actually went in the Rienda store and tried on items, I was shocked by how much I liked pieces they flattered a lot of body shapes well and their prices were really good. Check out Emi x Lea’s youtube for some items they bought at Rienda.

This corset onepiece from SLY. It’s so body flattering yet comfortable. The laces are adjustable and it actually wasn’t that short of a dress on my tall body. But I said the sweater material was too thick and worried the fussy weather of Atlanta would put it out rotation. Now it’s quite cold in Atlanta so I’m ready to get into a cute sweater dress.

But I’ve worn all of my winter trends picks already since arriving back to the States so I guess I did pretty well.


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So many reasons I’m a vintage brand fan especially a vintage Chanel fan, but here’s a few and maybe they’ll inspire you to look to vintage.

vintage chanel flap

1.  The price of a classic Chanel flap has tripled in the last decade. After 1950 through 2000 having a moderate steady inflationary rise in price. 50 years of Chanel steadiness and yet it’s gone crazy. This has led a lot of store-buyers to head to the vintage aisle. Thankfully I bought a bag before they raised but in 7 years my bag has raised 2.5k. That’s USDollars. I could instantly sell my bag for how much I paid for, with all possibility even make a profit on it. Admittedly I think the pricing hikes will slow down soon, but it’s still ludicrous.

2. The Chanel flap along with other brand figureheads are the longest lasting bag styles. Coco Chanel herself introduced many of the signature aspects of the bag. In 1955 the signature chain woven strap was introduced and started the flap. The CC pushlock was introduced by Karl in the 1980s however. It is a truly timeless bag both on trend and classic at the same time. Both traditional leather types are surprisingly long lasting. The pebbled Caviar calfskin and the butter soft lambskin. A repairer can repaint, restitch and remake a vintage Chanel bag but it will keep going years after you’re at the cash register (or eBay checkout).

I have two Vintage Chanel bags from the 1980s, they’re pretty solid looking still. I wore one to Disneyworld because I think it’s still very hardy.


3. Vintage brand costume jewelry is amazing and lasting. The quality of costume jewelry has decreased in the last 10 years. And this is my own experience talking, but I’ve been greatly disappointed with a lot of costume pieces I’ve bought. So much so that it’s made me mostly ban myself from purchasing a lot of recent designs because I see their flaws or bad metal choices. Even seeing some of the resale pieces you see the wear and tear on the newer pieces.

Vintage brand costume jewelry is quite different. It feels more weighty and gold items are 14K plated sometimes double to ward off chipping. Vintage jewelry can be repaired by a third party often easily. They actually sell at-home gold plating kits to fix issues. Jewelers will repair as well. I just bought an item needing a fix and found three jewelers in my area to fix it. SO much is repairable and re-wearable of vintage jewelry!

Although prices on vintage Chanel jewelry has risen quality and beautiful designs by Yves Saint Laurent and others have stayed at a low price.

Also, vintage costume jewelry is an easy way to make an outfit look fancy. A $4.00 beanie with a $100 Chanel brooch = Chanel beanie. An that brooch can go onto a jacket, shirt, skirt etc…

vintage chanel earrings

4. Fakes have clouded the resale market with newer bags and accessories. Some professional authenticators have refused to authenticate anything from 2013 onwards if they don’t have it in their possession, these are the so-called “superfakes”. In contrast, the vintage brand market is less clouded by fakes thus far (knock on wood). Old fakes look really fake or were done in a style never released by the company.

5. Quality workmanship lasts. I have bags 20 and 30 years old and there’s no rusting and only minor wear. You may look at yourself and think differently being 20 or 30 years old. I tore my MCL tendon from running, the doctor asked when was my car wreck. I still have feelings from it 7 years ago. Vintage can take more than my bum body.

A lot of brands including Chanel have taken decided against quality workmanship that got them to their status. They’ve stopped gold plating their hardware or testing leather dyes or sticking with certain colors that didn’t show wear as much. I’ve seen two year old bags look older than 20 year old ones.

6. There are still bargains to be found. Although the vintage brand secondary market is rising. Within the last 2 years the vintage brand market has skyrocketed. More people are getting into it for the reasons above and it’s created a lot more competition. But with some thorough hunting and willing to compromise you can find some really lovely items.

vintage versace ad

7. What goes around comes around (actually thats the name of a vintage store, an overpriced one). A lot of what brands do is either funky or classic. The funky feels neat even 20 years later and the classic is always classic. In my next post I’ll show celebs wearing lots of vintage Chanel and they wear it all in casual or modern ways. I think so many brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Chanel all have produced very youthful clothing at times. Karl Lagerfeld has taken Chanel so many ways. There was even a punk collection or two. However you feel like dressing, Larme, Otona Kawaii, Rock etc… vintage brands can have a seasonal answer for you. Look back to to look forward!

Beyonce in the Formation video? Reminds of a wonderful twist on 1980s Yves Saint Laurent

vintage ysl runway

7. It stops the cycle of producing new goods. Consumer waste and excess which admittedly makes me feel guilty. Sure I want to buy, retail therapy is my therapy. Thanks to vintage I’m not creating more material use and waste to do so (other than shipping).

8. Because there’s a thrill in finding something hard to find or a good price. There’s a joy in being a cheapskate. I’m so proud of being cheap and it feels weird, but getting something and paying less for it than market value? Oh I’m at my happiest! Bargain hunting feels amazing!

9. The Japanese Yen is steady at 110-120 yen the dollar. Bad for Japanese wanting to go overseas, good for travelers and shoppers! When I was living in Japan it went from 120yen to the dollar to 90 yen to the dollar. UGH! Tough times! It’s back at 120yen mostly and that makes it a wonderful time to buy from Japan. New or vintage. Abe seems to be very set on keeping the yen low to encourage tourism. There’s so much money spent on tourism recently and there’s even been word creation and new businesses based on the new tourism. My next posts are all about why how and where in Japan so I’ll explain why brand in Japan is such a big thing!

Vintage Brand especially in Japan

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Sorry I took two weeks off between posts! It wasn’t my intention. I took a week trip to Disneyworld and brought my laptop but I was go-go-go at Disney, and between I got quite busy with day to day boring stuff. Alas I’m back and ready to blog a lot for a month until I head for Japan again! Sakura, Chanel, Make-up, Skincare all coming!

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Ageha lens, because we all want to shine.


Buying circle lens in Japan is pretty easy but I’ll guide you through some simple steps. I’ll also break down some phrases you may see when you’re looking at lens and discuss special needs lens wearers options. I’ll recommend a place to go that is my place and also let to know what you’ll expect at the store.


Know your power before buying contacts.

I know it’s a simple step, but it’s a big one. You can get your eyes checked and new regular contacts in Japan without health insurance. It’s about 5,000 yen or $50. I’ve done it before as a walk-in customer at Eyecity (http://www.eyecity.jp/) which has tons of locations nationwide. Of course Japanese skills are required. It’s about a 30 minute visit.

Japanese circle lens makers sell from powers: 0 – 6.0 typically. There are a few makers that sell up to 10 power but selection is limited. Just search for circle lens online instead with larger powers. Friend of the Doll pinkyparadise is a great option.




Special Circle Lens Needs in Japan

Astigmatism / toric lens ladies

乱視 Ranshi or Astigmatism lens are very limited. Bambina sells Toric lens (http://bambina.me/fs/bambina/c/ranshi) but I’m pretty convinced they’re all by Korean manufacturers and readily available on overseas sites.

Farsighted ladies

遠視 Enshi or Farsighted/Longsighted (Hyperopia) have very limited circle lens options in Japan. Thus far I’ve only been able to find Bambina brand circle lens (site) or NeoVision which is a Korean brand and probably cheaper not in Japan.

tl;dr: really? It was like 2 sentences but anyways just buy online you won’t find much Japanese-only selection.

edit: If you’re in Japan Alice recommends http://i-lens.jp/ for your contact needs, especially toric.



Jesus Christ Donki, you’re killing my blog’s aesthetic in one photo.

Length of wear and average price of Japanese circle lens


Contact lens come in Power and No Power. Some brands only sell no power.

度あり どあり do ari – has power aka if you need glasses to see, you have to buy these types
度なし どなし do nashi – has no power, you don’t need glasses, these are good for you.

(thank you 痴情 for the fix)


Circle lens come in three main lengths of wear

1Dayコンタクト – 1Day. Most circle lens brands use the english 1Day. They come in either packs of 10 or packs of 30 of one power.
Average price: 1,600 yen ($16) for 10 pairs. 3,800 yen ($38) for 30 pairs.

1ヶ月コンタクト Ikegetsu Contact – Monthly circle lens. Comes in individual packs. One purchase usually equals 1 circle lens.
Price note: Circle lens makers list price per individual lens so 2,100 yen listed really means 4,200.
Average price: 4,300 yen ($43) for two lens (one set).

1年コンタクト – Ichinen Contact – Yearly circle lens. Comes in individual packs. One purchase usually equals 1 circle lens.
Price note: Circle lens makers list price per individual lens so 2,100 yen listed really means 4,200.
Average price: 4,300 yen ($43) for two lens (one set).

Typically they are more expensive than buying overseas, but there is more selection and newer trend lens in Japan. I think competition is really marking lens prices down. I haven’t paid over 2,000 yen for a set lately.


Buying Circle Lens in Japan


Japan has tons of on-line shops selling circle lens. You can purchase them just like you do clothes from overseas. So it’s just a simple shop registration form and buying by using Tenso or similar service.

Friends of the blog mobacolle (mbkr.jp) recently starting selling circle lens so you can pick up a pair with some new cute fall items. Previous post on translated how to sign up and use mobacolle with Tenso.

Donkihote also sells them on-line. Lover’s Color who makers the Rienda and Mars circle lens have their own on-line store, Karabo.

Hotel Lovers also has a large stock. Read about them below.



This is Donki (Donkihote) and their circle lens selection at a Hiroshima Donki.

How does one choose when it’s just so… much?

How does one buy OR find anything at Donki? And yet we all do. (philosoraptor)

In Person:

In the past few years Japan has allowed circle lens to be sold without prescription. That’s allowed a lot of shops to pop-up and sell solely circle lens or add circle lens to their repbroitore. They’re now available in a lot of places, I’ll share my experiences with two shops and walk you through the process.


Donki (Donkihote) is crammed with contact lens options. However there’s always a line and many popular lines are sold out. Donki has a lot of locations, but Donki contact lens buying is so slow. I’ve gone to 3 locations and all 3 had waits and were sold out of tons of choices. So if you’re in a bind and have time, try Donki, but really it’s a pain.

Hotel Lovers (site) is a contact lens shop in Shinjuku Alta Tokyo and Shinsaibashi OPA Osaka (locations). They sell contacts and make-up, but mainly they’re just a circle lens store. I’ve been to both locations and they’d have helpful staff at each place.

In front of each circle lens offering they write if it has a power or not, how strong the powers are, how much, how long the contacts last, sizing, etc… it’s really helpful.


 A display at the Hotel Lovers Shinjuku Store. Information and you can see the contacts.

Donki was also selling the Naturali series (second picture on this post) see how there’s barely any info in the Donki set-up?


I actually bought these. 1,900 yen = $17usd for month of contacts wasn’t bad. Suckered by Shizuka Takeda modeling them.

Important things to note from the sign: 14.5 diameter, monthly, comes in a power, 1 box = 1 lens, and 4 colors to choose from.

If contacts are popular usually Hotel Lovers crosses out the power so you know if they have yours in stock. Usually there’s a helpful staff to check for your power before you head to the cashier.

Just grab a box and know your power (japanese numbers please the “.” is a “ten” or just write it out or point to the sign). Then head to the cashier.

To buy circle lens in Japan you have to write down your information. Hotel Lovers does this and has a form to fill out. Afterwards you get a card and you’re in the system. From what I remember the registration looks about like their web form so I copied their web form and translated.


Try to be as honest as possible in these forms. Use your hotel address or even your Tenso one. If you’re nervous with Japanese just have this information with corresponding kanji already ready to fill out.


At your first visit you’re given a card and no more forms to fill out. Easy peazy. :smiley:

Measis: Another shop I haven’t bought from but I’ve been into is the Measis store in Kichijoji (locations). They’re affiliated with giant seller “Chuo Contact”.  They have locations all across Japan Kichijoji is their only Tokyo location but they have stores in Kumamoto to Fukuoka so if you’re outside of Tokyo and Osaka they’re a good place to look.

SBY: The make-up/food/contact lens megastore on the top floor of Shibuya 109 also offers sales points out 痴情 and is also very convenient for some.

I need a refill next month so I’ll post some cute ones on instagram or twitter if it I find some at Hotel Lovers.

woohooo I finally finished this post! And the Healthy eating post! PINCH ME! Been working on those two for a few months //lazy//

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Mon Lily by Yumetenbo like in the earlier post is one of the new actual stores by webstore Yumetenbo. With its collaborations with Larme magazine the new brand really piqued my interest. In those post I’d like to talk about their style for Spring 2015 and also how they’re not typical Yumetenbo.


Discount meant bad quality

I first bought from Yumetenbo back in 2008. I was back in the States and thirsting for some gyaru clothing. Their price point was cheaper than gyaru brands so I took the plunge. I ordered three items and when they arrived with some other gyaru brand items combined in a shopping service (before Yumetenbo had an international store). Looking at the items vs what I had ordered from other brands I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Sure my items were cheap but everything looked cheap. Hazy prints, cheap buttons,threads not properly cut, the cheapest lining, if any was provided on sheer items. The quality was bad. I wore once or sold most of my items. Partially it was my fault for buying too trendy, but the rest was just crap. I never bought from Yumetenbo again. I’d rather pay the $10-$20 US more for something nicer.

So when Yumetenbo announced they were doing a collaboration with Larme magazine and opening an actual store I wasn’t too excited. I mean sure I could see the clothes in person but cheap lining and bad quality were going to be even more apparent in person. And that seemed to go against what Larme magazine is about.


Larme and Yumetenbo odd partners


Larme magazine features a bunch of brands that are in Sweet magazine that are known for accepting a high price tag for higher quality. Like Mercury Duo, rosebullet or Dazzlin. Or they’re what are known as DC Brand in Japan,  brands founded in Japan and people know they’re paying a high price tag for original designs. (I’ll talk more about DC Brands when I make another Japanese fashion history term post). Like brands such as Milk, Cannabis, Honey Salon by Foppish or lilLilly.

Sure there’s the occasional Galstar item or such, but Larme isn’t really focusing on discounts. More a quality core wardrobe that fits a lady.

In my mind there was definitely a gap between Larme’s look and Yumetenbo. I mean money rules all so I figured a magazine could overlook its price point and stoop down to cuddle with a discount brand. Instead I was surprised to find quite good quality from mon Lily.


mon Lily clothing review


mon Lily price points

Winter prices averaged. Summer is usually cheaper. Liz Lisa’s average price points in parenthesis for perspective.

Onepiece: 3,000-8,000 yen with the occasional 2,000 yen onepiece. Medium price 4,500 or $42 (LL 9,000 yen $88)

Tops: 2,000-7,000 yen. Higher price is usually a sweater or cardigan. Average 3,000 yen for a shirt $28 or 6,000 yen for cardigan $56 (LL 6,700 yen $64)

Pants: 2,000-4,000 for shorts. Average 3,500 yen or $35 (LL 7,000 yen $68)

Skirts: 4,000-7,000 yen with the occassional 2,000 yen skirt. Medium price 4,500 yen or $42 (LL 7,000 yen $68)

Shoes: 6,000-8,000. Medium price 7,000 yen or $66 (LL 11,000 yen or $106)

It seems they’re doing a hybrid between super discounted and pricey Liz Lisa.


mon Lily sizing

the brand sizes it’s items as Japanese Medium and Large. These sizings are consistent with an American or Euro X-Small to Medium, depending on vanity sizing. Sometimes the sizing is only Japanese Medium meaning a US Small.

The skirts and dresses often have elastic in the waist and flare in the hips allowing for variable sizing. However some of the dresses and skirts have no elastic and waists stop around 68 cm for those.  Being a web brand they have kindly listed very detailed sizing if you’d like to take a peak. Also listed on each item is whether there are pockets, what type of fastening and buttons.


mon Lily purchases


 Purchase one – Puff Sleeve Ribbed Knit




 The full name of this shirt and I’m not going to lie is the “Fluffy Puff Poodle Rib Cut-Sew Top” (link)

I bought the Off White color like Larme’s Risa is wearing.

Personal Shots of the item


Mon Lily have these nice sewn in tags that are gauzy and not irritating.


The tags are held together by a non-plastic and the tag itself is a pleasing shape. It was a 10% sale at the time (Pre Christmas wind up) and I paid 4,140 yen before tax which translates to $34 USD right now.


Ugly photo but it shows two of the things I really like about this top.

1) How nice and detailed the ribbing is.

2) The elastic band under the puff rib to sit on your arm right and actually make it puff.


The poodle part is quite layered and shimmery without being flashy.

I think I will get a lot of use out of this in Spring when I don’t have to cover up the sleeve details with a coat.

Purchase Two – Fluffy Cardigan




Officially called the “Fluffy Tunic Cardigan” (link) I call it my bear cardigan. :rila:

Personal shots of the item


Laid out it’s just like rolling through pink meringue peaks.


They put the tag nicely on the side and it’s inside the seam so no tag issues.

It was 6,000 yen but again I was there for 10% off so 5600 yen so $47 USD. I would’ve paid so much more. It’s both warm, cute and soooo comfortable. It feels so soft. I wore it on the plane ride home. On chilly nights I put it over roomwear. And I do occasionally go outside in it (insta coordinate of it). And bonus it makes a pretty background for insta photos.

The material fuzzed the first day I used it and it did transfer some fuzz to my clothes, but every wear after that I was good.

So my total was around $80 USD I bought two things I’ll wear for a long time. I’m extremely satisfied with the quality and details of mon Lily.

While I don’t know if the rest of Yumetenbo has changed I know for sure this brand’s items are really nice. Their clothing is more simple than Liz Lisa, but I think the quality is same or better than Liz Lisa. And since mon Lily has an international shipping site through rakuten I will probably buy much more.

mon Lily has Spring trends

I always think now is kind of an odd time to be shopping. Sure it’s cold and Winter is still going to be around for a while. But brands have done their Spring exhibitions and will start rolling out parts of their collections January 1st. Luckily this brand already has some items in stores that could make great pieces layered under winter items, but ready to shine on their own in Spring.


Just a peak into Spring looks. I expect gingham to be popular again. Every brand I think will feature an off shoulder top or dress. Especially like the one shown with a gathered waist and tiered top. That is the biggest universal trend I’ve seen thus far. Although with instead of Midi skirts for summer there’s a lot of knee-length styles peaking out for Spring. Lots of floral printed skirts too knee and midi.

Although its key focus in Larme style, I feel this brand is very Seiso with its simple looks and calm colors. And I wonder how much of clientele is there for the Larme style and how much is there for the Seiso look, admittedly I feel there is an overlap.


In case you missed it this is a three part quick series of posts about mon Lily and Yumetenbo. 

Part one: Yumetenbo’s niche fashion forrays and mon Lily’s Ikebukuro store

Part two: mon Lily review and picks to buy now for Spring 2015 (this post!)

Part three: (tomorrow) mon Lily Ikebukuro shop staff and images of mon Lily from Larme magazine


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