A mini-trendwatching today. I confess I like blogging about mini-trends more than full blown trends because usually you can see magazines or on shop websites you like major trends. But mini trends are a bit harder to spot. I feel a bit gyaru Nancy Drew when I find mini-trends (heehee).

Sweatshirt material is a big trend this season (posted previously about it for Jouetie & Glad News AW 2013) and it’s greatly influenced by Alexander Wang (lovehim). However his style and what gyaru brands are doing is very different. Within the sweatshirt trend there’s this mini-trend of faux tie front sweatshirts around the waist. Even though this season is very bodycon the tie-front skirt is very bodyfriendly! No post big meal chubs to worry about with this trend!


Most skirts the sweatshirt ties is just in the front, but Miia takes it to a whole new level. If you don’t feel like buying a new skirt, you can always fake it with a real sweatshirt, but I do admit I want Ingni one. Do you like this trend? It’s super flattering for “Apple”-shaped people while the jumperskirt was good for “pear”-shaped people so a trend tradeoff. :smiley:

Grey will be a big color this season (along with yves klein blue, navy, rusty red, forest green, mauve pink, and mustard). This Fall in particular is really big on the classic preppy fall colors. I’m looking forward to it. :dotbow:

Hey hey! A trendwatching for you, one that I think will go across all styles in gyaru! Jumperskirts, overalls and suspenders. They’re kind of a devolved version of the same look, so I’ve decided to group them all together. For those of you out of or still into lolita fashion, these aren’t your jumperskirts. But you may find some sweet-style versions for casual wear!


A 90s flashback for sure, but as you can see mode brands like Murua and Emoda are doing them. Onee brand Lip Service says yes and I’m sure Resexxy and Rienda are sure to follow. Cool-style brands like Sly and Laguna Moon are into every look. Trendy Titty&Co is trying out some fun color combinations. And Liz Lisa and Secret Magic will flood you will cute and sweet-style jumperskirts for Fall.

Busty gals may have a hard time finding the perfect jumperskirt, but overalls may suit better if not suspenders worn off or casually draped over skirts should look stylish and hip and they’re easy to find at thrift stores. Wider suspenders are usually more universally flattering.

I really love beret + overall look from Sly. It just seems classic and comfortable. I think hats or hair accessories like Momoko Ogihara’s headband really help balance this look as well as heels. Keep necklaces short or go totally 90s and pair with a turtleneck (also trending!). Okay naptime (again) for me but enjoy the cute looks.  :smiley

Continuing my week (or two) of Fall trend predictions. This time with more Oneegyaru and Adult gyaru brands Resexxy, Rienda and Lip Service. I’ve got Cecil McBee and Lady Made to discuss later so I’m not yet done! As usual trends are bolded for you lazy people. No photos are my own, all gleaned from various ameblos. I’m just the compiler!

Before I get into trend breakdowns within some brands that exhibited for fall, I really want to breakdown the color palette for oneegyaru this fall. It goes through all brands and color shopping on trend is a great way to pick up basics right now.

Key colors: black, white, and grey
Secondary colors: adult pink, red/burgundy, yves klein blue, and camel


I haven’t talked much about Resexxy (site) yet. It’s a newish brand by Runway Channel which also owns: Murua, Mercury Duo, Emoda and Dazzlin among others. Resexxy just popped up in Shibuya 109 this year on the 7th Floor and has 5 stores across Japan (1 in Tokyo, 2 in Osaka, 1 in Kyoto and 1 in Sapporo).


Resexxy girls posing with Blenda models showing how popular black and white is. Houndstooth, modified houndstooth, set-ups, and cowlneck.  I haven’t talked about cowlnecks yet, which is turtleneck’s looser hipper more comfortable cousin. I think it will be a popular Oneegyaru style point and possibly mode as well. Especially the updated turtleneck sweater like the Resexxy shopstaff on the far left showing deep arm vents.


See that color palette in the back? Pink, camel, black, white and grey. Tweed is a medium-hyped trend especially as set-ups with jackets & bottoms. Chiffon – draped or folded is my pick for Oneegyaru trend that’s popular with Onee ladies but maybe not so much elsewhere.

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This week I’m breaking down gyaru trends starting with the more streetstyle and rock Japanese gyaru brands: Jouetie, Glad News, 3rd by Vanquish and Fig & Viper. As usual trends are bolded for you lazy people. No photos are my own, all gleaned from various ameblos. I’m just the compiler!



Beanies from last winter are continuing. Plaid which is an old faithful is being reworked by all brands. Long coats & jackets are currently a mini-trend but may grow. Straight-across shredded denim is the most popular denim style this season.

fall2013-gyaru-joeutie-quilting-setupQuilting in different styles will be a big trend. Also set-ups (matching top & bottom) is the big trend that will go across all style types.


More straight across shredded denim.

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