I shot this sweet shop staff in November, but I think it’s also a great time to discuss a cool Harajuku store Lillilly and their upcoming Spring collection and its trendy items. LilLilly (http://www.lillilly.jp/) is a newer brand in Harajuku with a stylish stand-alone store in UraHara. Urahara is the backstreets of Harajuku with more stylish original shops and less tourists. It’s where Candy Stripper, Nadia, and my beloved nail shop Avarice are.


There will be so many retro-inspired looks this season from the 50s and 60s. I’m really excited!

LilLilly Tokyo Shop Staff Snap from their Stand-alone Harajuku store

lillilly shop staff snap lillilly shop staff snap harajuku lillilly tokyo lillilly harajuku OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So well put together and I love her girly ribbon and black accessories to a very light style. LilLilly seems to take classic girly style and take it just a bit edgy.

What do you think of LilLilly?

Eyelashes look very different from my gyaru Japanese false eyelashes comparison I did last year. Eyelash trends are a big part of gyaru make-up and in this post I’m going to talk about some big changes and new additions to three major false eyelash cosmetic companies: Diamond Lash ダイヤモンドラッシュ,  Eyemazing アイメイジング and Jewerich ジュエリッチ.

The major trend keywords are: feathery, brown, and eyelash extension.

Diamond Lash Rich Brown Series

Diamond Beauty (http://diamond-beauty.jp/) has launched two new eyelash lines. One is the “Little Wink Series” which is a feathery shorter lash series. The newest one that came out last month is their “Rich Brown Series”.


You can see they follow both trends of feathery and brown.

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popteen magazine

Popteen Magazine has a different take on a recent debate. There’s been a lot of talk on tumblr and in the comments on this blog and via twitter that streetstyle has really taken over and is diluting gyaru. My response to that is yes and no (more on this next week).

But it ignores one of the biggest pieces of gyaru style and one of the most popular: Sweet Gyaru or….

what Popteen Magazine is calling 清楚な女のコ Seiso na Onna no Ko or Polished Girl 

It directly translates as “Neat and Clean Girl” but I think Polished Girl is a better translation because they say: Everyone aims to not look too Gal, and to not be plain but to have a Neat and Clean aura.

To me this translates best as polished, but up to you. I’ll be sticking probably with Seiso Gyaru to keep it in tune with Japanese magazines….



Popteen is going the Sweet Casual  Gyaru way because it’s what their readers want. The last 4 months of surveys have been sweet or simple coordinates that have won best coordinate from their readers.

So when you complain why a magazine is going in a certain direction, Popteen says it’s what the people want. They say readers want to look more polished in make-up and fashion.

In order to focus more on this style Popteen is bringing in 4 brands that it usual doesn’t have in their magazine.

Four new brands to Popteen for the age of Polished Girl


Lowry’s Farm (site) which soon you’ll see a lot of shop staff snaps on the Doll from because I was buying from them in May.


Their stying of Nice Claup (site) reminds me of a more adult Ank Rouge or Tralala.


Earth, Music & Ecology (site) is a very big popular casual adult brand. I love the top cowboys boots coordinate. It reminds me on Ungrid or Liz Lisa from 3 years ago.

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I keep meaning to do conversation Fridays and then Friday rolls around and I get set for my own weekend and la-de-da weekend is over… bad blogger! I’ve also been working on a new gal era post and talk and so many things to say, but for now I thought maybe a then vs. now post with small trends may be a good thing.



I’ve been talking about a lot of these trends except for the last two.

Otaku-kei Gyaru


Otaku-Gyaru (ヲタク系ギャル) is something press has been titling a few girls mainly from Popteen popular model and singer Hikari Shiina aka Pikarin (椎名ひかり – ぴかりん) and Okawaki Serika aka Serikamacho (奥脇晴梨夏 – せりかまちょ). Although I feel like Egg model Kanako Kawabata with her extreme Spongebob love falls under this category too. Hikari Shiina has a monthly segment in Popteen where she cosplays her favorite characters. Pikarin has really gotten popular lately.

Pikarin’s song “侵略ぴかりん伝説☆” or Shinryaku Pikarin Densetsu☆ with definite Akiba-idol flavor


Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 6.48.38 PM

Hashtag #everything

After PopSister died there was this kind of question whether Shibuhara (previous post) died with it, but in reality Harajuku and Shibuya have never been closer however Shibuhara seems to be a dead term. But in jumps NeoGal ネオギャル as currently coined by Vivi magazine.  Anni aka Missalmightyx blogs about Neo Gal here and I think she touches on lots of good points. Vivi’s webshop has collabed some clothing they consider Neo Gal (here). To add fuel to the fire Runway-Webstore just redesigned (owner of Emoda, Murua, Jouetie, Ungrid, Laguna Moon and more) and they’ve decided to make a section called “NeoGal

Now whether what Fig & Viper and Jouetie do is more NeoGal or what WAS mode-gyaru is now NeoGal… that’s a curious one since magazines and brands are saying differently. I tend to side with Jouetie and Fig & Viper.  :regret:



Do you agree with the above old and new, do you think differently? Comment below! This is made for discussion  :smiley: