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 Created some more smartphone wallpapers with gyaru stylings specifically with Android phones in mind. The sizing also fits the Blackberry Bold wallpapers! The height is also suitable for iPhones so you can also use these on iPhones and clip how you want. Images taken from promotional bits, websites, and goods of the brands. Also a few of my own personal pictures. Please do not repost!

Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, Reinda, Slangy, Glad News, Murua, Jouetie, MA*RS and other Android and iPhone backgrounds.

From reading up on it, Android users you save to your “Gallery” and then from your “Home” screen you use wallpapers. I’m an Android n00b. (iPhone can’t stop, won’t stop).

Android and iPhone wallpapers


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Lots of gyaru iPhone backgrounds. When I was in Japan my friends would show me their iPhones and say “Look I’m using the background you made!” I was really shocked, but touched! These are fine for any type of iPhone and are mostly design oriented. Other than gyaru I put in two of my favorite non-gyaru brands of UNIF and Candy Stripper iPhone backgrounds. Maybe next time some Jeremy Scott.

I’m also working on a models and producers iPhone backgrounds post & design backgrounds for Androids and Blackberries (I didn’t forget!). Also PC & MAC wallpapers. So expect 2 more gyaru tech posts this month and next! Open to requests, but it just depends on the images I have and how they fit size specs.

Images taken from promo materials, blogs, and webstore photo of items. Please do not republish.


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