So hopefully everyone reading this blog is a shopping freak and is working on their Spring/Summer wardrobe. If not, what are you waiting for?

Here are my (and others) simple rules for new wardrobes:

1. Pick one trend and follow it. If not you’re left with a closet of miss-matched clothes and you’ll look back as the weather changes and think…”Why did I ever buy that?”

To say it again, key styles are: Marine, Preppie, Amekaji, Girly, Doll, Bohomenian, Safari, and Rock (those can be combined such as Preppie Marine or Girly Rock). Possibly Shihara-kei (Shibuya x Harajuku) will rise up, but right now it’s just Tsubasa.

Here’s the diagram I like to call: THE MESS. Surrounding each style is its main looks, and then the connecting lines show how that look can be used somewhere else.

2. Onepieces are effortless. No matter what style, you only have to coordinate your shoes (and sometimes hairstyle) and in a flattering onepiece you’ll look great. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel genius extraordinaire, said a dress will always be the easiest way to look complete.

Karl practicing what he preaches with an army of well dressed ladies. It’s how he rolls.

3. If branching out, head to a onepiece. If not, you’re stuck coordinating and Rock top with your Marine sets and it will be hard to pull off. A onepiece is your cornerstone!

Go sexy like Lip Service, and take advantage of their set-up.

Cecil McBee does this casual Marine onepiece. Onepiece doesn’t mean dressy, casual is cute!

4. Unless you are a Size 00, hold back thick stripes below the waist. I can’t emphasize this enough. Wide horizontal stripes make you look larger, no matter if you’re a size 2 or a 20. Especially if they hug the body. The thicker the stripe, the fatter it makes you look. Go for thin stripes! This way you’ll have a nicely accented bust, but not the butt/stomach/hips many women dislike on themselves.

Karl says hold back.

5. Set up your outfits. A dress and pumps is fine, but what about a cute cardigan, preppie pins, fun stockings and a stylish bag or hat? 2 bits of extra flash can make an outfit, not just a dress. Analyze what outfits you like in magazines, especially Street Snaps, and see how you can translate that to your look.

The bow, the white jacket, the shoes. It’s fabulous. She brought it into Spring!
She’s Spring Doll while still wearing a fall dress and fall hosiery.

A dress, a belt, a vest, a hat, a jacket. She’s added so much to this cute Glad News dress. The mannish Backs shoes and the girly OneSpo belt are cute while being contradictory.

6. Tanning beds / self tanner is love. Darker skin changes your look to summer and also helps cover up blemishes, cellulite, scars etc… When showing more skin, make that skin look sexy! Also, LOTION, LOTION, LOTION! Healthy skin is nourished skin.

She’s got the confidence to wear sexy heels and short shorts

7. Change up your look! I’m not talking about dying your hair, but changing the way you style it/ darkening or lightening your make-up / putting extra time with your nails. It’s the small things that make people want to come up to you and say you’re workin’ it.

Doll to Micky-kaji…who knows? Image changes are tons of fun!

8. Resort to black. Buy your basics in neutral colors, so you can match-up more.

9. Take time. Are many of the make-up tips and hair tips about quick and easy? Sadly, no. Gal love is a labor of love. Looking at the schedules of most gals printed in magazines, they wake up 2 hours early to get themselves looking great. I personally woke up an hour earlier to do my hair/make etc… and I was usually eating with one hand while holding a curling iron with the other >_<;; While I know school or work is often not the time to look fabulous, it’s the practice you put in doing it everyday that makes you good at it for clubs, dates etc…

She takes 20 minutes, just on make-up!

90 minutes, wow! She’s gorgeous though.

10. Work on your walk. This isn’t just for models. We’ve all seen them, the girls wobbling heels or just too tomboyish in sneakers. Watch your walk in a mirror, how can you make it more confident and sexy? Remember to walk slowly (a bad habit of mine to walk too fast). A couple of a friends of mine and me practiced ours in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. If you know you’re rockin’ it to hosts, you’ve got it covered.

Walk right and you might catch the eye of Egg Men’s Model Daichi Tanaka. ^_~

S Cawaii (the cuter, sassier version of rundown Cawaii) has jumped upon the BQB movement. Like you I was like…BBQ? Yum!

But there’s great info from TheStar last year about the BQB movement.

All over Japan, retailers are scrambling to keep up with a new look known as “bon-kyu-bon.” It means “big-small-big” and it signals a change in the way Japanese women look: they’re getting curvier.

In 2001, Kito founded Egoist, a trendy purveyor of slinky clothing designed to highlight the busty look, figuring that the curvier bodies would make women want to wear less-modest outfits. His fashion industry friends scoffed at the idea. Back then, micro-mini skirts were in style but women, for the most part, kept their chests covered. Yet Egoist, whose wares include see-through sweaters made to show off decorative bras or skinny tube tops, became a huge hit and a catalyst for other skimpy-clothing brands.

In the beginning of Fall 2008, many pronounced the beginning of a new era of BodyCon. BodyCon kept showing up in gal magazines as we see in a lot of figure hugging short dresses and the belt explosion. However, BodyCon (body conscious) clothing in the 1990s was about office workers shedding their image for racy spandex tight dresses to go clubbing. Not gyaru!

BQB is the new curvy. HURRAH! Does the mean the end of the painfully skinny girls? NOPE! Sadly Japan isn’t going to allow for hips or more boobs really, it’s just the APPEARANCE of big-skinny-big~

Say no to super skinny (she needs some BBQ), yes to tight, busty and sexy (BQB, yes!)!

Instead of waxing poetic about how this season’s looks are affected by this, let’s just look at S Cawaii…

Notice the belt love? The vests, corsets and onesies are also there. BQB is in so many trends. As you can tell, they’re working to accentuate or lie that they have busts, a nipped in waist and hips. Well guess what? So can you~! Belts, colorblock dresses, and shaping underwear all help. Or better yet get a onesie and flaunt what yah mama gave yah~!

How to be BQB?

Follow the trends, use shaping underwear to push your body further (Spanx and push-up bras!).

Most importantly if you’ve got some extra to hide, work out… shake yah pom pom like Rino Nakasone!

Or tick it like the amazing Junko.

Skills… serious skills.

Redark, welcome back!

Finally going back to its AmeKaji college roots with an adorable webpage design is up and looks cute! 3 adorable backgrounds to download, too!

Judging by what’s new on their webstore, ReDark is heading back to its colorful roots after a detour.

Some of my personal favorites from their new items:

This looks so comfy for the Spring/Summer transition

I would have loved to have this outfit vacationing last week.

So cute! Want this!

Kudos ReDark for getting back to your cute AmeKaji ways, let’s hope it keeps up! They are following the trend of Spring pastels, known as Sherbert colors in Japan. Aren’t they so fresh!

Gilfy + ReDark = Gilfy Market

Yokohama new store was opened as Gilfy Market (so far the only one I know of) and according to news on Gilfy’s website it has both Gilfy items and ReDark items. Did they change the ReDark look just help this new store concept along?

Causing quite a stir

This dress has been making magazine rounds! Egg, Ageha, Vivi and SCawaii have all featured it. Possibly more small frill items to come then…

Forever 21 is coming!

This dress that I profiled earlier in the One*Spo done America Style post, is now the subject of Vivi!

The dress now worn by the lovely and super popular Rina. Forever 21 opened last year in Seoul in a giant store and has since had great progress in the Asian market. Now it’s set to open 4/29/09 in Shinjuku with the new H&M location.

H&M lines in the first Japan store in Ginza were full for 4 weeks until a friend and I could get in, and by then the place was just demolished by crazed shoppers. Forever 21 and H&M Shinjuku should be packed and the topic of many magazines.

Although Vivi isn’t a gal magazine I thought this was worth mentioning since many American gals look to Forever 21 to plump their wardrobe and it also helps those first traveling to Japan to not look as out of place.

Vivi also this issue pumped up such 109 stores as the hippy Love Girls Market, as well as Moussy, OneSpo, and OneWay.

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