I’m heading to Japan soon and I’ll be doing the majority of my shopping there for my Japan Spring wardrobe. I don’t plan to buy that much, or rather less than I have in the past. I feel I have my current style mood right now of what I want to wear and build around that. This is my Japan Spring wardrobe wish list I definitely can’t afford to buy it all, but I’ll definitely try it all on.  I love seeing these posts from other bloggers, so I hope you’ll enjoy mine.

My current theme for Spring/Summer is: Girly bohemian casual.

Where I live I now spend a lot of dressed up time (i.e. non-potato time) walking to restaurants and shops, so I want cute things that are cute to walk lots in and comfortable also go well with sandals and other easy shoes. I usually walk a few miles a day on days like this and it’s made a lot of my other clothes unwearable for not being comfy for long walks. I’m trying to be really aware of comfy and casual.


Duras Offshoulder Onepiece (here)


japan spring wardrobe

I love everything about this look. Bring back hair scarfs! Duras usually has one piece I’ll buy each season and wear the hell out of. I bet this one will be it. This is Duras look my main goal and look inspiration for Spring/Summer.


Rienda Picnic V-Neck Onepiece (here)


japan spring wardrobe

Rienda brought back this Pucci-inspired print for their 10th anniversary and I really hope it restocks because it seems the perfect dress for summer lunch.

Prints please come back to fashion more! I crave the prints!


Egoist Smart Tapered Pants in Pink (here)


egoist-tapered-pants L0EGO16A33_1

I’m a sucker for pastel pants and I like the loose styling of these pants. They look like they would suit a lot of summer tops.

Datura Rose Panel Tank Onepiece (here)



Datura was a big miss for me for Winter because there was too much repeat, but I really love their Spring line. My favorite is this dress. Wondering how it will fit on my tall potato frame, but I hope to at least try it on and see.


Resexxy Denim Fringe Tight Onepiece (here)



Girly edgy denim is life. I really love the figure flattering V trim.


Resexxy Color Tweed Fringe Jacket (here)



I don’t know if I would’ve look at this twice if not for Emi x Lea‘s love of this and Emi always styling it so well. I really want the blue to offset all my pink purchasing.


Snidel Flower Embroidery Onepiece (here)



The design could either be girly and loose or make me look dumpy. Either way I’ll find out. Love Snidel’s venturing into bohemian for this season.


Cecil McBee Off-Shoulder Blouse (here)



This blouse is already sold-out, but I hope they restock. It looks like it could suit a lot of skirt types.


Dazzlin Felt Hat (here)



That model’s hair is so cute. :hearts3:  Hat addict wants another hat. This is not news.


See by Chloe Gold Wedges (here)



My non-Japanese item on the list. I’ve moved to mostly leather shoes because they hold up better. These gold wedges are perfect. I love gold leaf, I want to see more gold leaf on fashion.


…and for some quirk

Merry Jenny Piping Set-up (here)



Merry Jenny isn’t always my fashion lately, but I usually find something each season I love, buy and wear often. This sleepwear turned day wear suits my roomwear addicted heart.


…and roomwear

Gelato Pique Cotton Lace Set-up (here)



I’m addicted to roomwear and had to include some in my Japan Spring wardrobe wishlist. I plan on doing a series about Japanese roomwear with reviews beyond my blurb I had in the staying cute during winter in Japan. I love that Gelato Pique does one set-up each season that seems so fashion trend. The off shoulder looks really cute but probably still comfy for sleep. Last season’s Gelato Pique trend-as-sleep was gaucho pants. :cheery:


What’s on your Japan Spring wardrobe wishlist?


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I purchased Leanani Mascara because I’m always on the hunt for a good mascara and I over haul Japanese makeup. I’m a natural blonde with stumpy eyelashes. Without dying or mascara I look like a clone. I don’t mean in that sexy sci-fi way. I mean in that something’s not human about her and it doesn’t look good way, less Aeon Flux more Sim. I also purchased the Leanani Eyeliner because I will buy any brown pen eyeliner. I am addicted to Japanese pen eyeliners, I’ll pretty much buy and try any Japanese made pen eyeliner.

Leanani Eyemake (レアナニ アイメイク site) is a Japanese brand that just does eye make-up: mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. I picked up the Leanani eyeliner and the Leanani mascara. I was sucked into cosme.net rankings, cheap prices, and their no-frills ways.

If you’re familiar with my where to buy make-up in Japan post you can find Leanani at Donki, Drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi, @cosme store or ainz tulipe.



Leanani Eyeliner and Mascara Store and Product Shots


Eyeliner endorsed by mone-mane (impersonation) make-up artist Zawachin. At 1,300 yen or $12.00 it’s very reasonable.


Both packagings look super cute! Too bad the actual product isn’t so adorable.

The two products together. I feel it’s a bit crap how they used different metals for their items.

leanani mascara

It’s a typical spooley wand and the mascara has packed onto the top part of it.


For those curious this is all what I bought last Spring make-up wise. Anna Sui, Kiss Cosmetics, Canmake, DUP eyelash fixer Hello Kitty edition (DUP is HG for eyelash glue) and some Les Merveilleuses by Laduree items.

Leanani Mascara and Eyeliner Review text first!

Leanani Eyeliner says it is waterproof, packed with nourishment for your eyeline, and will give you as tiny as a 0.1 mm line!

My review: I’ve found it was a solid eyeliner than I would be better than average Japanese pen liners. The color was a bit dark brown and not a true light brown. I used it solidly for several months. It does wash off with an oil cleanser and leaves  no trace.

My complaint is that it transferred to my upper eye if I was wearing it for more than 3 hours. This is very common for me even with primer and setting spray. If not, I would have given this a 5. It’s my second favorite Japanese pen liner and I’ve tried so many. Leanani Eyeliner gets 4/5.

Leanani Mascara says it will provide nourishment, lengthen up to 135% and coat all the lashes.

My review: This mascara actually delivered on none of its selling points :heartbreak: . Isn’t a fiber and so it’s not really going to lengthen. It was extremely clumpy as you’ll see below. After using it for three months (because I bought it and I don’t like throwing away a fresh product) the product started to dry out and filled with cruddy clumps of dry mascara. One of the worst mascaras I’ve ever used for all these reasons. Leanani Mascara gets 1/5.

This is why I can’t fully trust the cosme rankings. Admittedly Leanani Mascara has gone down to a 4.7 out of 7 on cosme, but here lies my pickle. People tend to review products only days after they’ve gotten them on sites like that, it’s more of a first impressions ranking than a true ranking. While Leanani Mascara may have worked for some, but the issue with drying out after three months should have happened to all users and gotten less love.


Leanani Mascara and Eyeliner Review the photos!


The eyeliner definitely lives up to the 0.1 mm line difference. It’s even hard to tell I’m in any, BUT I AM!

You can see my very blonde eyelashes.

(Apologies for my brows, I was testing some products and I definitely needed some shaping.)

Leanani Mascara and Eyeliner


Yes it’s made them darker but it’s much clumpier and I do not feel it provided much length at all.


Holy pores! Heres a side view which I think shows better how clumpy the Leanani mascara was and how precise the eyeliner can be.

Again 4/5 for the eyeliner, 1/5 for the mascara. Win for the eyeliner, booooooo for the mascara.

I’m in the Kiss Cosmetics Liquid Heart Rouge lipgloss

I posted a review of a better Japanese mascara here: the Pink Brown Long Mascara

I have a whole group review of four Japanese Pen Eyeliners compared side to side including this Leanani one, so you can truly compare the bunch. Spoiler alert, I still think Leanani is a good pen eyeliner.

You can purchase Leanani products at local Japanese drugstores, their online store, or through global rankuten overseas.

I posted a poll on twitter on what post you’d like to see next and Japanese make-up reviews won pretty solidly. Hopefully I did okay. I don’t have much confidence in my photo taking of my face or my face in general so… it’s a bit nervous to do these. I’ll try to get over my stupid self and do more of these.

I’ve been squirreling away photos for so many reviews especially Les Merveilleuses Laduree, Kiss Cosmetics and Majolica Majorca. Later this month I’m heading to Japan for another month and I plan to do some heavy make-up shopping, so I definitely need to get some more reviews out before I start in on all my new Spring hauls. :makeup:

I like to blog and review about kawaii make-up from Japan and Korea. Check all the posts here.

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Sakura Foods in Japan is back with another edition. I love these posts!! It gets me so excited for eating more of them. Pink delicious food it’s a venn diagram of what makes me happy. And a lot of them were eating during traveling within Japan which makes me ultimate happy.

For the past two years other than my time in Japan and moving (to sample Atlanta’s good sweet spots), I’ve spent my life sugar free. I don’t eat fruit other than berries, I only use stevia in baking. That’s it. My eyes love sugar, my body hates it. I do tend to go crazy in Japan, but the rest of the time I abstain.

And for you sugar haters this sakura foods post actually includes some savory sakura items because I’m not picky when it comes to sakura food! Actually some of my favorite sakura foods haven’t been sweet.

sakura foods in japan sakura udon in fukushima

Top pick of most delicious sakura food. This sakura udon handmade at Hanamiyama in Fukushima. There is a light floral pickled taste to it.


Sakura muffin picked up at Saitama on our way to Matsumoto Castle.sakura-foods-in-japan-ootoya-sakura-parfait

Sakura shows up in unexpected places like Ootoya (previous post on healthy eating in Japan here). And it lists its calories (along with allergies!). That whole thing for 380 calories seemed solid.

sakura-foods-in-japan-ootoya-sakura-parfait-closeupThe real deal wasn’t as cute, but it was tasty and for the Sakura-nesss you got sakura mochi AND a real sakura blossom on it. And if you don’t know this about me yet, I will eat every wa sweet in site. Red beans and matcha? I’m THERE!

So many layers. The sakura cronut at my favorite bakery chain Pompadour. This was my man’s favorite sakura food or at least he ate it most days it was available. :smiley:

Sebastian Bouillet macaron’s from Ikebukuro Seibu. Clockwise: Frambroise, Pina Colada, SAKURA and Shikuwasa (a Japanese citrus).

sakura foods in japan sakura macaron

Sebastian Bouillet is a confectioner based in Lyon and Tokyo. Makes very interesting macarons if you’d like to branch out from Laduree.


Sakura fish? Yup it’s common in fancier restaurants. Chaya Macrobiotic in Shinjuku Isetan is one of my favorite healthy places to eat in Tokyo. Since Macrobiotic eating centers on seasonal it’s lovely they added some pickled sakura and other flowers to their fish. Although it’s a fancier place their lunch is only 2,160 yen ($18.00) so it’s not going to break your budget.


Can’t pass up sakura season without a jaunt to Floresta Donuts. Last year was a cat sakura donut, the year before that was bear and chick. I’m curious what this year will bring. Love Floresta!


Sendai Sweets went overboard with their Sakura Daifuku. Check out all that multi-mochi levels and fresh cream.


They were selling strawberry cream daifuku, but who wants strawberry when you can go for sakura?

sakura-foods-in-japan-sendai-sweets-sakura-daifukuNot the best photo, but #trainlife. Another Sakura production by Sendai Sweets (last year’s sakura foods post had Sendai Sweets sakura).

Unexpected sakura! I ordered some matcha from the excellent matcha shop in Sendai called Ocha no Igeta (お茶の井ヶ田) it’s a must stop for me in Sendai, but the sakura tea dessert was delicious and unexpected.

That 3-d sakura *Homer drooling*

 I actually have a few more sakura foods to talk about but I’m holding them back for Sendai and Nagano posts. So stay tuned for the glory of Sendai foods and Nagano foods. This year I’m already planning to eat more of sakura foods and thus far this year it looks like there’s a lot more choices than usual. Franceslovesyou and I have booked some fancy teas with sakura themes this year so you’ll see some fancier sakura foods too. And I’ll probably take up the challenge to eat the First Kitchen sakura burger because I am a fool.

Previous Sakura food posts:

Sakura Foods in Japan (2015)Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka – Sakura themed desserts | Q-Pot cafe in Harajuku with Sakura tasting | A collection of Sakura foods (2013) | A few Sakura foods (2011)

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Sendai sakura are definitely worth it if you’d like to prolong your sakura needs. After Tokyo and Kyoto’s sakura season is finished Sendai’s sakura season is still going on. After Tokyo’s blossoms fall off I’m usually left with a pink flower shaped hole. Or like last year the sakura forecast was off and I missed most of Tokyo’s blossoms and instead went to Matsumoto (previous post) and also went to Fukushima and Sendai.

There are three parks in Sendai proper that have sakura: Mikamine Park, Tsutsujigaoka Park, and Nishi Park. I chose visiting Tsutsujigaoka Park (榴ヶ岡) because it’s so close to Sendai station. You can actually just walk it in 20 minutes from Sendai station, or take the train to Tsutsujigaoka station(榴ヶ岡駅) on the Senseki JR line (仙石線).

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

The classic vision of cherry blossoms: pink and frilly

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

Ohanami indeed. A perfect setting for flower viewing.

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

This kid knows what’s up. Best part of weeping sakura, you can touch them easily.

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

Since sakura viewing is a drinking pastime alcohol companies provide free lanterns to parks as advertisements.

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

This is now my twitter background. Perfect sakura.

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

People go crazy over the traditional Somei Yoshino sakura trees. But I’m gaga for the weeping sakura known Shidarezakura. To me it looks like they’re hugging all the revelers.

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

The weeping sakura curtain.

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

Lots of cute festival food stalls up at the edge of Tsutsujigaoka Park.

sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom sendai sakura tsutsujigaoka park full bloom

Cost of seeing these blossoms once you hit Sendai station? 0 yen!

Sendai is a really nice place to visit and closer to Tokyo than you may think, it’s only a 95 minute shinkansen ride from Tokyo station. Kyoto gets horribly packed for sakura season and if you’d like a calmer vibe Fukushima, Matsumoto and Sendai are all very good alternatives and have later seasons.

If you’re trying to see more sakura post the Tokyo bloom I really recommend the Fukushima and Sendai experience. You can actually do both in a one-night hotel overnight stay in Sendai (whose hotel rooms are much cheaper than Osaka or Kyoto). From Tokyo head to Fukushima spend your day there (I have a sakura post coming up about them and it’s worth it!) and then train to Sendai. The next day see Sendai sakura and other amusements and then shinkansen out.

Although the tragic earthquake and tsunami of 2011 was originally known as the Sendai quake, there is no damage to witness or radiation danger in Sendai or Fukushima when going to the main tourist spots or just out and about in both cities. But they could absolutely use your tourist dollars, so why not see them? They have a lot to offer, especially in sakura season.

I’m planning to go back this year, but actually to see the burgeoning tourist boom of Sendai’s fox village. Then I hope to check even more sakura.


If you missed any previous sakura posts on the Doll check them out here I’ve got a fourth in a series of sakura foods posts coming up too.  :hearts3:

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