Namba Nighttime
I stayed mostly in Namba, since the man and I both love the epicenter of food and lots of great things to see and do on the waterfront place. Lots of gals were out enjoying the place, along with all types of people.
Dotonbori – the eating and neon center of Osaka
Gyaruo shops
Crazy giant food signs
Casual gals enjoying Osaka at night
Another gyaruo store
The new trend: host suits for sale
Two Agejo gals out for the night

Osaka thoughts

I saw a lot of different kinds of gals at Osaka and many seemed put together and styling. However, maybe it is my Tokyo bias, but it seems more common to see average looking girls who spend little time on their hair/make/nails heading into OPA. I do admit I am quite biased by 109 and even though I do spend the time and money to try to keep myself at the top of my game, I’m always amazed by how stunning some of the regular shoppers at 109 are. Maybe relaxed is more the description for some Osaka gals, not simply letting go. Fukuoka however is another talk…

The quintessential Osaka shot. Taking a photo of yourself in front of the Gilico Runnning Man


The exit of Namba near our hotel had nightly gatherings for b-boys and bgirls. Crews practicing their aerials and spins, while others were doing one-on-one throwdowns. Some had some ABDC potential… or should I say NBDC? ^_^v Pretty cool to check out if you’re in the area on a weekend.
Our hotel was the Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka, which was relatively inexpensive but super classy. Recommended!

Osaka view at night from our hotel room

Osaka has been mainly a sightseeing and yakiniku pigout (although Okonomiyaki is the delicacy of Osaka, we’re both not big fans so meat it is!). However I stayed in Namba and ran into Amerikamura for the OPA located there.

Gals and others outside OPA
OPA’s window display

OPA ventures

OPA is Osaka’s main gal mall (english directions), housing brands such as Mar*s, Backs, Spiral Girl, Egoist and others. However, unlike 109 it has to share its space with non-gal brands.

Love the chandelier/crystal effect on the background.
Cute big unisex surf/ame-kaji shop
More from the ame-kaji store
Spiral Girl front

SBY Happy Room seems to have opened recently there and it was packed! SBY in 2008 when it opened on the 8th floor of 109 it was a relatively quiet area. Even though Egg Model Rumi and Men’s Egg Model Daichi Tanaka worked there (much to my delicious eye candy delight), it wasn’t necessarily packed. Then it became the spot for teens to hang out and exploded and even expanded. Now it’s not as much fun to go to because of the crowds and lack of eye candy. However SBY has tapped into the ability to sell small items that could be set into a trend at decent prices but to tons of teens.

The tons of preteens and teens hoarding SBY Happy Room goods.

SBY Happy Room in Osaka lacks any bubble tea (the only item they originally had) and only sells small items. However it seems wildly successful, so for those still in their teens head into SBY and grab some young trends.

arti-Sanal Gilfy right next to SBY was what I was amazed about. It is the only boutique store of Gilfy’s, featuring Redark, 06 and Gilfy (Backs was located on the floor above). The store was simply amazing. Done all in one shade of grass green with the shoe side in faux jungle vines. The store layout was nice and open while being packed with clothes. It was my first time to see the 06 line and I was really happy with it. They had a lot of thin basic tees with interesting prints paired with current rising trends such as leggings and fluffy skirts (known as shuu-shuu skirts in japaese aka cream puff skirts lol). While they worked with trends, they were nicely Gilfy-ized.

06/Gilfy styles
Regular Gilf goods
Cute jungle background for the shoes
Waiting line to purchase was out of the store~

All around their fall is looking bright and finally Gilfy is turning the corner with a good year.

If you’re curious what I got, it’s the onepiece and knit cap in my Osaka vacay photos.

Outside OPA in Ame-mura you can stroll through the covered walkways and find cheap shoe stores, gal knock-off styles and tons of places to eat.

Next is part-two. Nighttime in Namba… :)

Your girl is currently on the road on her way to New Braunsfels, TX home of lovely rivers and a cool waterpark, Schlitterbahn. Currently a hurricane is hitting the Bahamas so no island luvin’ for me. I’ve been working on a post on how to travel gal style so I thought I should show how I’m doing it this weekend and post pics of my outfits throughout the weekend.

Sadly my exte are out and I need a haircut, but I wasn’t about to dye my hair and then seep it in chlorine for the weekend. Hair comes Monday :)

t-shirt and onepiece: Glad News
shoes: Bape Bapesta Pandas

Saturday – waterpark day
top: Lip Service
bottoms: VS Pink
swimsuit: VS
hairties: Bape silver Milos
sunglasses: f21

Sunday – Sea World
top: Glad News
bottoms: urban outfitters
shoes: bape bapesta pandas

As you can see I packed with “loose and flowy” in mind since Texas summer heat is not kind and wearing loose clothes keeps you cool in 100+ degree heat. Now 6 days until I’m back in Tokyo~

Silly things on the road:

Buc-ees roadstop done in rhinestones, bless my deco heart

A crazyass shirt I saw at Walgreens. LOL F-asian so Texas, yes?

I love to travel! Starting in May I crossed through 3 states in the US and then to Japan. Especially in the states I do not dress in all 109 clothing. A little American mix is always fun.

Sakurina doing it right in Glad News’ resort dress and protecting the face!

However traveling presents a lot of problems where Gal is concerned since the time it takes to make oneself fabulous and the stress of travel. However, I was on a 10:00PM flight to Guam from Japan that landed at 2:00 and I salute the two Rock-kei gals who kept their hair perfect and make-up intact along with pulling off casually waiting in a humid dead of night Guam for their shuttle to the airport. Handclap, chicas.

Gorgeous Guam. Vacay spot for many gals including me last fall :)

The rest of us could use a few pointers for living the jetsetting gal lifestyle.

1. Beltfree hotpants, cardigan and flipflops. Stay cool, show off your tan and breeze through airport security.

2. Amekaji is your friend and cotton loves you. Last summer I had a fun amekaji and rock vibe going and the styles really compliment being comfortable in summer. Skimp on needless accessories when traveling (less space and you might lose them). Instead work color denim into your style and find cute cotton tops with prints that do your style for you, so you can concern yourself with having fun.

3. Theme your packing. Remember I said to theme your wardrobe as tip 1 for Summer? Same goes for vacationing only to a higher level, make everything mixable with one another. Plus no matter where you’re headed pack a cute dress. You never know when you’ll head somewhere for dinner whether your sunning in Greece or being casual in Colorado.

Right: Me in Gilfy in the African Kingdom at Disneyworld this month.

4. Use hair cheats. Curling with a straightening iron. Use leave in conditioners to protect your hair while you’re ignoring it.

5. Sunnies love you. Too much travel, put them on the face. Eyes are the first things to wrinkle on your face, think about that each time you forget your sunnies. This is my accessory to pack more than one pair of. Be sure to switch it up. Having a white pair makes your tan darker and a black pair can work a great contrast.

6. Protect thy face. Donatella Versasce has many things going for her that could make her a top gal: a fierce tan, over-the-top features and a wonderful sense of style. However, she forgot to protect her face. 10-20 years from now when you might consider gal a thing of your past, wrinkles will be there. Moisturize, shade, use make-up with an SPF, and then sunscreen SPF yourself always.

7. Gal luggage. One of the great pieces to pick up when you’re in Japan is luggage as I said before. Now so many brands are offering their own carryons and it’s a great way to look classy as you travel. Mar*s and Cecil McBee have excellent ones if you’re nabbing one in Japan. However, gals also love the Louis Vuitton luggage line and Betsey Johnson’s fun prints.

Sakurina with her Ed Hardy hardcase

Cecil McBee’s luggage line. I have one from them :)