Things changing in the Gilfy/Backs/Redark world

Wildly popular Gilfy has done a Tsubasa collaboration of cute matching mother / daughter sets. Gilfy is hoping to target the rising Gal mom market. Umeshan earlier did a Franky father/son set-up… so Tsubasa is just following the hubby right now.

Backs is staying to its original outlook, and by original I mean since Summer of last year opening. The great thing about buying a Backs piece is you know their monotone look won’t change for now so the shirt you bought last summer is still stylish.

Redark however is the biggest shocker. Egg magazine had haadi and colorful Kaoru posing in a strict black and white ReDark set-up. ReDark has been Gilfy’s answer to American Casual with items that almost do look casual IN America (shocking!). However, this season they’ve inserted black and put a lot more monotone and darker looks into their spring selection.

Kaoru Watanabe in Backs…err actually Redark

Does this spell a change in the whole American Casual market? Probably not judging by AmeKaji campion Ranzuki who is still full of bright color spreads and saying every color in the rainbow is great for Spring.

Gilfy, Backs and ReDark …difference anyone?

Black Plastic Glasses

This trend started with Backs, but simple black plastic fake frames are everywhere! One*Spo has an adorable pair in as well. Remember to add a pair to your accessories and preppy up your monotone looks. Or you can play sexy teacher ^_~

Rainbow Heels

Spring has repeated the shoe motto of any time is a good time to wear pumps. Print, girly, preppy, neon, pastel… anything goes!

Other notable IN choices: hightop tennis shoes, colored engineer boots and flat slouchy boots

Chain Bags

The classic 2.55 by Chanel is a fashion icon, and has been appearing heavily in reproductions / copies by various 109 shops since early 2008. However, this summer has gotten more stores into the fix. Cecil McBee had their chain bags with America, France and British logos, Deylye – the store that copies Chanel – has several out, also crazy haadi Valentine’s High has gotten the mix.

Personally I prefer the original Chanel (and own in the 2.55 in Jumbo), but I can’t help but be tempted by the fun colors that are out this season.

Clockwise: Rose Fan Fan, Mar*s, Egoist, the classic 2.55 by Chanel, and Valentine’s High


Deylye can’t seem to make a shirt without putting their name on it, but now Cecil McBee and Egoist are getting into the game. Buying logo shirts and dresses is a great buy for the summer vacation Gal in Japan. These pieces will look classic and represent a brand you love. The more simple the more seasons you can wear it through. Definitely invest in one if you love the store!

The Egoist logo is really classy, like Gucci’s.


Ribbons figure into a lot of overall trends happening at gal stores. First, girly monotone, second electro and third marine. You hime gals have been enjoying ribbons and bows for a while, but pairing your Diamante Bow bag with a cute sleek gal outfit is a great idea.

The below items are a YES the right is a HELL NO! Egg, Rumihi… what where you thinking?!


Pastels are great this season, especially pink, blue, and purple. Just in time for Easter!

This trend can be rocked in three easy ways:
– Cardigan
– Heels
– Onepiece

You don’t have to change your whole wardrobe in pastels, just a few pieces with a monotone or basic gal collection helps you look current.

Adult, Amekaji or Sweet; all styles compliment Pastels

Pucci Print

This is a great trend for all you gals who enjoy sexy and adult styles. Any Pucci swirly print is in vogue this year. Lip Service has done a stellar pastel dress featured in many magazines that highlights this look (far right). For you overseas gals, thrifting or eBaying a vintage Pucci scarf or skirt would rock this trend.

Doesn’t Hibou look adorable in this!

Hold back on the leopard and other animal prints.

Girls, oh girls. I know some of you would love to put on an entire suit of leopard and prance around. Do yah thing or whatever, but if you want to follow the trends for the season, leopard print is not in it. Dots, Pucci (as talked about above), Stripes and Camo seem to be the prints winning this season. Store the leopard for later. Put it as a deco or on your nails, but keep it off your body.

Sleepy leopard says wearing leopard this summer makes him yawn

Trends to take out from last year

colored pumps, hippie dresses especially those with small floral prints, worn down jean hot pants, light denim washes, sweet dresses to pair with a monotone look

Tips for certain styles:

Hime: Keep sporting your bow accessories and branch out and buy a monotone dress and try Deylye’s girly items, pair it with your hime accessories.
Trend to try: monotone

Adult: Pucci, Chain Bags and Logo items are great for you.
Trend to try: Adult rock one-piece

Girly: Marine and chain bags, bow accessories and larger jewelry pieces will help your look come together.
Trend to try: fitted cropped jackets

Traditional: Girlz you traditional, buy your hot pants asap then pair them with a logo shirt! Trend to try: Body-con grown up style on top (corset style, jacket, fitted bust)

Rock: Chain bags in a vibrant color, leather jackets, and comic prints. When going for pastel try acid washed pastels in denim instead.
Trend to try: Funky leggings and stockings

Ame-kaji: Don’t load up too much on monotone, stick to bright print tops paired with torn/distressed shorts.
Trend to try: Bright heels with short socks paired rolled-up boyfriend jeans, casual top, and a trucker hat

Electro/Haadi: Load up on the hot accessories such as bright bags, heels and buttons. Pair them with monotone. Also try a matching jacket/shorts set in a crazy print.
Trend to try: Work black into your look to create a bolder statement

Anyone smell bacon? Surely not!

2005 reached Gal’s highest tanning heights with the Reggae craze that swept through. I think people who went through that era might be still smelling crispy. Although the trend has been since 2006 to get lighter and lighter, I do not think tanning has fully gone away.

However, be warned for those who enjoy the sweet + doll craze rumbling into Spring, get out of the tanning bed a few minutes earlier.

Eyelash obsessed!

Now more than ever, fake eyelashes are key in making a gal look. Although eyelashes have been part of a gal’s make-up case for a while, it’s bottom eyelashes that are the contender this year. Both Ageha and Egg have multiple pages of bottom lash choices and coordinating make-up styles. The doll trend has helped push this along, but it is not just for the sweet.

As a note both girls are wearing the Korean Geo brand of contact lenses that make your eyeballs wider.

Short or long / Bangs no bangs?

If you have short hair, there’s hope for you. As long as it’s in a bob! While some rock-kei girls are working a crisp edgy short look, it’s few. The short and medium length bob are here to stay. Girls are also going back to their blonde and caramel roots and staying away from more wild colors. Long hair of course is fashioned in traditional layered curls of varying curling iron widths.

These two styles seem across the board except for bangs.

Ageha’s Short and Long

Nuts Long and Short

Nuts released its new hair styles of 2009 and only one of the 12 has bangs (and the one was simply sideswept)! However, several of the top Egg models are sporting bangs with short and long hair. Jelly as well is featuring many cute banged cuts. Popteen as well (but sad to say Popteen lately looks trapped in Tsubasa circa summer 2007).

Stockings persist!

Hosiery has been a love in Fall 2008, with adorable prints as well as Egoist and Lip Service putting out their own branded ones. Mind you they were are 30-40 USD a pop! Since just last week it snowed in Tokyo and cold temps can be felt into as late as June nights, ladies will prefer to keep their hosiery on (at least until their legs have reached a good brown).

Tsubasa has added to the trend by releasing a cute legwear line. Personally I can’t wait to wear a pair!


I am biased in saying I love this trend. However magazines have worked this look into many styles. Even Liz Lisa might find a way to work it into their stable brown and pink palette.

D&G did pieces of their whole line this year in Marine style with navy, white and red (shown left). Hopefully Gal designers will be as cute with their interpretation of this style.

Marine is composed of striped prints (especially in navy and white), polka dots, sea captain femine jackets with nautical buttons, nautical style jewelry. Some of the brands that’ve already picked this trend up are One*Spo, Liz Lisa Doll, Pinky Girls, and Duras. Expect Egoist to enjoy the crisp lines of this look as well as other brands scrambling to put something out.

Popteen with so much Marine cuteness


The preppy wave has brought cardigans. These have been translated into Doll, Marine and Rock styles. While these started in Fall 2008, they will carry on. Especially with those that are piped around the edges (like the traditional Chanel suit). Knowing that certain popular brands such as Gilfy’s Backs, Deylye and Egoist do not want to let go of their monotone base, topping a dress with a cardigan helps turn the look into Spring.

Cardigans by One*Spo, Gilfy, Blue Moon Blue etc…

This is Volume 1 of Mitzi’s deconstruction of several 109 brands including Deylye, One*Spo, Japanese Lip Service, Gilfy, JSG and possibly Gladd News and LDS.

One*Spo is one of my favorite brands. Although it occupies a smaller store in 109 on the 5th floor, it also has shops in Osaka and Nagoya. The staff is one of the nicest group of people at 109 and they’re insanely helpful. It’s a very girly brand so those who are interested in hime or were ex-lolita, it’s a good place to check out!

For the overseas One*Spo style we’re going to focus on feminine accents, sheer, frills, sequins, and a simple palette (most One*Spo outfits are featured in cream and navy or black and white).

The Real Pieces

Here are a few pieces from my wardrobe to show One*Spo’s style. Keep in mind I was monotone obsessed lately and One*Spo has more color choices such as cream and navy and red accents.

One*Spo beret and party dress.

“Ice Skater Dress” with the en vogue black on black dot pattern

Super sparkly disco ball with a feminine belt also from One*Spo

Sadly this has been stretched out by my non mannequin boobs, but it’s One*Spo’s take on the Chanel Suit with heart buttons. The top is a velvet tube top with lined corset back that can also be worn as a skirt.

Their take on a simple black everyday dress in comfortable fleece with rock stud accents.

Neck Detail
The Overseas Version
Once again I’ve used Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters as easy accessible options for those overseas. The “E” on items means it feels like an exact piece One*Spo has in their stores.

While this is in red, it’s got an almost exact look to One*Spo’s most popular party dress.

One*Spo loves to do black sheer pieces and this one looks like one from their Winter catalog.

These two cardigans are classic examples of girlyness and frill combined with One*Spo detail sensibilities.

Coordinates to help you start

Combining these two items together is a great way to match One*Spo’s layering.
The combination of edgy shine mixed with a girly blouse adds to both their appeals.

One*Spo also succeeds at the jacket + dress combination. Taking the classy red dress from above and combining it with one of the knit cardigans also makes it another One*Spo-like combination.

Accessories are also important to boosting a look.

This girly fedora helps add a mannish touchy while keeping with the brand.

A cream band with an all black outfit draws attention to your well done hair.

This look was used done all in one color since it’s easier to coordinate.
However a mix of colors would still make this outfit successful.
My only drawback is I did not find a good frilly skirt instead I was stuck with pants,
but a frilly black skirt is more keeping with the brand.

Wow this was a big work, please let me know your thoughts,
suggestions and other shops you’d like to hear about!

I will give a little talk about the trends and then post pics at the end. I’ve also decided to do coordinates to show what can work this year.


So early in fall it was a large boom for rock and punk style. Plaid busted in and the buffalo plaid was a big style. Gilfy also had back to back releases of lots of great rock style pieces, Glad News and the ORA ORA brands also released a lot early in the season. This fueled the big rock kei boom, but their production stopped and so it was left to ADULT to pick up the slack.
ADULT is a strong boom and I expect it to last til the end of winter. Gilfy last year sold a ton of the N3B bomber coats with great high collars. Their answer this year was more styles of the N3B and not any new innovation. This year it’s all about the heavyweight adult coats in swing, trench or peacoat.
Coats are such a popular item right now, some stores are making tank dresses that are plain with a frilly bottom skirt just to show out from the coats. Most girls keep their coats buttoned when inside shopping.
Rock kei still has a base and Gilfy’s new monotone store BACKS that opened on the 7th floor in 109 is very popular. I almost want to say it’s got more popular than Gilfy lately just because BACKS has put out more items recently and monotone has taken over.
Fur is so big this year, it’s impossible to not see it. The fur can be pretty reasonably priced to the upscale costs. MeJane has a hot pink and light pink long emu stole for 400.00, but a simple fox fur from One*Spo is around 50.00.
Stoles are the most common item followed by hats (the Russian ones in style last year), earmuffs, and coats. Spiral Girl has a great rabbit stole that is very versatile with giant diamond fastenings. It’s fabulous!
Fake fur also is a styling aspect in clothes, also angora for berets is really popular.


I think I talked about this earlier, but black and white is very popular now. Hounds tooth, plaid, dots, star print… it’s everywhere! Truly you’ll see awesome combinations of black and white in most stores.

As stated about the fall, bling is a big aspect and its continued onto winter. Spangle (what the Japanese call sequins) is very popular. Earlier this fall Glad News did an all spangle skirt and Love Boat now has one in along with many other stores. Lip Serivce has a whole dress of sparkle! Sparkle aspects are appearing on lots of items.
By adult, I mean stores like Egoist, Lip Service and Cecil and Me Jane are winning the fashion war and appealing to girls who want sexy, grown-up clothes. Low cut, miniskirts, flashy prints. This is also manifesting in Parisian style.
PARIS, Oui Oui!
Under the adult style is a great fun trend of Parisian chic. Chanel suits are very in fashion with cute miniskirts or hotpants in tweed or thick sweater knit combined with a smart button up jacket. This is a great trend and everyone looks stylish in the combination.
Parisian chic is also manifested with berets. The waist line is moving up to high waisted skirts that are belted in with cute elastic belts and smart tshirts. This is a very very big trend rising now! Love Boat is doing some amazing dresses with this style. Stripes are also in with this trend along with sweetheart necklines.
Fringe boots, all on sale now
Possibly dalmation since it is in every store.

What to wear from last year?

Any sweatshirt or sweater dresses are still on point. Be sure to add a scarf and beret to keep it current. Sweater jumpers (suspender plus mini skirt) from Love Boat are exactly the same this year. Fur accessories (earrings and boa edging on coats was popular last year). Some people are still wearing the knit caps with balls, but they’re not so popular this winter.



Hats are becoming huge this winter.

The one the left is from One*Spo and the one on the right is an eiffel tower with Cameos and sparkle bought a Matsuya in Ginza, both are Angora.

This is a small rimmed fedora from One*Spo. Lately all hats are smaller rimmed and most have accents, like this cute preppy emblem.

The BOWLER is becoming super popular just in the last 2 weeks! One Way sold out of all of theirs and I got the last one from One*Spo

Although you can get hats from many places, I love stores that have the added bling to a hat to make it special. One*Spo’s great sparkle and chain pin is so cute!


Why oh why did this pic come out bad? Well this heart shaped neckline with attached long sleeve shirt is soooo popular right now. It’s meant to go with a cute belt and the high waist on this one from Love Boat just flares out so perfectly. It’s so adorable!

This tunic dress from Cecil McBee has the super popular houndstooth print along with great Chanel style classic pockets and black trim. The pockets, buttons and trim are found out so many suits from classy to slutty.

This is One*Spo’s super girly take on the Chanel style jacket and skirt combination. The jacket is slightly cropped and the sleeve trim is longer than usual seasons. One*Spo did it so cutely with the dot print and HEART buttons.


Here are some Rock style pieces just to show what’s happening.

This is my Gilfy dress I’ve shown previously. It’s become very popular and is in a bunch of magazines from Deco to the regular Gal mags. To turn it winter I’ve paired it with a fur stole from One*Spo and a grey Gilfy fedora. Usually I wear a comfortable thermal under it, but leather jackets with it are very popular. Rock style, especially girly rock is all about the leather jacket with a sweet dress.

This crazy Rock print is from GLAD NEWS (of course) and shows a bit of ORA style with the loose tunic look and glitter.

This is my newest buy from One*Spo. It has great giant stud details and a very sexy shape!

When I wear my new black stud dress, I’ll probably pair it with this great sparkle stripe Gilfy cardigan. It’s a Japanese Men’s style cardigan with a fake button up under it so you can wear it partially open to show the button up or zip it up like a real cardigan. Notice the longer sleeve length trim, this is becoming popular. Stripes keep being very popular, on dresses (like the Love Boat one) and everything!


This One*Spo dress is just so much love. The fake fur trim is popular along with this faint black on black dot pattern. Cecil McBee, One Way, Shake Shake and more have all done this black on black dot pattern for a dress. A girly lingere-style lining is also popular with dresses.

Here’s a simple coordinate, but its very popular right now. The top is from One*Spo and shows off the sparkle love and bow style top that’s popular with the Adult style people lately. The bottoms although hard to photograph are made from a thick weave sweat material. They’re Egoist and part of a Chanel-style jacket and hot pant set.

Additional suggestions: turtleneck, printed tights in argyle or rose, tights with a sparkle detail, fur cuffs or small stole

This is another simple coordinate. The earmuffs came as a set with the top from Cecil McBee. The skirt is from last year and is a simple 3-tiered flare chiffon skirt from Honey’s (a cheap gal store) that was only 12.00 USD. However, I keep seeing this style of skirt in every store now. It’s a good classic to keep around!

Other suggestions: A sparkley skirt, pink or white heels, a beret, fur cuffs

This is a great adult style coordinate. The dress is pleated on the sleeves and black part, this was from Layla Rose, but I’ve seen a very similar style of pleats at Cecil, too! Pleating is definite trend this season. This coordinate is paired with my Eiffel Tower Angora beret, One*Spo fake glasses, and a simple pin. It’s always good to add a pin to a simple dress.

Other suggestions: legwarmers you’ll see later, fur stole

Close-up of the coordinate pieces.

This is the style that has gone crazy. The tight flared high skirt belted and paired with a top! This is super on point right now.
Top with a spangle tie is from Spiral Girl. The belt and skirt are from Love Boat. The bowler and glasses are from One*Spo.

Shops have also shown tucking in a cardigan into the belt/skirt combination so here’s my cardigan from Bumble Bee with sparkle on the stars paired with this look. I also added the fedora instead of the bowler for this one.

Warning, I love bling!!! This is all from One*Spo. There is a cute zip-up parka that is paired usually with the skirt that is also full of bling, but I decided to go with the sparkle turtleneck. Yes I am a discoball in this. It looks much more toned down with my parka.

A close-up of the mega-bling skirt

This is cute coordinate all from One*Spo, except the scarf is from Cecil McBee. The collegiate print on the top is popular, and I like the girly treatment it gets.

Up close detail of the preppy touch to the legwarmers. Preppy is in this season, especially in the details.

The skirt and top shown simply.

Here’s a cute furry dalmation print onepiece from Dazzlin’ combined with One*Spo legwarmers, One*Spo fur stole, and the Paris beret.

This is a more adult style coordinate. The dress is from Egoist and so is the popular cross necklace. The sparkle heart hair barrette and Cecil watch combine to make a simple adult look.