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Japanese Fashion University

Are you new to gyaru fashion? Click on these popular fashion blog posts to get you into what gyaru fashion is.

Modern Japanese Fashion Trends and Terms Part One
– trends and terms discussed: Akamojikei magazines, Kobe-kei, New Tora, HamaTora, Motekei, BodyCon, One Line BodyCon

What are Japanese Gyaru Clothing Brands?
– a way to determine if a Japanese brand is gyaru or not. Also some places to check out current gyaru clothing in Japan

Gyaru Magazine Encyclopedia
– Think gyaru is small? Japanese gyaru fashion supports 13 monthly and bi-monthly magazines. Read to find out which ones you may be interested in.

Larme Magazine Introduction
– New and popular sweet cute-style Japanese magazine

Open Post: What would you tell the beginner gyaru you?
– Tips from girls who have already been in the fashion for a while.




Shopping from Japan

How to Buy Gyaru Brand clothes from Japan
– International stores, shopping services, auctions all covered here

How to use Tenso and what it is
The buying service that lets you use any Japanese site and ships to you internationally

How to sign up for webstore Mobacolle
– How to shop from a giant webstore that supports Universal-Doll and has 50 brands!

How to sign up for Liz Lisa webstore
– Liz Lisa, Tralala, Jugeetta and more. How to buy from a popular brand step-by-step sign-up process using Tenso.

How to use mbok.jp auctions and a shopping service Japonica Market
– Use the popular auction site for Japanese auctions and a shopping service (recommended for non-Japanese users)

Shop Staff Picture Series

Universal-Doll has taken pictures of gyaru and non-gyaru shop staff all around Japan. A series of popular fashion blogs of Japanese streetstyle looks. From Saitama to Okayama to Sendai. If you’re curious how modern gyaru and non-gyaru stylish people looks and on regular gals: check out Universal-Doll’s Gyaru Shop Staff Snap posts


Gal Basics

Gal: Guide + vision
– info and tips on how to get into gal and what gal is and isn’t

The Massive List of 109 stores
– list of links to blogs, webstores, mainpages of all 109 stores

The cost of gal
– High and low options to all the aesthetics associated with gal

Getting back to Gal
– A discussion of the ups and downs of working hard on your gal style and how to recover from gal lapses.

Gal Make-up

New late 2013 trend in gyaru eyelashes – Keywords feathery, brown and eyelash extension.

Besides eyelashes what’s new and trending in Gyaru Make-up for 2013/2014 – Breaking down all the make-up trends by current gyaru models.

Japanese Gal False Eyelash Comparison – Over 20 eyelashes from all the popular brands: Diamond, Dollywink, Jewerich, Playgirl and more shown side by side

Photos inside Japanese Cosmetic Stores

Post 1 | Post 2

Japanese Gal Eyelashes in Stores

Post 1 | Post 2


Cute & Technology

Game Center (gamesen) photos (2010) here | (2011) here | (2011) Gamesen in Niigata
Arpacasso Alpaca posts – big Arpacasso Alpaca post | Marie the Alpaca & Arpacasso Alpaca nails | Arpacasso Alpaca post 3

Technology – iPhone backgrounds
Gyaru iPhone backgrounds post 1 | post 2 | post 3

Styling and Tips


Dieting 101
– sensible tips to keep yourself healthy and hot

Let’s talk about Gal Hair
– current gal hair and what’s trending now

Gal Hair Directory & Ageha hair colors
– A way to find the best gyaru hairstyle for your face and Ageha’s gal haircolor chart

Bangs – A step by step tutorial on gal bangs
– the different types of bangs, how to style your bangs with what haircut, and how to get the Popteen bang

Human Hair Extensions 101
– how many to get, where to find services in Japan, recommendations, aftercare, lifespan

Hair Care Tips for Gyaru
– Healthy hair care tips and recommendations of affordable ways to maintain and grow long healthy gyaru hair.

Everything new about Gal Eyelashes
– The current trends of gal eyelashes broken down into 3 types, where to buy, and lashes for every budget.

Circle Lens Reviews for Light Eyes and Hana 30 Days IcEye Brown
– 8 circle lens reviewed for light eyes, plus links to many other reviews.

Ora Ora kei and trend rising
– breaking down the mannish style for both genders, its origins and its popularity base

J-rock Divorce
– tips for those interested in leaving j-rock fashion for gal

A simple top and bottom eyelash tutorial
– step by step and tips for those new to eyelashes.


Pictures inside Gal Malls

Fukuoka Tenjin Core (2009) here
Osaka Shinsaibashi OPA and Hep 5 (2010) here
Nagoya Passe (2010) Part 1 | Part 2
Kobe OPA (2010) here
Osaka Shinsaibashi OPA (2010) Part 1 | Part 2
Kyoto Avanti (2011) Part 1 | Part 2
Hiroshima Parco (2011) here
Omiya Arche in Saitama (2011) here
Lumine Yurakucho Grand Opening in Tokyo (2011) here
Kohrinbo 109 in Kanazawa (2011) part 1 | part 2
Niigata Alta in Niigata (2011) here

special: Gyaru items inside super chain Donki in Niigata and Shinjuku Kabukicho part 1 | part 2 | part 3


109 to Overseas

breaking down styles of gal brands and showing how to buy similar items in your own country

Maison Gilfy
– the rock brand with a mannish casual signature all its own

– retro and girly brand that worships at the altar of Chanel

Glad News
– a rock biker brand that can’t help but be cool

– unique and girly, this set-up style loves black and feminine accents

-this long-time gal brand since 1998, has combined flashy and American casual to produce a relaxed colorful look

Japan Vida series

Often not gal-centric, but info about random bits of life in Japan

Travel Tips in Japan – Transit & Hotels
– tips by Mitsu and helped greatly by reader comments who contributed their knowledge of being a cheap as a tourist in Japan

Gaijin Girls and Safety in Japan
– instances, warnings and tips for keeping your gal self safe anywhere

Gay Gyaru/Gyaruo
– gay life in Tokyo and where to find the gyaru who go there

Education and Work Opportunities for Gals
– what gals do after high school, from hostessing, stripclubs, college, trade schools to nail artists

Love Hotels
– how, why, what they are, let’s make sexy time!

Shopping at 109: A shopaholic’s guide
– how to approach it, where to shop, when to go, what to do there, how to look, shopping etiquette

Let’s talk Shoes
– a guide to buying shoes and wearing them in Japan

Packing for Japan
– what to pack, and what to not pack when traveling to Japan

Japan and Friends
– a gaijin’s guide to the realities of making friends in Japan

Ask Anything series

Ask Anything #1 – original post, answers
– gaijin in japan, flirting/dating tips, discussions on weight in japan, street snaps, christmas in japan

Ask Anything #2 – the original post, fashion answers, general japan final answers
– jobs for gaijin gals in japan, how blacks/latinos/chinese/vietnamese are treated, is parapara still popular, explain circles, anorexia in gyaru culture, junior high gyaru, gals and parapara,  and more…

Magazine Scans

Ora Ora magazine JAPSTA

SCawaii one-of magazine We Love Smartphones featuring Hello Kitty and Dazzlin’

Osaka based mag Hime Style October 2009
Hime Style December 2010
Osaka based host magazine Men’s Yukai October 2009
Fukuoka based Host/Hostess mag Season
Cecil McBee’s Winter Catalog 2009
Cecil McBee’s Autumn Catalog 2009
Lip Service Fall 2009 Catalog
Shibuya English Guide – The Magazine
The new guide to gal make-up Gal Mori
Kira Kira Hair Magazine – Part 1, Part 2
Edge-Style (Edge-S) August 2010


Deco: The Guide
– part one: an intro
– part two: the pros
– part three: simple how-tos

Deco: The Bike Project – Beginning, part 1, part 2
– step-by-step pictures of how I crystallized my bike

Mitsu’s Deco Catalog
– all the items I’ve decoed myself other than my bike.
Image Drop
– tons of scanned images of amazing deco pieces

Mitsu Travels

Mitsu has a serious travel addiction, follow her globe trotting.

Traveling Gal
– tips on how to travel and stay gal fabulous

Traveling Mitsu, gal life outside of Tokyo
Fukuoka (2009)

Osaka and Nara (2009)
here, Osaka Trip II – OPA, Osaka Trip II – Namba Nighttime, Osaka Trip I and Nagoya

Osaka (2010)
More Osaka Namba pictures

Kobe (2010)
part 1 | part 2

Nara (2010)
Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Hiroshima (2011)
day city and bombing dome
nighttime part 1 || part 2

Miyajima (2011)
traditional buddhist wedding

Shizuoka (2011)
part 1 | part two

Kanazawa (2011)
Kenrokuen Garden | Ninja Temple and walking around

Niigata (2011)

Nagano (2011)
getting lost with the apples

Outside Japan

Mitsu in Paris (2010) – The Louvre, Paris Disneyland, Arch de Triumph and Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Carousel, and the Pompidou, The Palace of Versailles

Mitsu in Hawaii (2010) – Viva Hawaii!

Mitsu in Rome (2011) – part 1 | part 2

Mitsu in London (2012) – part 1 | part 2

Mitsu in Vienna (2013) – here

Mitsu in Berlin (2013) – here

Mitsu in Sweden (2013) – here

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